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Family Constellations - Love, Health and Wealth Workshop

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Event description

A day of deep immersion to get to the root causes of what is blocking you from experiencing real love, wellbeing and abundance in life.

Understand why a certain aspect of your life brings you challenges, difficulties or pain, and find a solution for the problem.

Does it resonate with you?

  • Do you struggle with emotional problems such as: overwhelming worry, stress, anxiety, fears, panic attacks?
  • Do you experience any psychical pain that effects your overall happiness and wellbeing?
  • Is it a challenge for you to give or receive enough love?
  • Do you find it hard to connect authentically and communicate effectively with some people in your life?
  • Do you feel stuck in your life and don’t know how to resolve it?
  • Do you experience financial deficit no matter how hard you work?

If you feel discouraged or stuck in some area of your life and don’t know how to change it. No matter what you do you are not getting the outcome you want. Do you feel like you've already tried different solutions, and yet, it didn’t help you completely?

I want to assure, you are not alone, many people I've worked with have been there and so have I. I know how it is to feel hopeless after doing so much healing, trying different techniques, conventional methods, holistic approaches and yet, the core of the issue hasn't been resolve.

Your ability to be happy, healthy and loved can be influenced not only by your knowledge, skills or recent events, but most of all what you’ve experienced in the past and the patterns (pain) passed down from your family and ancestors. You have taken on that burden unknowingly and now it conditions your life. Even though you've got used to live that way, the pain doesn't go away, nor does it get easier.

Any injustices or difficulties, any traumatic experiences or lack of healthy connections that have occurred in your family history are like a silent force working through generations in your energetic field and prevents you from experiencing a flourishing love, health or wealth.

Family Constellations is for you if you :

  • are at the stage of life that requires the best solutions
  • are ready to get to the core of your truth and take better actions
  • want to bring balance and more peace in your life
  • are keen to experience more love and joy in life
  • are ready to gain deeper and healthier connections others?
  • want to manifest more money and abundance in your life?

Learn how your past experiences, repressed emotions from childhood, unresourceful family dynamic and ancestral difficulties shapes your personality and your life. Family constellations is a game changer and your chance to break free from the reality that you live now.

What will you gain?

  • Be free from emotional attachment as well as physical and psychological baggage you have been carrying.
  • Be able to recognise the core of your problems and change them for real.
  • Go deeper and notice difficulties you are experiencing and its correlations.
  • Resolve personal, family or financial conflicts in your life.
  • Broaden your perspective through love and compassion.
  • Unlock your love & relationship life.
  • Be more effective and make decisions that are congruent with your desires.

I invite you to Family Constellations - Love, Health & Wealth Workshop to transform your life for good. The event is led with a combination of modern and ancient approaches for more clarity, confidence, health, love and abundance in your life.

Only 4 spots left until SOLD OUT.

What is included:

1. Mind-Body Release 

Experience a powerful mind and body release through bodywork, grounding and bio-energetic exercises to feel more present, energized and invigorated by activating high vibration frequency of your spirit. 

Value $200

2. Childhood Clearing

Be guided by your soul movement of letting go of suppressed emotions from your childhood, in order to bring back healthy thoughts, feelings and overall well being. Raise your personal energy and reclaim your authentic self. 

Value $500.

3. Healing Family and Ancestral Trauma

Gain profound insights into your family, culture and ancestry. Break the cord from the unconscious burden you’ve been carrying through generations and free yourself from family karma during the family constellations process.

Value $500

4. Heart Centered Sharing Circle

Develop an intuitive awareness, understanding and the purpose of your life and loved ones. Experience the real connection between you and others' to a deeper sense of inner harmony and strength. Amplify your trust in your intuition and inner wisdom.

Value $300

5. Learning healthy Connections

Open up to profound abilities that help you develop compassion and understanding for a wide spectrum of relationships and learn how to let emotion move through you freely.


6. Soul Activation

Witness an energetic clean up through personal healing to dissolve unhealthy patterns you’ve been repeating so you let it go and can create a better quality of life.

Value $500

7. Guided mentorship

Feel safe and supported by a highly skilled and intuitive facilitator who guides you on a path to be your best self, followed by empowering insights with next steps moving forward. Experience clarity, confidence and calmness when you leave the workshop.

Value $400

8. Nutritious Refreshments and Drinks

Nourish your mind, body and spirit with healthy snacks and refreshments. Sip high quality herbal tea / coffee to keep you awake and grounded during and after the process. Cold drinks will be provided too.

Value $50

Total Value $2650.


