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    CPD: Mastering Masterspec Specifications DUNEDIN | ⭐ 20 CPD Points

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    ⭐ CPD Points: 20


    This CPD course, titled "Mastering Masterspec Specifications," is designed to provide specifiers with comprehensive training on effectively utilising the Masterspec platform for specification writing. Participants will learn the ins and outs of navigating the Masterspec platform, setting up their specifications, managing user accounts, and optimising the use of various features such as Office Masters, MasterKey, and mDocs. The course covers essential topics ranging from basic specification setup to advanced specification management techniques, ensuring participants gain practical skills to streamline their specification writing process.

    Designed by specifiers for specifiers

    This course is designed for specifiers, including architects, designers, engineers, and other professionals involved in the construction industry, who are responsible for creating specifications for building projects. Whether you are new to the Masterspec platform or looking to enhance your proficiency in specification writing, this course provides valuable insights and practical skills to optimise your workflow and maximise the benefits of using Masterspec for specification management.

    Why should specifiers take this course

    Specifiers should take this course to enhance their proficiency in specification writing and maximise the benefits offered by the Masterspec platform. By mastering the tools and functionalities covered in this course, specifiers can:

    • Improve Efficiency: Learn how to navigate the Masterspec website and utilise its features effectively, saving time and effort in specification writing tasks.
    • Ensure Accuracy: Gain insights into best practices for setting up specifications, assigning roles, and managing user accounts to maintain data accuracy and consistency.
    • Enhance Collaboration: Understand how to collaborate with team members, assign roles, and share specifications seamlessly within the organization, promoting teamwork and productivity.
    • Stay Updated: Stay abreast of the latest features and updates on the Masterspec platform, ensuring specifiers are equipped with the knowledge to leverage new tools for enhanced specification writing.
    • Optimise Workflow: Discover advanced techniques for managing specifications, utilising Office Masters, and integrating with drawing sets using MasterKey, leading to streamlined workflow and project efficiency.
    • Ensure Compliance: Learn about NZCIC guidelines and best practices for adding, editing, and exporting guidelines to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
    • Boost Professional Development: Acquire valuable skills and knowledge that contribute to professional growth and advancement in the field of specification writing, enhancing career prospects and opportunities.

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