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Digital SOS (June)

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Do tech frustrations make you want to throw it in the bin?

Tame Your Tech And Make it Work For You In Less Than 3 Hours

Personal Life  *  Business Life

The next co-working session is Friday, June 16th, 9:30-12:30pm at Helensvale Library & Cultural Centre

I’ve noticed hordes of amazing women up and down the Gold Coast saying things like:

→ “I’m failing as a mum because I don’t have photo books for my kids… and my oldest is almost a teenager!”

→ “I downloaded photos of our family holiday from my phone & onto my computer but now I can’t find them. Where the heck did they go?”

→ “I’d love to have a simple Squarespace website, but I’m not good at that kind of thing.”

→ “I have an online business but can’t make sense of my CRM software.”

If these or other tech struggles are putting up roadblocks in your life, then lean in for a minute…

What if you could tap the brain of an organising pro who’s also incredibly good with technology…

… Would you finally get your kids’ picture albums done before their next birthday?

… Would you be able to confidently find any digital file in seconds? 

… Would tech feel less stress-inducing and more like the time-saver it promised to be?

No worries, it’s possible!

To put your mind at ease… If you have around 20000 photos and dozens of videos on your phone, you’re not just digitally overwhelmed… you’re average.

In 2022, roughly 54,400 photos were taken every second. That’s 4.7 billion pictures every day! With numbers like that,  I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one with blurry pics of toddler foreheads that you can’t bear to delete. And that’s just your smartphone…

You likely also have at least 47 apps and software solutions that you interact with every week. And updates can change the way they work. It’s no wonder we get stuck once in a while.

That’s why I created…

DIGITAL SOS- The solution for getting tech to work for you, not against you.

Introducing Digital SOS, a 3-hour in-person co-working session to get your tech questions answered, get unstuck, and accomplish your digital ambitions.

Bring a mug of tea, sit with us for three hours without the distractions of home, and actually make progress on your projects.

Just think what you’d be able to accomplish:

✔️Photo albums that delight friends and family–and are snap to create
✔️The confidence to use online tools that make you more productive & professional
✔️A tidy digital life where anything is findable in seconds

Grab your seat at the table and get:

👉1:1 attention so you can make progress on digital projects

👉On-the-spot mentoring including resource suggestions and other helpful tips

👉Accountability and networking in an easy, no-stress atmosphere

👉Tech blocks that have been holding your data hostage for years abolished

👉Certainty that you’re not showing your digital knickers all over the internet

👉"You” time to block out the distractions and GSD already!

Some ideas for what you can get help with…


Your photos with searchable tags

Tidying all your hard drives

Free up digital storage

Consolidating digital files

Consolidating photos into one place

Deleting duplicate files

Computer backups

Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail

Anywhere digital chaos is stalling your flow


Squarespace website

Branded emails

Canva graphics

Printable photo books 

Digital photo slideshows

Editing photos

Personalised screensavers

Your own GIFs

Online Business

Set up your CRM

Set up your email drip

Using Zapier

Brainstorm your next offer

Social media ideas

Software integrations


Clickup, Trello, Asana and Notion

“Given [Michelle’s] background, she really understood and helped me through the anxiety and depression behind it all. I don’t even have an emotion about it anymore, which is brilliant!”
~ India de Vienne

“Loved working with Michelle to clean my computer desktop, delete files and create space on my hard drive. Michelle was patient, kind, easy to work with and made a potential stressful task quite enjoyable!”
~ Marsha Schults

You don’t have to try to do this all at home by yourself.

Until Digital SOS, the only way to get my eyes on your problems was to book me for a private three-hour session–which is $395 and limited availability. 

Finally, with this monthly co-working session, you’ll join a group for 3 hours, get your pressing questions answered, take action, and feel the relief of knowing you tamed your tech. 

