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Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons and New RPGs!

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Interested in learning about Dungeons and Dragons or New Role Playing Games?

Come along to join right in or just watch the games!

If you want to join in as a player please bring snacks and a set of dice, if you have them.

New players welcome! Experienced players welcome!

Enjoy the one shots and try some different roleplaying games.

If you want to run a game please send us a message!

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

At its core D&D is a game of collective storytelling. Played weekly for 4 - 5 hours with just books, dice, paper, pencil and your imagination. You and your new friends tell a story together through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and more!

Try New Role Playing Games!

Covers of Blades in the Dark, ROOT and Vasen

In the past we have run:

Blades in the Dark

It’s the story of a gang on a mission to carve out their own piece of a corrupt city. What makes Blades in the Dark special is, in part, the “engagement roll” for a mission. This is a game mechanic that removes the ho-hum tedium of players getting bogged down in the limitless what-if scenarios with the dice. Instead, the game master asks a few questions and builds a dice pool out of the answers—this lets players back into the action much quicker.

Blades in the Dark Artwork

Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

You and your party play as poor woodland animals (a wolf, a fox, or a cat) seeking to control the forest. There are different factions roaming the woods: Root features a living world where these factions will battle each other whether the players are part of those conflicts or not. Based on the “Powered by the Apocalypse system,” famously used in Dungeon World, Root features animals living in a melancholic world.

Root – The Tabletop RPG Artwork

Vaeson: Nordic Horror Roleplaying

A Nordic-themed game set in the Mythic North where Scandinavian myths become real. While cities do exist in this setting, few dare to enter the mysterious forests. You and your party each make your own character gifted with the “sight:” an ability which allows you to see beyond the limits of the ordinary and then head out to remote villages to uncover the mysteries of the world. You’ll also be able to build your group’s headquarters and hire staff to research in laboratories and libraries.

Vaesen Artwork

And many more! Feel free to request a game!


Are non-students able to come?
Yes, the D&D Club is open to all that seek adventure!

Are under 18's allowed to come?
Yes as long as children are supervised at all times and in accordance with USQ’s Children on Campus Procedure. https://policy.usq.edu.au/documents/13277PL

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Refunds are available up to 1 day prior to the event