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Intermediate Classes - Peer Rope Melbourne

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Embark on the next stage of your Shibari journey with Peer Rope Melbourne and acquire new skills through our Intermediate Shibari Classes.

Designed for those who have already obtained a solid foundation in rope bondage, this series of classes will expand your skills and elevate your proficiency and continued learning.

In each class, we will learn a different tie, focusing on mastering its technique, aesthetics, and emotional connection. From traditional patterns to innovative variations, you will discover the beauty and power that lies within each knot.

These classes will be held fortnightly, providing ample time for you to practice and refine your skills between sessions.

The classes will commence on July 29th and continue every fortnight on Saturday afternoons, from 1PM to 3PM, providing a convenient opportunity for participants near and far to join us.

Sep 9- Three rope TK (part 1)

Sept 23 - Three ropes Tk (part 2)

Oct 7 -  Hishi Chest Harness 

Oct 28 - Fisherman Chest Harness


To ensure a fulfilling learning experience, we recommend that participants possess a good understanding of beginner-level skills, particularly the single and double-column ties. Familiarity with concepts such as tensions, frictions, and proper rope usage will be advantageous. Additionally, proficiency in executing fluid rope movements, or a willingness to develop this skill, is highly encouraged.

Please note that in order to fully engage in the classes, each participant will require a rope model to tie with. This person will be your practice partner throughout the session, allowing you to refine your techniques. If you are unable to bring a model, you are still welcome to attend as an assistant, although your participation in certain portions of the class may be limited.

Also, you will need your own ropes ( at least 4 ropes, each 8 metres long) and safety shears.

The cost for each class is $25 per person or $50 per couple (rigger + rope model).


Q: Who are the Intermediate Shibari Classes suitable for?

A: The Intermediate Shibari Classes are designed for individuals who have already obtained a solid foundation in rope bondage and wish to further develop their skills and techniques.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner/model to attend the classes?

A: Yes, to fully engage in the classes, it is recommended that each participant brings a rope model to tie with. This person will be your practice partner throughout the session. However, if you are unable to bring a model, you can still attend and observe, though your participation in certain portions of the class may be limited.

Q: How can I register for the Intermediate Shibari Classes?

A: You can get your tickets HERE --->>

Limited spots are available, so early registration is recommended to secure your place.

Q: Can I attend individual classes or is it necessary to attend the entire series?

A: While it is recommended to attend the entire series to progress steadily and build upon the knowledge gained, it is possible to attend individual classes if space permits. However, it is important to note that each class focuses on a specific tie, so attending the entire series will provide a more comprehensive learning experience.

Q: Can I take videos or pictures during the class?

A: Yes, you are welcome to take pictures or videos of yourself and your model during the class, provided that both you and your model have given consent. However, please refrain from taking pictures or videos of other participants without their explicit consent.

The door opens at 12.45 pm and the class starts at 1pm sharp and runs for 2 hours.

Peer Rope Melbourne is purely a tuition program dedicated to the beautiful art form of Shibari / Kinbaku, it is not a BDSM group and does not organise play parties.

Please stay at home if you feel unwell.

Elisa is managing PRM at the moment and she is back teaching in 2024

Elisa's bio: Hailing from Rome, Elisa became interested in alternative sexuality early in life. Elisa has been a linchpin of the growing polyamory community from 2012 in Rome before moving to Sydney in 2015.

An experienced kinkster, Elisa has worked as a pro-domme in both her old home and new. Since moving to Sydney, she has opened new avenues into tantra and body awareness practices. She has been involved as a helper and presenter at Xplore Rome, Really Good Sex Festival, Love and Lust Festival, Eros Festival, OZ Kink, Burning Man Community, MindBodySpirit Festival, and more.

Teaching since 2017 in Australia, mainly in Sydney and Melbourne, but also in Newcastle, Canberra and Brisbane, and since 2019 in the US (San Francisco, Las Vegas and Oakland) and Europe (Berlin, Wien, Rome).

She started her journey into the rope scene in 2013, before as a bunny and 3 years later as a rigger. She uses ropes as a form of communication between her and her rope model. She loves sensual and erotic rope play, alternating pleasure and pain during the scene.

She started teaching at Peer Rope Melbourne in April 2021 and will be back in Melbourne soon.

Instagram/facebook page @intimatehorizons



Jess Bio: Jess began exploring Shibari in Brisbane in 2016. She continues to learn the art form while delivering the Shibari Experience for clients. They enjoy the physical exercise aspect that comes with tying different body types and the creativity of pretty patterns on a person's body. Their life journey includes a history of performance arts, embodying spiritual practices and now providing bodywork for clients across Australia.

You may see her performing at Polyfinda Shibari Lounge occasionally. They remain humble to the art and continue to grow and learn from peers and clients respectively.

Instagram @starlove_shibari


If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us through our Facebook page or Instagram Peer Rope Melbourne or contact Elisa at

REFUND POLICY: If you are unable to attend the class for any reason, you have the option to transfer your ticket to another person for the same date. Please contact Elisa here on Facebook or by email ( at least 48 hours before the class, if possible, to request a ticket transfer with the name, email and phone number of the person you wish to transfer the ticket to. Transferring tickets to another event or date is not permitted.

This is a 18+ event.

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