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    Creating Your Herbal Medicine Chest: Spring Remedies

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    Creating Your Herbal Medicine Chest Series: Spring Awakening: Renew, Refresh, Revitalize

    Embark on a journey where you sync your well-being with the changing seasons! Join us for an enriching in-person class series that celebrates the magic of herbs and the wisdom of nature.

    As winter melts away and nature awakens, so do we! Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, as we emerge from the hibernation of winter and embrace the vibrant energy of the changing season. It is a time to awaken our livers and support our lymph as we venture out of our cozy winter nests. Spring also brings with it the challenge of seasonal allergies, which can leave us feeling drained and unbalanced. In order to fortify our systems against these challenges, it is important to tend to the element of air in our bodies, which is expressed in the health of our nervous systems.

    One way to support our bodies during this time is by reaching for calming, mineral-rich herbs that can invigorate, enliven, and bring balance. These herbs can be used in various forms such as oxymels, vinegars, infusions, and bitters. Oxymels are herbal remedies made by combining vinegar and honey with medicinal herbs. They are known for their ability to support liver function and promote overall well-being.

    • Vinegars infused with herbs are another powerful tool for supporting our bodies in springtime. Infusions involve steeping herbs in hot water or oil to extract their beneficial properties. These infusions can be consumed as teas or used topically for various purposes.
    • Bitters are herbal preparations that stimulate digestion and support liver function. They can be taken before meals or added to drinks as a digestive aid.

    By creating these remedies ourselves, we not only take control of our own health but also deepen our connection with nature's healing powers. Each participant will have the opportunity to make and take home an oxymel, infusion blend, and bitters during this workshop.

    In addition to these hands-on activities, participants will receive a Springtime Remedies booklet filled with plant monographs and recipes for further exploration at home.

    As we anticipate the hustle and bloom of the spring and summer seasons, let us remember that taking care of ourselves is essential for enjoying all that this time of year has to offer. By supporting our livers and nervous systems, fortifying our bodies against allergies, and embracing the power of calming, mineral-rich herbs, we can truly thrive in the season of renewal.

    **Please Note** This registration is for ONE class in our Creating Your Herbal Medicine Chest series. The dates for our other sessions have not yet been released. You can find descriptions for the following classes here: Learn more about our upcoming herbal classes here. You do not need to attend all four classes in the series, but they are intended to function as a complete course.

    What You Can Expect

    This offering is held on private land in East Haddam; the actual address will be emailed to you the week of the class.

    Please book in advance! These classes take lots and lots of preparation and require us to have hand-outs printed, and enough herbs and materials prepared for every class participant.

    $70 investment per person. Each participant will make and take home an Oxymel, Infusion Blend, and Bitters. You will also receive a springtime remedies booklet full of plant monographs, and several recipes for you to try at home. All supplies and materials are included.

    Limited to 10 women.

    The cost is for the workshop and includes the cost of materials used, hand-outs provided and herbal products to take home.

    A nourishing snack made with organic ingredients will be served with tea at the end of class.

    Please feel free to bring any crystals or beautiful gifts from the earth that can support our space in feeling safer, more welcoming, more tolerant, or more sacred.

    About our Facilitator - Nora Toomey, Our Poet and Keeper of Plant Knowledge

    Nora is a poet and Clinical Herbalist. She was introduced to the world of herbal medicine through the teachings of many wise women she has been lucky enough to call sisters and friends. She has deepened her herbal education and practice by becoming a Certified Clinical Herbalist through an Apprenticeship and Clinical program at the Berkeley Herbal Center in California.

    Nora’s background is in poetry, learning how to cultivate deep self-care rituals, and opening her heart to the healing journey as it unfolds. She has an MFA in Poetry from California College of the Arts, and an Undergraduate degree in Writing and Women’s Studies. She is very excited about the intersections of poetry, sound meditation, the power of story, and plant medicine.

    In 2020, Nora moved home to the East Coast after 15 years in California. She co-founded the plant and sound wellness company, Flower & Frequency, and began a clinical practice and herbal product line.

    Nora’s style is warm, intuitive, and collaborative. As a community herbalist, Nora strives to make herbal medicine accessible to everyone, and has enjoyed volunteering with the People’s Medicine Project, working at the Berkley Herbal Center’s Community Clinic, writing for the Herbal Academy, and developing herbal programming for the public library systems of CT, NY, MA, and RI.

    Nora is especially passionate about serving women struggling with addiction, childhood trauma, domestic trauma, and women looking to manage stress and anxiety. She is especially motivated to help women access their creativity and self-healing powers through the magical portal of plant medicine.

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