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Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Kapiti & on-line.

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Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

It’s important that you choose the best hypnosis school for you and one that gives you the confidence to be a skilled Hypnotherapist. Your trainer Lynda Ahonui (Johnson) operates a full-time practice as well being a skilled educator in Hypnosis. The combination of both of these, is that you get an experienced practitioner who has 20 years plus experience. 

Benefits – Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate in Coaching & Core Counselling Skills.

  • Indepth Knowledge & Expertise in Hypnotherapy & Neuroscience NLP
  • Practical Hypnosis Experience & Confidence with Real Clients
  • Feel Confident to Use Hypnosis In Your Business
  • Core Coaching, Counselling & Effective Communication Skills
  • Hypnotherapy scripts for a wide range of client issues
  • Growing Your Business Practice

Who Can Take This Hypnotherapy Course?

  • Professional or Personal Self-Development
  • Health & Wellness Professionals
  • Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dentists, Doctors, Social Workers, Natural Health Practitioners, Teachers, Coaches, Sales & Business Professionals.

*Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the high standard of the course that we deliver we will give you a money back guarantee of 100%, providing you inform us before the last day of your course.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course Curriculum

Personal Development for Success Each day we begin with a hypnosis session – “programming” for the brain – for building confidence, learning, memory, concentration, etc. This will help you as you go through the course and to step out into the world as a confident hypnotherapist.

Building Confidence with Real Clients It is important for you to practice your skill and throughout the course you get the opportunity to practice your skills with other students and real clients and get valuable feedback.

The following list includes many of the subjects included in Alpha’s Practitioner module. The first module also includes the Introduction to Hypnotherapy audios so you can get started straight away.

Master Key To Success “How the Mind “Works” Left and Right Brain Hemispheres Levels of Consciousness Rules of the Mind Discover Your Mind Power How our Mind Effects our Six Senses Functions of the Subconscious Mind Five Principles of “Programming the Subconscious Mind The Nature of Hypnosis Wheel of Life Establishing & Setting SMART Goals Cultivating Gratitude and Client Client Coaching & Questioning techniques Applications of Self-Hypnosis Mastering Self-Hypnosis Saxelby’ s “Instant” Self-Hypnosis Rapid Change Techniques How to Create Successful Auto-Suggestions How To Re-Programme” Your Sub-Conscious Mind. Creating a Contract Instant Self Hypnosis Constructing Suggestions Self-Anchoring Introduction To Hypnotism & The Mind Famous Users of Hypnosis Definitions of Hypnosis Hypnosis Facts/Fallacies / Myths and Misconceptions Essential Traits of a successful Hypnotherapist What is a Hypnotist Occupation of Hypnotherapist defined Imagination & The Right Brain The Brain & Nervous System Rules of the Mind Thoughts and Physical Manifestations How Ideas Can Affect Organs and Glands Imagination Tests – Magnetized Fingers, Locked Fingers, Lemon Exercise, Balloon & Bucket Test, Magnetic Hand, Hand Clasp and the force. Signs of Hypnosis Levels of Trance Suggestibility ‘Tests’. ‘Laws’ of Suggestion Rules for Structuring Successful Suggestions Basic Permissive Relaxations Suggestion, Induction & Hypnosis Six Depth Stages of Hypnosis Davis Husband Scale THE LE CRON-BORDEAUX SCALE Signs of Hypnosis 3 Step Induction Re-orientation or ‘Awakening’. Responsibilities of a Hypnotherapist Could this also be added to this module? Laws of Suggestion Types of Suggestion Compounding Suggestibility ‘Tests’ Rules for Structuring Successful Suggestions Format for Structuring Scripts Creating & Writing Scripts Essential Keys of Creating Effective Suggestions Ending the Session – Post Hypnotic Suggestions Fundamentals of Hypnosis Essentials for successful Hypnosis Helpful Hints for beginners & Client Sessions First Contact Explaining Hypnosis to a Client & Answering Client Questions Review Important Do’s & Don’ts in the interview The Hypnotic Contract Before Beginning Hypnosis Explaining Hypnosis to a client Client Management The Ten Stages Of Trance The Resistant Client The Hypnosis Session & Questionnaire Pre-Induction Protocol & Suggestibility Testing Techniques to Induce Hypnosis Format for Structuring Scripts Essentials for successful hypnosis Levels of Trance Trance Recognition Trance Ratification Ending the Trance (Re-Orientation) Format For Peer Review Hypnotists Responsibility The Limits of Hypnosis The Hypnotic Formula Methods of Hypnotherapy Developing a Hypnotists “Voice” Overview of Inductions, Re-Orientation or “Awakening” Pre-Induction Protocol and Suggestibility Testing Before Beginning Hypnosis Effective Communication Skills & Core Counselling Skills Module Self-Awareness Being with Our Clients Through the Healing Process Coaching v’s Counselling what is and isn’t. Essential Communication Skills Helping Skills for Understanding Active Listening Triads & Peer Review Feedback Building Rapport Body Language Interviewing Your Client Important Do’s & Don’ts Setting Realistic Goals Paraphrasing, Clarifying, Summarizing Reflecting, Sorting Useful Words & Phrases Facilitative Traits Feeling Words Overcoming Client Communication Blocks Personalizing Stages in the helping process Minimal Encouragers – Open – Closed Questions When to Say “No” and “Draw out” Your client Knowing When to Refer a client Contact – First Impressions do Count The First Session Step by Step Sequence The Resistant Client Ending the Session – Post Suggestions Hypnotic Inductions & Trance Characteristics of Altered States of Consciousness Nature of Altered States of Consciousness Naturalistic Inductions Review Levels of “Trance” – Depth Stages – Scales Trance Recognition Trance Ratification Ending the Trance (Re-Orientation) Instant Inductions (Standing, Hand Press, Direct Gaze) Rapid Induction Rehearsal Technique Teaching Clients Self Hypnosis. Hypnotic Deepening Techniques Dynamics of Change Hypnotic Deepening Techniques (various) Hypnotic Challenges and deepening (various) Subjective Hypnotic Depth Esdaile State Somnambulism Direct & Indirect Suggestions Naturalistic or Utilization Methods Dealing with Abreaction Transference & Counter-transference Deepening Procedures Inductions Gill Boyne Deepening Technique Deepening Compounding Techniques – The Blackboard Fractionation

