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Dance Drawing & Movement Workshop Series 1-5

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Concurrence is arts project (that explores the relationships between dance, choreography and drawing (choreographic drawing) through a series of workshops over 2023 offered in Toi Tai Tokerau, specifically in Whangarei. 

The aim of this project is to create a series of choreographic drawings that explore the body in the concurrence of movement, dance, choreographic process and drawing methods.

Each of the five workshops will focus on the interweaving of performing arts, fine arts concurrently through each workshop to create dance/ choreography and draw movement using a variety of innovative fine art drawing methods and choreographic teaching. The drawing methods will teach a variety of techniques from traditional life drawing skills to exploring a range of dance creation and experiential mark marking methods whilst dancing. You do not need to be a dancer or artist to participate.

Each workshop explores a specific choreographic, theme, methodology and movement exploration using task based choreography, and focuses on teaching a specific drawing technique/s by either drawing the dance movement as part of the process of creating choreography or by creating the drawing through the observation of a dance created (digital and live).

At the end of the series there is an an opportunity to be involved in a collaborative exhibition of Concurrence participants in late Oct-mid November 2023. The exhibition dates and participants are yet to be confirmed.


Workshop 1: Introduction to Creative Dance & Drawing movement
This workshop is an opportunity for participants to form conversations between the language of movement, connection, people and cultures through working together to create a choreographic dance drawing. The introduction of drawing skills and dancing debunking the concepts of not being able to draw or dance. Everyone can, you just need to tap into it and give yourself a chance to do it. In this workshop we explore creative dance using your own movement and choreographic stimulus and introduce a range of drawing skills (such as Linear, Gestural, Blind, Mass, Eraser, Continuous Line drawing, drawing whilst moving). The key to this workshop is breaking pre conceived ideas of perfection and allowing mark making and movement to be part of the creative process of drawing and dancing. Come explore your creative spark and connect with your body and inner artist.

Date: Sat 8th April 2023.
Time: 10-2 pm       Duration: 3-4hrs
Venue: Quarry Arts Centre, Art Shed & Grounds
Price: $115 early bird until 3rd April
or $135 after 3rd April

Workshop 2: Embodied Dance, Yoga Flow & Drawing Techniques for Dance Drawing

This workshop will explore your own movement (embodied dance, yoga poses and flow arts, connecting with drawing techniques that bring out the creative flow in you. Each movement sequence is developed from your own body, and shared in a partnered or group to create a short dance flow sequence. Some dance movement uses props and objects to move with. This flow is developed further on our page as we explore movement and drawing and develop three main drawing skills, gestural drawing, continuous line and linear, each drawing technique will create the basis for the final drawing that you will create by exploring the flow of your inner artist.

Date: Sat 29th April 2023
Time: 10-2 pm       Duration: 3.5hrs
Venue: Quarry Arts Centre, Art Shed & Grounds
Price: $115 early bird until Mon 24th April
or $135 after Mon 24th April.

Workshop 3: Animal Environment & Drawing Dance: Montage making 

Create a montage using images, drawing and environments. Discover your your animalistic nature and have fun to create movement using animals as a stimulus for drawing movement. Learn compositional layering your drawings and creating fun choreography animal movement sequences to share in a group/ partnered, where you get to draw and move like an animal. What's your favorite animal, create a montage with paper, drawing, ink, paint and layering photos to create your animal & environment. This is a fun explorative way of experimenting with movement & drawing, dance and choreographic structures. 

Date 13th May 2013
Time: 10-2 pm       Duration: 3-4hrs
Venue: Quarry Arts Centre, Art Shed & Grounds
Price: $115 early bird until Mon 8th May
or $135 after Mon 8th May

Workshop 4: Nature & Nurture: Drawing Elemental Dance

Exploring the Elements of Nature and Nurture through creative writing and natures elements earth, wind, fire, water and air to write, draw & dance. During this workshop you will explore poetic word prompts to create dance sequences, you will write your own short poem, you will explore the word of Ink drawing, word composition and inter-play between creative writing, movement, dance and drawing. natures sound, compositions and choreographic layering applied to drawing. This workshop will explore movement outside in nature and include some digital documentation of the process to use in the studio. What's your element? come explore your nature to nurture your inner artist.

Date: July 29th 2023
Time: 10-2 pm       Duration: 3-4hrs
Venue: Quarry Arts Centre, Art Shed & Grounds
Price: $115 early bird until Mon 24th July
or $135 after Mon 24th July

Workshop 5: Dance & Drawing: Panoramic Storytelling

Panoramic storytelling through movement, Learn to compose sequential movement in a panorama to tell a story, Ballet has told stories through movement for hundreds of years, now its time to create a dance that tells a story and then develop a panoramic drawing using your story as a stimulus. the storytelling component is structured in a way that helps you write a simple plot and then dance it out using gesture, form and choreographic structures/devices to help your structure your composition. Word play is welcomed in this workshop finding your symbolic movements to tell a story and playing on words to develop and change your dance into a sequence/ panorama.

Date: 2nd Sept 2023

Time: 10-2 pm       Duration: 3-4hrs
Venue: Quarry Arts Centre, Art Shed & Grounds
Price: $115 early bird until 21st August.
or $135 after 21st August.

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No refunds will be given, workshop funds are transferable to another workshop, under special circumstances. In the event a workshop is cancelled or postponed due to e.g Covid 19 lockdown, or severe weather conditions (flooding/cyclone), all participants will have their ticket transferred to the next available date the workshop can run or transfer their registration for another workshop offered later in 2023. Refunds will only be offered in the event there is no way the workshop can run on a another rescheduled date due to extreme circumstances: If you are unwell and cannot attend you can contact me and transfer / gift you ticket to another person who can attend.