"Joining Kinga’s Family constellation was unreal. She is a big professional and she knows exactly how to set up everything during the event in order for everyone to gain as much perspective as possible. I not only learnt from my ow constellation but from others in the room too. I personally feel like so much weight and pain has left my body after the event. I can sense so much more of clarity, peace and bliss in my every day life. Thank you Kinga for amazing experience once again 🙏 Much love." - Hana Pisarcikova

“It was my first experience of this nature, therefore I was skeptical about the workshops, hoping, however, that I would at least understand the principle of the constellations process. My impression during and after this workshop was mind blowing. I’ve experienced a vast amount of positive emotions as well as straight solutions to my problems appeared during my participation in constellations. It was an extremely purifying experience, giving a new perspective on my life. I would like to thank Kinga for that and I am coming to you for more.” - Marek

"I went to Kinga’s family constellations workshop with a specific issue I wanted to dig into: my relationship with money. I had a vague idea as to why certain situations were triggering me but doing family constellations made it really clear. I achieved a whole new insight into where my anxiety around money stems from and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Since attending the workshop I’ve felt a real shift and have finally been able to spend money/treat myself without feeling guilty. It sounds simple but it’s something I used to really struggle with. Within a month of attending the workshop I also got a new job (paying more money), which I attribute to the shift I felt after attending the workshop. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone!! Kinga is a very intuitive and supportive facilitator, who makes you feel safe and comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. Thanks again!" - Roos van Logtestijn

“I’ve been trying therapy with psychologists for quite a while, but I felt like it wasn’t giving me the results I was looking for. I reached out to Kinga thanks to my friend. At first, I was terrified about the workshops - revealing my secrets and problems in front of strangers? No way! But I did it anyway. And I don’t regret it at all. It was an amazing and life-changing experience that opened up my eyes.. The things I was struggling with for many years were resolved after just one Family Constellation. Kinga is very warm, talented and has amazing knowledge. She guided us through the whole process. I would recommend it to everyone to at least try it once. Thank you Kinga!” - Kate Hajdas

“I went into Kinga's family constellations with an open mind about alternative therapies but not without a healthy amount of reserved skepticisim. To say the workshop exceeded my expectations would be a gross understatement. The family constellations have been one of the most fascinating experiences of my life.

It is safe to say that it forever changed my mind about certain things, such as family dynamics and the significance that space and distance affect the way we feel towards the people around us. Kinga herself is probably one of the most experienced mediators in this healing modality here in Sydney today. Her ability to handle the intensity of the experience and the raw emotional charge of the entire group was second to none. In short, if you are looking to heal certain psychic wounds, if you would like to uproot some mental patterns or at least see them play out from the surreal vantage point of the observer, and/or if you simply fancy exploring the complexity of our collective physical and emotional bodies and the different factors that affect them, then do yourself a favor and give yourself that experience at least once and then decide what to do with it.” - Moey Sab, Chiropractor

​​"I have been attending Kinga's Family Constellations Workshop a few times and every time loved it very much. Kinga is very intuitive, wise and supportive. My constellations have revealed a lot of unconscious aspects of my work, relationships and the limited beliefs within myself. I've gained understanding about the dynamic of my issues, from which I've taken positive change in my life. The supports right on the spot in the constellation give me guidance of how I should guide my changes in life. Thank you so much, Kinga. I’ve received exactly what I needed." - Thanh Binh Daisy Nguyen, Kinesiologist

"I really liked Kinga's Full Day Family Constellations Workshop. I received a huge dose of information about my family and myself. I went to the event with the pure intention of changing and getting information, why some important and yet challenging things happen in my life. I got exactly what I needed. I liked Kinga's attitude towards all participants and how she conducted the workshops. The ways she guided us to go further, and to break blockages and limitations were very effective. I felt Kinga's support, warmth and much more (something I don't even know how to describe yet). The workshop showed me where different situations or events in my life come from. I highly recommend and I will continue to recommend this workshop to others because what Kinga's does is very professional and effective." - Simon Zielinski

"Deep-seated memories motivate us and we don’t necessarily know why. During the constellations workshop exposing family dynamics not only gave me insights into what is going on in my head, some things just got cleared out on their own. Not only could I see my family members in a different, often more sympathetic way, some things just resolved on their own afterwards. Moreover it brought great awareness to what unconscious factors were controlling my life. I really cannot recommend this deep work during the workshop with Kinga more highly.” - David Johnson, Psychic - Spirit Channeller

Leading from the heart,

Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek


About Facilitator:

Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek is the founder of Lapis Evolution, Certified Coach, Love and Relationships Expert, Family Constellations Practitioner and Bestselling Author.

Kinga went through a lot in her life, health crisis, feeling unworthy of love, depression and a big betrayal. She committed to completely change her health, personal, relationships and professional life. She now helps people to let go of the past so they can reclaim their authentic self and create the life of their dreams with joy, freedom and better approaches. Her deeply transformative workshops and 1on1 signature programs change people's lives forever.

In 2021 Kinga was nominated by Yahoo in Top 1% Love and Relationship Coaches in Australia for creating real connections and committed relationships. In 2022 she became a nr #1 international bestselling author of Strong & Free book.

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