Join us for the next in-person co-working session and get your project moving again for only $33

The intention is that Digital SOS sessions will be held regularly so you can make progress on your projects. But with the world as unpredictable as it has been the last few years, I can only guarantee the date shown. New dates will be posted as far in advance as possible, but anything too far out is unpredictable.  So it’s best to sign up for this session and get some serious momentum before frustration sets in and your project slides to the bottom of the to-do list…again.  Nope, not this time

"Michelle’s experience in bringing order to the chaos of digital clutter was amazing."
~Desley Harris

I want to clear your roadblocks and support you in making headway by clearing away what’s keeping you stuck. 

I guarantee that you will get 1:1 attention and make progress on your most sticky stuck problem. After 3 hours together you’ll feel more comfortable with your tech and leave more confident in your abilities, too.

Hi, I’m Michelle–a life sorter and organising expert.  

Even though I’m a certified KonMari ™  consultant and photo manager, I can help you with so much more than just your cupboards.

I teach women like you how to make the most of all your spaces – physical, digital, and mental. 

It’s in my Human Design to help you *really* enjoy your every day by helping you sort through your life.

I’m not a coach. Think of me more like a life mentor and digital organiser. I can figure out any problem, from personal to digital. And since technology is something that just makes sense to me, I’d love to make it easy for you too.  

Still wondering if this is right for you? 

The Digital SOS co-working space is perfect for you if:

  • You download every useful freebie you come across… but have no idea where they disappear to on your computer and get frustrated when you can’t find them 
  • You bought a second phone just because you needed more storage
  • You want to start an online business but things like setting up a simple website make you well up in tears of frustration
  • You don’t know your CPU from your ISP, but you do know the difference between an iPhone and an Android
  • You have an online business but hit a roadblock when it comes to software like your CRM, ESP, or LMS
  • You’re ready to take notes AND take action because you know learning is in the doing
  • You’re ready to leave embarrassment at the door and have someone show you the ropes

Ready to sort through the chaos?
There’s nowhere else can you get your questions answered 1:1 for only $33

Here’s what other curious minds have asked me about these co-working hours:

What do I need to bring?
Bring the devices and programs that you need help with (and please remember to bring all the cables and chargers too!) including:

  • iPhones or Androids
  • iPads or tablets
  • Laptop or desktop computers
  • Mac or PC
  • External hard drives
  • Any online business app that’s giving you the sh*ts. For example, your CRM or email system.

Other things you’ll need to bring with you:

  • Passwords for any cloud storage you have
  • Paper/pen or other way to take notes
  • A big mug of tea! 

Is there anything else I need to purchase?
Glad you asked →

  • For photo organising co-working sessions go hand-in-hand with the Digital Photo Organising Notebook.  For the best experience, make sure to grab a copy and bring it with you on the day.
  • Apps can make your digital organising so much easier and faster. You can still organise without them, but they’ll save you time so you can get more done during our session. 

Can I bring my desktop? Or is this just for laptops and phones?
There’s space in the room for desktop computers, so yes! Bring everything you need including your monitor, mouse, keyboard, and cables. If anything is wireless make sure it’s charged (and bring the charging cables just in case, since you know Murphy’s Law…) 

Will I get 1:1 time with you?
Absolutely! Each participant will get individual attention for sure. You’ll have plenty of time to implement what we’ve discussed as I work with others in the room.

Do I have to stay the whole 3 hours?
The sessions are unstructured so you can come for the entire 3 hours or just a portion. The point is that you make progress, not just take notes. I’d love to see your face light up when it all starts making sense. But if you’re time-crunched and can only drop in, then no worries.

What about refunds?
If you’re unable to attend the session you signed up for, I can offer you a deferral for the next in-person session (subject to availability). Sorry, no refunds.

I’m looking for answers that aren’t tech related. How do I get in touch? 
I’d be happy to help. Just drop me an email at I may have other private programs you’d be a fit for. I have an extensive list of resources gained from life experience that I can point you towards if I can’t personally help you.

Ready to finally wave goodbye to struggles and GSD? 

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