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ILLUMINATE ~ monthly deep breathwork ceremony

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Event description

ILLUMINATE ~ the magical deep breathwork ceremony that takes place every month 🌌

Inhale the whole galaxy of light,

exhale all which no longer serves.

There is no coincidence that your eyes fell onto this event,

There is a pull that comes from deep in your soma (body) & the depths within you,

reaching out for more,,, More depth,exploration, release, freedom, clarity, illumination...


First illuminate session: "Thank you for being such a skilled & compassionate guide. I feel amazing, so much better after releasing so much emotion yesterday, I feel fresher, lighter, better! I could feel the energy bristling through my veins whilst meditation this morning (after the session yesterday). Bring it on!"

Deep breathwork journeys allow for bottom up regulation: getting to the core of trauma, undigested emotion.

It's where deep healing can take place & really allow positive change to flow through your life.

The ripple effect is a more free, abundant, peaceful, open hearted you.

That's the true magic of deep breathwork!

♡The Event

This 3 hour journey has been carefully designed to bring all parts of yourself to the table, with so much love, safety & trust, whilst giving you the opportunity to connect deeper with humans just like yourself.

I have facilitated breathwork on over 200+ people and group events are my favourite: there is something so delicious about the pulled collective energy. I would be honoured to hold you in this!

We will open our hearts with cacao, then build safety with one another by connecting, then drop into the deep breathwork session with plenty of time for sound journeying, meditation & integration after. Please leave space for after the session to ground in with Mother Nature & reflect- it is a whole body & soul journey so leaving time to integrate after is very important to get the most of it.

♡ Event Love

"Absolutely beautiful night. So good to get in touch with my inner kid and my internal trauma shit. You created a space to be vulnerable. Thank you. I will be back for more for sure!"

"I found yesterday such an incredible experience. You have such a talent for holding space and making it feel very authentic and safe"

"That was my first time trying breathwork and I was honestly previously a sceptic. That one session changed my life & it brought so many realisations about my relationship to light!"

♡What to Bring

We provide everything ~ just bring a water, journal & pen!

We don't always journal but it is good to have in case you feel called to write down your experience❤️

♡ Housekeeping

My priority whenever I hold space is safety, respect, & love.

It is imperative that we honour the different people that come & honour their expressions that may come forward. Breathwork can create emotional & somatic releases which I fully support. Coming with an open-mind & respect for others spaces & emotions is most important. Keep in mind while there is FULL permission to express, this is still a group container so honouring the comfortability of others in the room too.

This is a space for both men and women. It is healing to be around like minded individuals in this way. For men, I like to invite conscious awareness of the ladies in the room in particular, asking for consent if you wish to hug upon greeting or saying goodbye, to take into account any trauma around the masculine. The same is true for the ladies, appreciating the vulnerabilities that the men in the space may have too. 

Please fast for between 3-5 hours before the session as this allows a full clearing of emotions. If you must eat, please eat a light snack. I don't recommend fasting for women if they are the week before or of their bleed.

♡ The Why

The intention of this session is all about releasing that which does not serve, creating a safety space for authentic expression, connecting with other beautiful humans that are conscious like yourself, and bringing the power of the breath to more peoples lives.

It has truly changed my life in profound ways ~

I went from living in high heart rate, stressed, never feeling good enough, people pleaser, afraid to express, drained, and burnt out from being in my masculine to free, highly intuitive, feminine, present, grounded, living radiantly.

While I was what I understood as happy at the time, with the power of the breath, I have come to understand what true happiness, freedom & authenticity means. And it’s bloody beautiful!

I also have myself wanted to create a space for more conscious connections too ♡

♡Client Love & Testimonials

"First time ever doing a guided breathwork session and it was incredible. Camilla made me feel warm, welcome and supportedI learnt so many amazing things about breathwork and it’s power and potential, as well as so many great tips just about living a healthy and fulfilling life in general. Many of the things Camilla taught me during the session I still practice nearly everyday and have had a profound impact on my life."

"My experience with Camilla was truly beautiful. She held the safe and loving space to allow me to express and let go of suppressed heavy emotions. This made room for more light and love which was instantly felt during the session, and carried on into my day to day life. I felt amazing during and after the session. My mind was clear, my heart was open and I genuinely felt lighter. I would recommend Camilla to anyone and everyone. She is truly magical."

"This was my first time joining a guided breath work session and it was truly an incredible and eye-opening experience. Through rhythmic breathing and music, you are guided through a profound journey that connects your body with your mind. I have never felt such stillness before. And throughout the breath holds, a full range of emotions began to naturally release. Cam, this was nothing short of magical. Thank you for facilitating such a powerfully healing experience. I cannot recommend this enough (and honestly, this needs to be experienced first hand to truly appreciate the enormity of it all).-

Any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message on my Instagram: @camilldrema or email me:

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