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Activate Your Light Business 8 Week Mastermind

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Grow your light business now! Amplify your ideas, dreams, and concepts into an aligned and fulfilling business in this 8 Week Interactive Mastermind full of activations, practical planning, systems, strategy, actions and weekly support to earth your business ideas.

Using effective business and marketing strategy and systems in alignment with your unique Human Design, chakras and the elements we will create and grow your business so you can shine bright in the world.

✔️ Accountability and actions steps to set up or grow your light business every week

✔️Refine your messaging to stand out amongst the noise

✔️Create exciting offers and attract dream clients

✔️ Create systems, structures, automations and a business style that is aligned with your unique energy blueprint and human design.

✔️ Refine and grow your vision, mission, the imprint and legacy you want to leave!

And More...

Each week you can expect-

⚡ HUMAN DESIGN - Build a business and life in alignment with your unique human design for more impact and flow

⚡MARKETING - Use traditional and non traditional marketing strategies to build a conscious business that works for you

⚡CHAKRAS - Cleanse, clear and align your chakras for more energy, purpose and productivity in your business

⚡ELEMENTS - Work with the elements to earth your business using the natural power of nature


Light leaders, business owners, practitioners require energy, to have a body and a business structure that can handle expansion and serving others. Working with the root chakra we are understand, regulate and optimise all layers and stages of the nervous system and build business systems that support our body and life. Creating the safety within the body/nervous system and business with systems, structure, routine and defined offers that are profitable, sustainable and nourishing and a framework that actually frees up time and energy and sooths the nervous system.


The new paradigm of leadership is multidimensional not linear. Following old ways leads to burnout, time scarcity and never achieving enough. ​​Awakening the quantum human allows us to achieve more doing less, create more space, more impact and balance in the body and life. Working with the sacral chakra we learn and embodying feminine cycles and seasons to optimise new paradigm leadership and collapse time. We learn when to lean in, to expand and create and when to lean out, rest and recharge.


To be in our fullest capacity we reignite our fire and return to our inner source of power this is also where we can confidently share our purpose and gifts with the world without a doubt what we are here to lead and inspire. Marketing ourselves from the solar plexus involves integrating our heart and what brings us joy, our authentic voice and unique vision given to us by God, it is not copying or feeling competition or comparison, it is standing firm in our purpose and offering and confidently sharing our magic with the world, knowing we are worth every inch of presence and are gratefully receive abundance for BEing our purpose.


Starting a business, and marketing from the heart portal or even just living your life’s purpose, if we START from this chakra we are awakening a sustainable and authentic offering that will have resilience and expansion. In our fullest capacity we are in total alignment with spirit, everything we could possibly dream of is accessible and we start to create our reality from our heart. This is where we start living what we were born for, our mission our purpose and life starts fall into place.


When we are ready to share our voice with the world, market ourselves, our unique voice, frequency comes through in our messaging. Powerful and authentic messaging allows us to penetrate a busy and overstimulated online space, connect with ‘our’ people and take them on a journey from first touch point to serving them in free and paid services. In our fullest capacity, we are deeply connected with our sound and message. Feeling safe in our root, energised by our lifeforce energy in the sacral, connected to our solar plexus power, nestled in our heart, our voice is so impactful, we speak truth, and with love and the ripple of that frequency are unmatched. As we discover our unique and authentic voice, this becomes our messaging part of our brand. This is where we truly connect with our audience and transform relationships and the world


When we activate the third eye and connect with our light the marketing framework of our ‘vision’ ‘mission’ ‘USP’ (unique selling proposition) and goals become from deep within our God wisdom, connection and highest purpose. When we write a marketing plan first going through the heart portal(chakra) and then to the third eye to create a quantum reality that is most pure we go on to collapse time and space and bring that reality to us without the push and shove, hustle and burn of the old paradigm. To be in your full capacity we must connect with our third eye vision, our intuition and embody our light and bring our vision, mission, USP and goals into reality through these earthly structures


Have you ever created a marketing plan for yourself, for your purpose, for your full expression? At the crown this becomes about our fully embodied and integrated presence, how we show up in the world, on social media, at events, in our daily lives. Here we can create a strategy to anchor ourselves as one on earth.


Setting up 2024 with actions and allowing for the integration of all the chakras cleansing clearing and activating as well as support systems and accountability for your vision to sustain.



3rd Oct

10th Oct


24th Oct

31st Oct

7th Nov

14th Nov

21st Nov


5 Dec

Early Bird Pricing for 2023 Round Starting Oct 3rd

🎁 $55 adult/class (limited spaces)

🎁 Ticket to all classes $330 (save $110)

Please bring journal and pen, your laptop, shared lunch, water bottle and yoga mat.

Held at our beautiful property in the middle of Eumundi on a Tuesdays.

Rough Outline for the Day

⚡ 10 am Welcome, connection to personal and group intention and alchemy

⚡ 1030 am Introduction to weekly chakra, element, business and marketing theme for the week

⚡ 11 am Activations, practical planning, strategy and hands on creation of steps to anchor your dreams

⚡ 1215pm Shared lunch, connection and networking

⚡ 1245pm Light language and sound transmission to allow for integration

⚡ 115pm Application and next steps, anchoring new frequencies and codes for your light business

⚡ 130pm Event finishes


Natalee Neill is a marketing manager and serial entrepreneur with multiple online programs, in person retreats and events as an Ascension Artist and Activator. Natalee specialises in working with light workers who have big missions and dreams, creating both the physical and energetic framework to hold big visions with simple effective strategies and activations to change your life, fast.

An original biohacker, ex athlete, personal trainer, nutritional therapist, and metabolism specialist she cultivates years of theoretical and embodied wisdom to activate inspiring women into the next level of themselves.

Natalee has also studied level two quantum human design, life coaching specialising in workplace and executive coaching, as well as studying breathwork, qi-gong, sound therapy and also works as a marketing manager for conscious businesses to deliver a wholesome and integrated event that is like no other.

As well as her transmissions of Light Language, Angelic Harmonies and Quantum Healing, Natalee works with the Chakra's, Quantum Human Design and the Metabolism to personalise and optimise energy for your unique energy blueprint.

A published writer, inspirational speaker, performer, coach and quantum healer, Natalee has activated hundreds of women through her transmissions, events, courses, books, meditations and coaching.

Natalee is passionate about inspiring and activating ambitious change makers to clear the old, align with their unique personal frequency, ignite the full fire energy within and passionately pursue their mission as an unstoppable ripple of change in a world that needs light-workers to Shine their brightest.

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