Advertising & Marketing Practice Management & Essentials for Successful Hypnosis Acting as a Professional Health & Safety At Work Regulations to be aware of as a Health Practitioner NZ Hypnotherapy Overview Essential Advice for beginners Self-Care Responsibilities of Being a Therapist Keeping a Log Journal, mentoring, case study supervision. Practice & Professional Development Practice Management & Code of Ethics Certification, Registration & Insurances Regulations & Code of Ethics & Code of Health & Disability Self-Development (Mentoring) Creating a Safe Space Client Safety Client Confidentiality Taking A Case History Intake & Client Release Forms Importance of Record Keeping & Security Hypnosis Responsiveness Questionnaires Client Management Guidelines


Whilst we don’t encourage the use of scripts with clients, having scripts can give you some useful ideas and assistance with language when you are starting your practice. Here are some of the scripts we provide information on.

  • Achieving Goals
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Anger – Road Rage
  • Attitude (Positive)
  • Creativity
  • Concentration
  • Disease
  • Enuresis (Bed wetting)
  • Ego Strengthening
  • Gambling/Alcohol
  • Fear Of Flying
  • Healing
  • Study and Learning
  • Insomnia
  • Memory Improvement
  • Nail Biting
  • Obstacles
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Impotence
  • Personal Development
  • Phobias
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Procrastination
  • Public Speaking
  • Sexual Problems
  • Stress Management
  • Self Confidence
  • Stop Smoking
  •  Sports Improvement (Various)
  •  Self Esteem
  •  Surgery Preparation
  •  Weight Management (and more)
  •  Hypnotherapy for Children


Do check out our student testimonials on our facebook page. We know you would like to see what other students think about the course and here are some video testimonials. Testimonials I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am a professional speaker and trainer in business and personal development and have a good idea of what is required in order to ensure all goes well. I found this hypnotherapy course to be very well prepared and delivered.  The content was excellent, with plenty of hands on involvement and practice which took us to the most amazing places and experiences.  I cannot recommend this course highly enough. For anyone wishing to learn one of the best therapy methods available. This is the one to do.  The facilitators at Alpha Hypnosis have an amazing range of experiences and success in hypnotherapy, and to my mind, are the only people to train with in New Zealand. This course is a must! Mal Ross, Whangarei Speakers and Trainers in: Sales; Communication Skills; Personal Development & Motivation.

About That's Better

We offer a course that provides you with all the in-depth knowledge, practical expertise and confidence with “Real Clients”.

Lynda Johnson your Trainer, is a Certified Adult Educator, Trainer and Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching. She has her own private practice “That’s Better” and has been training in the field of Holistic Health for 15 years and has been invited several times onto Good Morning TVNZ.

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If you would like more information on the Wellington Training. Do contact Lynda our Wellington Trainer on 021 510 378 or

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