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A nurturing collective of women, who embrace authentic connection to self and others. I created this community to support women in their journey of personal and spiritual growth, with the core belief that healing happens when we are heard and held in safe spaces.

My gatherings are sacred places of safety and trust, intentionally designed to be small and intimate, providing women the opportunity to connect authentically and vulnerably to self, Spirit and one another.

If you are seeking a safe space to be seen, heard, held and to heal, we welcome you. 

This is a nurturing and non-judgemental gathering of women, where women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds are WELCOME.

When you engage in this community, you will have the opportunity to;

💫 Grow emotionally and spiritually
💫 Rewild your soul
💫 Connect to your truest self
💫 Restore your body-soul-spirit
💫 Encounter love and acceptance
💫 Engage in therapeutic activities
💫 Embrace embodied living
💫 Journey with like minded women
💫 Heal in safe community

To find out more about me, my events and to read client testimonials visit Women's Wellbeing Collective.

For details on our upcoming April retreat “Embodied and Connected”, please visit our dedicated retreat website Wild Soul Retreats.  is a 2 nights & 3 day retreat hosted in the beauty of nature in Pullenvale (20minutes from Brisbane).