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Meet Kristy Ferrari, a trailblazer in breath and wellness, where breathwork isn't just her passion—it's her medicine and mission. Her goal? To guide others in healing, connecting with their hearts, healing and empowerment. As the founder of Lion Hearts Breathwork and a certified Wim Hof instructor, Kristy offers transformative breathwork experiences, including Tetra Breathwork, Shamanic and 9D Breathwork journeys. Her mission is clear: help others break free from trauma, liberate old thought patterns, and awaken to their true potential and passion.

Kristy empowers both women and men to embark on their own healing journeys, cutting the cords of intergenerational trauma—the root of all human suffering. With a focus on addressing profound wounds from life experiences, including childhood and past lives, she paves the way for a mental health reboot of body and mind.

Her absolute dedication is to spread the power of breath, opening doors for people to shine and live with a renewed sense of freedom, connection, and joy. Finding the path of the heart means releasing the shackles of the mind, stepping out of the darkness, and discovering inner light and truth—to be seen and heard.

In this era of awakening, you have a choice: join the breathwork revolution fearlessly to liberate and evolve or stay stuck in repetitive habits controlled by the monkey mind. Prepare for an extraordinary journey with Kristy, breaking free from energetic bondage, the shackles of the mind, gaining profound liberation, clarity, and an empowered state of being. Hear the whispers of your heart and soul....

Are you ready to do the work for your happiness and inner peace? Are you willing to breathe, to feel, and liberate yourself from your own prison and suffering? Kristy's work helps you release old programs and limiting beliefs, offering a powerful tool for transformation and deepening your spiritual connection.

Kristy, a professional breathwork facilitator, cacao ceremonialist, yoga teacher, shamanic practicioner and energy healer, she infuses her undeniable passion into every offering. Her workshops are not only powerful and profound but also playful and fun. It's time to take control, stepping away from a limited life created by your mind and embracing a limitless life created from your heart. Join Kristy in an experience that transforms, empowers, and sets you free.

It's inspiring to hear about Kristy's dedication to offering powerful breathwork journeys through Lion Hearts Breathwork. Breathwork has indeed gained popularity for its transformative abilities in promoting healing, empowerment, and overall well-being. By tapping into the innate power of the breath, these immersive experiences aim to activate one's true potential and natural healing systems.

Participants are encouraged to embrace these opportunities to unleash their passion, cultivate self-love, find purpose, and experience joy. Through breathwork, individuals may enhance their health, strength, and overall happiness, leading to a more fulfilling and empowered life.

If you're interested in exploring the benefits of breathwork and experiencing these transformative journeys with Kristy, you may consider reaching out to Lion Hearts Breathwork to learn more about the available sessions and how to participate in these empowering experiences.