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The Ancients used dreams long ago. They used them as divination, as healing, as ways to dance with the gods and goddesses of old and commune with the mystery of the internal and external. At certain times, they would come together and dream. Connecting to something larger than the individual and allowing this to bring forth the creation of more. There was times where this practice was banned. It is now time for it to reemerge and reconnect to something larger, the mystery that works through the cosmos and open the portal to gain insight, wisdom and revelation. 

Join us for a night of ritual, connection and dreaming. 

What is a dream temple?

A dream temple is a space where people come together to dream, heal and gain insight. The wisdom of dreams have long been known. In ancient times the priests, priestesses and oracles all used these as a means of gaining wisdom and knew that they had messages for the individual and the collective. Since then, in more modern forms of psychology dreams are used as a tool to gain insight into the unconscious through symbolic and metaphorical representations. In nature based practices, dream work can be used as a tool to shape the psyche and help transform it into a tool for soul.

All of these practices point to the power of dreams and what they offer. Through coming together in intentional spaces this allows deeper insight and clarity to be gained, and more potency of the dream space to be revealed. Herbs, teas and tinctures can and are used to help open these spaces more and allow someone to access these states more. 

In ancient times, these temples were called an asclepion temple, after the Greek God Asclepius, where people would gather for healing and ritual. 

(Note: This is not a space designed for sacred sexuality)

Why work with dreams?

Dreams are a tool that can help the individual connect to themselves and something larger. Dreams can open different spaces. Through the night we will be working with them as a means to connect and commune with deeper parts of the self and how that fits into the collective. These underworld journeys (dreams) grant an access point into the unconscious and reveals aspects that wish to be illuminated. Through this work, it allows the alignment of the unconscious with the conscious mind, allowing more ease and flow into one's life and reveal areas that may need the attention of the individual. 

Dreams can be more relevant during times of:

  • Transitions and significant changes
  • Times of feeling stagnant or stuck
  • Actively participating in the exploration of the unconscious
  • During challenging moments in life
  • In times of deep healing
  • During creative endeavors
  • Times of communion with soul

The benefits of dream work can be:

  • Insight into the unconscious and patterns that require healing
  • Resolution of unconscious patterns
  • Connection with new ideas, possibilities
  • Reflections into various situations
  • Connection with the shadow and healing of the shadow
  • Ability to lucid dream and explore consciously the dream state
  • Reprogram unconscious patterns
  • Enter alternate states of consciousness
  • Healing of the physical, psychological or spiritual bodies

What to expect:

The night will consist of opening the space. A variety of practices designed to open the body, slow the mind and connect to oneself and each other. A variety of herbs, teas and other options will be available to help open the dream space. 

The night will be quiet down and allow the dream space to open. Meaning you will be dreaming alongside others and be guided into this space and to relax into your body, quieting the mind and opening the possibilities. 

In the morning, there will be time for integration sharing and reflections.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time to allow yourself to settle into the space.

What to bring:

Pillow and small mattress (some mattresses can be provided. Yoga mat sized mattress as the space is quite intimate. Please message me if you are requiring one)

Water bottle

Comfortable clothing

Blankets to stay warm (There will be air conditioning in the space to maintain temperature through the night)

Alter pieces or sacred items that you wish to bring to the space

Journal and pen for recording dreams

Please carpool if possible. There is limited space for parking. Upon arriving go through the gate and drive up the drive way. ENSURE YOU SHUT THE GATE. The temple is in the shed on your right as you come up the drive way. The temple is located in the back end of the shed. It will be marked by torches. Ensure when you park that you block no one in.

It is recommended that no caffeine be used during the day. A light dinner is recommended before arriving. There will be no food during the night. 

Disclaimer: Mugwort will be used during the ritual. If you are pregnant please inform me as this herb cannot be used during pregnancy.  

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