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Growth Mindset Leadership Workshop

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What is Growth Mindset and why is it relevant?

A few decades back, Dr Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford found that there was a difference in how kids approached challenges. Some embraced these, stretched themselves and showed grit when it was tough.  Others stayed in their comfort zone and ruled themselves out as soon as things got hard.  The first group not surprisingly achieved and performed far better.

She was able to define the characteristics of Growth Mindset (the group that stretched themselves and achieved more) and Fixed Mindset (the group that stays safe and comfortable and sticks to what they know they can do).

Not surprisingly, this applies to us as adults.  All of us have parts of our life that we approach with a growth mindset and parts of our life that we are totally fixed mindset about.

And this happens in our workplaces too.

In recent years there has been significant research done on whether a Growth Mindset workplace performs better.

And they do.  In all metrics, from profit, to efficiencies, to innovation, to employee engagement.

That's why some of the world's largest organisations have embraced Growth Mindset as a foundation for their leadership and culture.

This workshop gives you the knowledge and practical tools around how to be a Growth Mindset leader and create this in your own team and organisation.

This workshop is for leaders who:

  • Want to develop a growth mindset: if you're feeling limited by your current way of thinking, a growth mindset can help you break free from this and shift your perspectives
  • Are committed to personal development: the best leaders are always learning and growing and this workshop will challenge you to think outside the box and stretch to new possibilities and results 
  • Want to retain great people: the biggest reason people choose to stay or leave roles is because of their immediate manager, growth mindset leaders retain more engaged committed people in their teams
  • Want to create a culture of growth: as a leader you have the power to shape your workplace culture and this workshop will teach you how to create an environment that encourages learning, innovation and continuous improvement
  • Are open to new ideas and perspectives: growth mindset requires a willingness to embrace new ideas and perspectives and see experimentation as a good and necessary thing
  • Want to drive results: at the end of the day the goal of any leader is to drive results and this workshop will give you the tools and strategies you need to achieve your goals and lead your team to success

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