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Immerse: Men's 4 Day Winter Trek

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For the men that want to be at their best for themselves and their world, here is your opportunity to step away from life, strip it back to the bone, and show yourself what you've got.

******Sold Out - Second Date Launching - Wait List Open******

Brother, here's the pitch: 

Four days venturing through the Snowy Mountains backcountry, leaning into challenge and discomfort, while having a bloody good time and getting far away from everything familiar. 

Sound good? 

Let's go.

Not many people explore this expansive, stunning region of Australia, nor hike the renowned Hannels Spur trail - and especially not in the snow. 

In terms of 'getting away', there's not much further you can go. 

In terms of hikes you can do, not many balance the extremes of relentless slog and magical reward so well.


‘When we venture into the unknown with strong men by our side, we stand to gain deep invigoration of passion & re-calibration of purpose.’

The Essential Benefits:

    • Push physical & mental limits in the wilderness.
    • Disconnect from your phone & emails, as well as your roles & titles - to just be you.
    • Untap inner grit, drive & perseverance.
    • Unwind stress & tension naturally.
    • Increase accountability & Self-control. 
    • Take space to reflect on where you’re at in life & where you’re heading.
    • Be with good men in a fun, supportive, safely held space. 
    • Have lots of laughs exploring the incredible mountain landscape in child-like wonder. 

NB: Please reach out and register your interest before booking a spot on Humanitix - we'd love to chat first and send some further information before having you commit. Send to

Our Methodology Is Our Speciality. 

What’s unique about the Immerse Treks is that we both accelerate and deepen the journey by incorporating intentional movement, breathwork, meditation and cold-water immersion along our treks. 

These practices help to clear the past, quieten the mind, relieve stress and enhance connection to nature - which you will know are all things that being in Nature does innately. 

So by both being in Nature as well as using these tools together, we achieve a kind of compound benefit that creates an experience of deep presence that truly is profound. 

At current, our hikes have a 60% return customer rate. There's something in it.

More than a Trek. 

While this is not a male Rite of Passage, and I could write much more on why it isn't, this trip does hold much of the same sentiment. Betterment, growth, self-discovery, legacy, passion, purpose, brotherhood, real integrity. 

As men and leaders, we must take time to invest in ourselves. If we are not at our best, everything around us is shortchanged - including our loved ones and our own sense of fulfilment. 

This is not about getting anywhere, just pointing in the right direction and taking another step towards better.

It's not all about trying to beat ourselves up or break ourselves down either. 

This trip is about having good old-fashioned fun and being in natural flow with new brothers out in the wild. The laughs and the memories made out there are cherished for a lifetime.

The men of this trip will forge lasting bonds and be members of this tribe for life. There will be opportunities to continue the journey together after this trip in various formal and informal ways too. Whenever we need a hand, or an ear, or a shoulder, these brothers and myself will be there for you.

Far away from any vices, temptations or distractions, you have the space to allow your nervous system and brain the time it needs to naturally unwind, which can often feel like an unmanned firehose going off. Eventually, you will find a sense of landing, like many different parts of you come falling back into one piece, to find you feeling deeply calm and truly present. 

Free from phone reception and all of your roles and external responsibilities, you will have the space to sit back from the hustle and see the forest for the trees. Without space for reflection and vision, we can sometimes find ourselves meandering through life on autopilot, locked into routines and on a trajectory to anywhere. Recalibrate to your biggest vision for your life.

Further, with all of your titles, roles and masks stripped away, you’re free to show up however you like - and perhaps let the man that lives under all of those come out. 

You'll find that upon returning back to your normal life after this trip, you will be at your best and full of passion for yourself, your loved ones, your work and everything else in between. 

Your energy will emanate from within and nurture deeper, richer, more loving relationships, you will make better decisions for your health, and your creativity and purpose will flow effortlessly into work endeavours. 

This is not just a hike, but an investment that pays life-enhancing dividends. 

The Hike:

The Hannels Spur track is regarded as one of the most demanding hikes in Australia, with the highest vertical elevation gain on the continent at 1800m. 

Once up, we will continue on to summit our highest peaks, swim in the highest rivers, lay in the sun and traverse the breathtaking terrain.

This hike explores the best sites and experiences the Snowy Mountains have to offer and really highlight this beautiful country we live in.

Guidance and Gear:

We will be accompanied by our expert Mountain Guide from K7 Adventures. All your food and guidance is included in the trip investment, you will bring your own gear - gear list will be sent on application. If you don't have gear and don't want to purchase or borrow, we can arrange hire of high quality 4 seasons equipment. 


You need to be in good physical shape to attempt this hike. Last year we had a 60 y/o woman join us and make it up, so it's definitely possible and I'm not here to deny anyone the opportunity - but it will take some work and requires clear commitment.

There will be a heavy training requirement in preparation for this hike. This will involve multiple weekly hikes for a few months, with packs on, to prepare legs and shoulders for the load and incline.

For some, our Spring trip in November will be the next best opportunity to Immerse with us when we take a different route up. 

Thanks for understanding our wishes to ensure the upmost safety and enjoyment for all involved. 


Not much more needs to be said for now. Get in touch to apply. 

These trips sell out quickly, our Autumn trip was live for 2 days. So, to avoid disappointment, reach out now and start the conversation. 

Contact me at 

Until we speak or meet again,

Big love brother! <3

We acknowledge the Ngarigo people and their impeccable custodianship of these pristine lands - including but not limited to the now coined Kosciuszko National Park - forever into the past and future. This acknowledgement extends much further than a note at the bottom of a webpage - our time in the mountains will revolve around our honour and admiration of the Ngarigo People, as well as all Aboriginal People, and what we can learn from their way of life living in communion with the land.

We also acknowledge and pay full respects to the Gayamaygal people, where this event is being organised from, and where I myself work, live and play. Without their undying connection and care for these lands, I would not be fortunate to do what I do here. 

Another step forward, always.


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