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Joshua Tree & Music of the Plants with Chiho

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Event description

Joshua Tree & Chiho Kawaga live on Tamborine Mountain QLD - one of the most bio-diverse regions on the east coast.
We are excited to be coming to the Grand Hall of Mosman Sydney to present a beautiful experience in sound. 
Join us & the Music of the Plants for an early evening sound healing journey together. 

Joshua has been collaborating with music of plant kingdom for many years.  Music of the Plants is a device that gives voice to the plants.He had his first "jam" with a tree in Italian Spiritual community of Damanhur. The inventors of the device.

The lessons learnt of the plant kingdom through music are profound. The brief discussion during this event will give you the insights to develop your own communication techniques and tools to develop deeper connection to these messengers of the earth.

As a multi instrumentalist, Joshua will bring instruments of the globe that gives his sound healing journeys roots to an ancient past. This is music for meditation, relaxation and healing. Think of his music as a living soundtrack for your inner world.  Your journey will include field recordings of his mountain home, one of the most bio diverse regions in Queensland. Expect to be immersed with sounds and frequencies of waterfalls and birdlife layered with for tones and frequencies such as binaural beats  to inspire  non-ordinary states of consciousness. A place where magic can happen.

He has been playing Yidaki (didgeridoo) for over 20 years, and have learnt a lot by sitting alongside Yolngu songmen in the Northern Territory at many events and ceremonies for many years. Inspired by Sufi music, the Tao and Indigenous Australia, be prepared to journey into otherworldly realms 

Chiho Kawaga is a musician and qualified sound healer who translates the energy of the group into an improvised piece suitable for that very moment on the Crystal Armonica and her voice. She uses many other meditative instruments such as Japanese Samadhi bowls and Singing Ring, 432hz Crystal bowls, flutes & drums etc.

She has been leading sound healing and chanting internationally at festivals, wellness retreats and multicultural events.Chiho started classical piano from 4 years old, then later studied ethnomusicology, music education and performance in universities in Japan, Hawaii and Australia. She also learnt sound healing from the most famous international sound healer, Jonathan Goldman in USA and also received Australian government accredited certificate in Sound and Colour healing from Sophia College based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy.

At her sound healing journey, people have experienced unbelievable healing on physical, mental, spiritual levels through automatic movement by the Armonica and her voice.Recently, she was invited to give speech for “The Healing Power Of Music” forum at Queensland Coservatrium at Griffice University as a part of “The Ground Beneath Us” festival. She talked about her experiences as a sound healer and also as a miraculous cancer survivor from palliative care, with Armonica sound. Audience response was amazing and it encouraged her to keep spreading healing journey on the planet.

[ What is Armonica? ]
The Armonica was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761. ( "Glass Harmonica” or "Glass Armonica” in classical music). It is made of series of pure quartz crystal bowls combined as one instruments. (Chiho’s Armonica has 30 crystal bowls.)It was extremely popular and in the symphony orchestra in those days. Composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Donizetti had written many music just for the Armonica. Marie Antoinette also played it and a German Physician Dr. Mesmer used it to relax his patients …the English word ‘mesmerise” came from Dr. Mesmer using the Armonica.Armonica activates our pineal gland and draws the brain wave into Theta - the deepest meditation state before falling asleep. We experience altered state of consciousness when pineal gland is activated and that lead the necessary healing happening.The Crystal Armonica is a very rare and powerful instrument, has controversial and extremely interesting history. There were only 80 in the world when Chiho got her Armonica in 2002. Many Armonicas are just sitting in the museums without actual players.
It will be an extremely rare and precious opportunity for you to experience "mesmerising" healing journey in real life..................................................

*What to bring.*

An open heart and open mind, a blanket and pillow with a yoga matt if you choose to lie down

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