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Change Institute helps develop and implement trainings focused on preparing caring adults (teachers, administrators, therapists, etc.) to best meet community mental health needs for children, youth, and young adults. We work to empower a diverse clinical workforce that is prepared to serve children and families facing complicated barriers in the Twin Cities.

Teaching & Training 
We provide trainings on-site and in the community for therapists, teachers, and other service providers, focusing on social emotional and mental health. Additionally, Change Institute works with employees and contractors to provide clinical supervision and case consultation hours to move towards licensure.

The Change Institute holds space for new ideas to develop into a plan. This allows room for innovations in programming, service design, outcome measurements, and impact. At any given point in time, there may be zero or 10 projects living in this space.

Community Initiatives
Change Inc. lends staff member expertise to multiple community initiatives where we are not the host or ‘owner’ of the group, but provide a key role as advisor or developer. While these projects take on many different shapes, they are core to our value and core foundation of living in community.  

As a key component of the five roles of community, advocacy remains fundamental to Change Inc.’s work. The intersection of poverty and injustice is core to our mission and lived experience. Therefore, economic justice, anti-racism, safety/violence prevention, voting rights, food security, and immigrant and refugee rights are a few key areas of advocacy focus for the agency.

*Change Inc. has a vested interest in decreasing barriers to accessing resources by offering scholarships for people of color (BIPOC) and LGBTQIA+ individuals for certain trainings. If you are interested in these resources please contact:

Lisa Xiong (
David Hesse (