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Intuitive Healing® | 2-day Training in Sydney (AUS)

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Guided & Developed by Marcia Bellö | Additional guidance by Emana Instructors


Intuitive Healing® is a technique for activating and expanding our intuitive, telepathic, and spiritual brain (Omni Brain) fields. By integrating studies and content related to our ancestors (Lemuria, Atlantis, crystals, sacred portals, subtle anatomy, and the Universe), we gain a profound understanding of how our multidimensional system operates and our connection with higher frequencies such as telepathy and body scan. 

Intuitive Healing® was channeled in 2016 by founder Marcia Bellö, and after several studies and applications of energy therapy in attendances and development of the work with masters and teachers, she understood that the time had come to start the Training of this energy in the groups.


The IH® Technique is founded upon a profound understanding of the wisdom passed down from the Lemurian Civilization, which inhabited the Earth thousands of years ago. They were among the pioneers in implementing Cosmic DNA within humanity, embedding one of the earliest platforms of this cosmic blueprint into the human form.

Our studies also delve into the origin of the Universe, and the Sister Constellations, exploring how humanity's timeline intertwines with the cosmos. Moreover, we embark on a journey to reconnect with our original DNA, liberating it from distortions that emerged in the post-Lemurian and post-Atlantean eras.

Our exploration encompasses the power of ancient civilizations and their sacred portals, subtle anatomy, and the fundamental principles of the Multidimensional Universe - frequency, vibration, and energy. We also delve into topics such as telepathic abilities, the pineal gland, and the structure of our galaxy, unraveling the intricate systems of frequencies that shape our existence.

  • Origin of Universal energy and the timeline of planet Earth
  • The civilization of Lemuria and our ancestors
  • Activation of the portals in our body connected with the planetary Crystal Grid
  • Ancestral symbols and activations
  • Hawaiian, Aboriginal & Pleiadian initiation
  • Mantras, prayers and guided meditations | Activation of our light body for Intuitive Healing
  • Lemurian Mandalas and the IH® Soul Star Family
  • The understanding and application of the technique (individual and group sessions)
  • The Telepathic Body & Pineal Gland
  • Application as treatment | Body Scan & Light Codes Activation
  • Reconnection with our original DNA (Lemurian and stellar records)


The IH® Consciousness field enables us to realign with and recall our innate memories and potentials inherited from the wisdom of ancient civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis - our ancestors. This process sheds light on our present journey, facilitating the anchoring of this invaluable knowledge within the context of the New Aquarius Era and the ongoing planetary transition. As we embrace this collective wisdom, we contribute to the creation of a new energetic landscape for Gaia, fostering the evolution of humanity as we embark on a new chapter of our collective journey.

The IH® initiation at the Basic Level empowers you to both apply the technique to yourself and extend its benefits to others through individual sessions. Graduating from other courses is not a prerequisite for undertaking the IH® program.

IH has graduated over 500 students since 2018, between Brazil, USA, and Australia (in-person), and in several countries around the world in the online format. 


The 2-day Training will be dedicated to integration of the tool, enhancing our field and understanding of telepathy, intuition, body reading, and its multidimensional layers, along with all the content that complements the technique of Intuitive Healing. Coupled with healthy meals and a connection with meditative practices, activations, and theoretical classes form the foundations of our studies.

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First Day Schedule:

  • 9:00am to 6:00pm - Introduction & Welcoming Students: this session marks the beginning of our journey together. We'll commence with a warm welcome to all participants, setting the stage for an enriching and transformative experience.
  • Fundamentals of Intuitive Healing: we will delve into the foundational principles of Intuitive Healing, exploring the origins of the universe and the multidimensional consciousness that resides within us. We'll integrate teachings from ancient civilizations such as the Lemurians and Atlanteans, sacred portals, sister constellations, and other topics related to the energy of IH. The day will be filled with meditative practices, activations, and hands-on application of Intuitive Healing techniques.

Second Day Schedule:

  • 9:00am to 4:30pm - Practical Application of Intuitive Healing: on the final day, we will engage in hands-on practice sessions to explore the various ways Intuitive Healing can be applied, including individual sessions, self-application, group settings, and as a guiding force in our lives. This day will also include the initiation of students into Intuitive Healing and the closing ceremony of the retreat. The day will conclude with final meditative practices, activations, and the presentation of certificates to participants.



2-Day Training includes: 

    • Morning and afternoon tea 
    • Certification Level Basic - Intuitive Healing
    • Complementary Training materials (01 Workbook)
    • Silver Intuitive Healing amulet (designed by our collab - learn more here

    Investment | AUD$ 890,00 - (payment plan available here via AfterPay, ZipPay and other platforms) or send us a message for a customised Payment Plan(after your registration, we will send you an email to arrange all the details) | For support - send us a message (


    Do I need to have any previous training/knowledge to participate?

    No. You just need to be open-hearted to take this beautiful course that awaits you! If this is your first time studying any tool of self-knowledge and healing technique, it is important to start at the Basic Level and integrate the whole process so that in the future you will feel able to do the Training. The IH is a consistent and profound tool, where we practice in many proposed exercises the connection with the Universal energy and dynamic meditations to align ourselves with our true essence and soul.

    If you have already taken Intuitive Healing (in person or online), and feel prepared for the Instructor's Course, you will receive the tool in more detail and will be able to understand how you will use the IH as a way to work, making your projects more profitable and complementary in your life. Directions for both levels will be brought along the IH course.

    Where can I find more details about the Training ? 

    We have our website with more information about the Training (here), also we have our Team Support via whatsapp (here) or email us (


    Thank you so much and we appreciate your connection with Intuitive Healing!

    With love,

    Marcia Bellö & Team Emana | Instagram @marciabello__ 

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