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Energy Healing Circle

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Align with your true nature and receive an influx of spiritual downloads and universal life-force energy to help you heal past trauma, clear negative energy, enter a state of alignment and elevate your level of consciousness!

A cocktail of different healing practices that Anthony and myself have learnt overtime throughout our journeys that have assisted in transforming our lives. This cocktail includes Qi gong, Intention setting, ancient breathing and movement technique’s, intuitive meditation, reiki energy healing and sound healing which will allow for massive shifts to take place within you!

The experience is designed to bring in a huge amount of positive energy to help you surrender into a state of no-mind, increase your life-force energy and help you to connect with your higher power, leaving you with more clarity, feeling lighter, more energised and relaxed with a greater ability to manifest in your life.

Being in a sacred space helps you get out of your normal habitual state of mind, allowing you to experience new inspirations, divine insights and a higher self connection.

Free online breathwork & meditation

Event details:

We hold 2 Circles in the same week to allow for everyone to attend and enough space between everyone in the room. when you go to purchase your ticket please select your preferred day.

If you would like to attend via zoom please purchase a " Online via zoom" ticket and we can email you the zoom link.

Dates: Monday the 20th of February.

Thursday the 23rd of February.

Time: 6:45pm – 8:15pm

Cost: $33 or 2 for $60

Location: Henley community centre

Address: Off Crown St, Henley NSW 2111

What to expect:

Qi gong - is an ancient Chinese healing practice of cultivating vital life-force energy through various gentle movements, breathing and postures to support mental, physical and spiritual health, increasing the life force in the body. It helps reduce anxiousness and allows for a deeper balance, peace and harmony. The practices and sequences are implemented depending on the seasons we are in which relate to certain organs and meridians in the body.

Intention setting - Is when we get clear on what we want to get out of the night, what we are needing support with, and the version of ourselves we are wanting to become. This is enhanced in group consciousness We usually use cacao our tea to drink while we are bringing our intentions forward to the universe.

Cacao - has been used in ceremony for many thousands of years and with the right intention this becomes quite magical. Cacao has the potential to be a guide and gateway to help each one of us embrace the inner compass and depth of our hearts. When we are reconnected with our hearts this is a gateway into our intuitive guidance system. Gathering together to drink cacao can be helpful for us doing healing work and inner-processing.

Breathwork - is now used by many coaches, healers around the world because it allows us to tap into the body and to let go of the mind chatter. Through many breathing techniques we can access our intuition and have so much more clarity of the here and now. I invite you to use a few minutes of breathing before you meditate. Quite powerful.

Seated movements - are more about the spine and relaxing this area so we can comfortably meditate. If we are stuck in the lower part of the back then we can experience back pain. Doing these repeatedly and at our pace will allow the energy to rise up the spine even if it is only subtly.

Intuitive meditation - is based on the collective energy and based on the guidance of the Universe. With the intention to be a divine conduit, allowing oneself to be a channel for the divine to flow. These meditations are very powerful, and are never planned out to allow for ones higher self to take over and guide the session which requires a big letting go of the mind and a full trust in the divine guidance.

Reiki - is life force energy of light. You will receive distance reiki by sitting up or lying down. Reiki is universal and anyone can receive it. We use reiki by channelling into the "chakras". There are 7 main "chakras" that start from the base of the spine up to the crown of your head.

Sound healing - a range of instruments including sound bowls, koshi’s, Tibetan bowls, bells and tuning forks will be used to balance all the modalities you have participated in and to bring the body back to homeostasis, to a deep sense of peace and relaxation, quite the cherry on top to finish.


Jacob stringa is a spiritual guide certified in Meditation, Qigong, Reiki and Hypnotherapy. He is passionate about inspiring others to transform their lives, raising their level of consciousness, developing a greater sense of awareness and unveiling their true self.

Anthony Sarkis supports clients in reiki, breathwork and meditation. His main focus is to bring people back to Self and to identify the root cause of what is holding them back. Helping people bring the unconscious, conscious and enjoys watching clients grow and evolve.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Anthony - 0417683956 Insta/Facebook: @warriorofthelight100 / Anthony Laba Sarkis

Jacob - 0447431777. Insta / Facebook: @jacobiam_ / Jacob Stringa

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