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Electra Business Breakfast runs every month of the year in Kāpiti except in January on the first Wednesday of each month. Electra is the Exclusive Sponsor of Breakfast and they contract Kāpiti Business Projects to deliver an independent networking programme that seeks to INSPIRE, CONNECT and ENGAGE. You may ask why Electra does this. Electra recognises that successful businesses are key to successful communities. Providing local business people an opportunity to network and be stimulated and informed by a wide variety of speakers including business icons, economists, politicians, educators and social service providers to name a few is something they are proud to be part of on a regular basis in Kāpiti. Electra Business Breakfast compliments Electra's sponsorship of the Electra Business & Innovation Awards and helps to support other local business development initiatives and work by Kāpiti Coast District Council, the Kāpiti Coast Chamber of Commerce, Kāpiti Economic Development Agency and others.