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Kundalini Energy Activation Transmission Bondi

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Kundalini Activation Transmission Experience 💫💫💫🤍👁️〰️

LOCATION: Bondi, Sydney at the Pavilion

DATE AND TIME: Sat 23rd Sep 2023, 3PM to 5PM (2 hours)

Come experience this life-changing energy transmission that is Kundalini Activation. No prior experience of any sort is necessary. This is not Kundalini yoga or Kundalini breathwork. An approach to energy healing that empowers individuals to experience profound transformation

These sessions are life-changing experiences that require you to close your eyes and surrender. You don’t have to do anything, just surrender to the energy


Kundalini Activation Transmission is an energy transmission and non-dual state of consciousness. This is a spiritual and energetic process. What matters is not what happens in a session, but the profound shifts in your life after sessions. The energy burns up the stored blockages within your energy system, it leads you to transcendence and moves you into higher states of consciousness. It’s a path of rebirth, love, and surrender.

This process cannot be condensed or explained in words but has to be experienced. It’s nothing like you’ve ever tried before. This is a powerful transformation that leads to healing on a deep level, an expansion of consciousness, and your energetic system aligning with a new internal state that then shifts your perception of reality

This experience taps you into spiritual growth
It’s not what happens in sessions but what happens after
KA will be a reminder to drop any agenda and how you think you need to heal and what you need - this energy will only give you what you’re ready for also at your level of surrender and yielding

During a Kundalini Activation Session, there are two direct transmissions, a life force energy and nondual states of consciousness. There is a direct energy transmission which is your life force energy waking up through your system. The nondual states of consciousness mean being able to go beyond your physical body and connecting to the divine, God, and connection to the Universe.  Non-duality is feeling the Self, the reality of what we are: a unique manifestation of consciousness. What you do need in a session is to be open to the possibility that there is a higher consciousness that's present within us for us to connect to when we yield and surrender. When we can get out of our own way, you will experience this transformation process. 


In sessions, you lie down and music is played. It is up to you then to surrender. As the facilitator, I will touch or press on some points on your body and at other times I will move my hands around you. That’s all that happens externally. Internally, a wide range of shifts starts to occur as your energy recalibrates to this frequency

Within this transformative energy vortex, you step into the role of your own healer. Your system attunes to the frequency we hold, amplifying your own life force energy, which initiates a process of healing and clearing within your energetic pathways and centres.

In a session you may experience crying, coughing, burping, muscle contractions, trembling, tapping on the body, small or big jerks, graceful movements, or swaying. This is a result of Kundalini being activated and moving through your system

This energy clears away and works through tension, bound-up energy, and whats been stored in the body. When the body has jolting or trembling movements, this is the physical body's way of releasing stagnant and blocked energy and emotions, clearing the channels for the energy to move through until it opens the heart and activates the third eye where we feel a connection to our higher self/God/Universe.

It’s up to you how much you can surrender and yield resistance to this intensified energy.  Everyone has life force energy moving through them but it is important to remember that this energy will meet people where they are at. There can be a few reasons why people are not experiencing the same amount of energy as others. If you have a subtle experience, you may just need some time to allow your energetic system to attune to this frequency, allow energetic blocks to transmute and dissolve and consciously working on being more present during and between sessions.


There’s a shift in consciousness and a shift in your perception of reality. In these sessions, you connect to the presence/God, and from there healing becomes a byproduct of expanded consciousness. 

From there your nervous system comes to regulation and there’s a re-wiring of the brain. We dissolve and clear the density and lower vibrational frequencies in your system causing you to have a fight/flight/freeze/fawn trauma response and putting the body in a tense state which causes illness

With continued exposure, you transmute and alchemize fear-based distortions, energetic blockages, and toxicity.

These sessions become a catalyst moment where we no longer feel disconnected and in a state of overwhelm or fear. This work is a continuous cycle of purification, alchemizing, integration, and exploration.

BONUS - After the session, you will receive a library of integration practices and tools like TAPPING to reduce worry, decrease anxiety, and dissolve negative emotional loops like anger and sadness.


Everyone is welcome! No previous experience is needed. You dont need to have an understanding of energy, just be open to the possibility that there is higher consciousness - Then you will feel it.  No prior experience of any sort is necessary. All you need is an openness to receive and the will to surrender.

Will Kundalini Activation Transmissions do anything for me? 

YES, this will change your life IF you are willing to commit to this transformative process. All you need to do is lie down on your mat, yield and surrender, close your eyes for about an hour, and let the energy guide you.

Through this process, you tap into who you want to be and what you desire while your system gets on board to connect to it vibrationally 
We get clear on where we are today and any distortions or limitations playing out 
We get clear on the life we want to live and we feel the bliss and joy in the transmission to connect to that life that feeling that desire 


✔️yoga mat

✔️ Please wear comfortable clothing,

✔️ You can use an eye mask to help you relax deeper. For the duration of the session, you should keep your eyes closed.

✔️ Extra warm layer for after-session

✔️ Eat lightly if at all before the session. An empty stomach is best, but a light snack such as fruit is fine.


$70 AUD


It's truly beyond anything words can explain - just come and experience it and heal in community 💫🤍


https://kundaliniactivationsyd... is extremely powerful and accessible to everybody. You don’t need any prior experience, only a willingness to surrender and experience you. With this healing, it's you and you and remembrance that you are your own healer.

Kundalini energy will only give you what you need at that time and this is moving past having any agenda or hoping to have physical movements like back-bends and shaking. The energy is intelligent and for you, in a session, it may be first working through mental blocks and for you to have a visual experience. This work is about trusting and getting out of your mind. 


"Appreciation post for @activationby torne - there is no one I'd recommend more highly in Sydney than Torne to guide and support you through this kind of deep & profound spiritual/emotional/energetic work." - MELODY

" I am in shock about how my body feels after this session. It's like my anxiety has just disappeared! It didn't use to be crippling or anything but I was constantly stressed about the next thing I had to do and I could feel my heartbeat in my body now its like my heart has disappeared haha cause I can't feel it thumping in my chest constantly, it's incredible!"

"Life Changing experience. I feel for the first time that ive got me. I feel so much love and bliss " - Vella Rosallini

〰️ Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled.

〰️ Please ensure you reserve your spot -  Booking is necessary as spots are limited

〰️ No late shows as I have to hold the energetic container

Link to purchase ticket - any inquiries or questions please send an email to

Love, Torne xx

** Please book through Acuity instead to book your spot - You will receive a confirmation email on how to prepare for our session together - arrive a few minutes early to get settled.

Stay updated on future events in the WhatsApp Group: cancellation policy applies*

** There will be 12 spaces only

No late shows as I have to hold the energetic container

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