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Let Go To Grow Guided Energy Healing, Cosmic Sound Bath & Inner Dance Meditation

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As energetic beings, we form connections to people, places and situations. Attachments if you like. There is a fine line between healthy attachments and non- healthy attachments. The teachings of Buddha direct us to review our attachments - as attachment is the root cause of suffering. From my own experience and that of my clients, attachments and cords make it almost impossible to be objective, to observe rather than react and to apply higher perspective. Furthermore, it is incredibly draining, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually when we are corded to others. Think of it like an open doorway into your energy, that someone can access at their leisure. When we are in corded relationships, YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF ANYTHING, INCLUDING YOURSELF. This is not where you want to be. 

Cutting cords is not the same as “cutting ties” with someone. When we cut cords, we always do it from a space of love for the greatest good of all parties. People come into our lives for a reason, to help us learn and grow but help as I'm sure you are aware, doesn’t always come in the way we would like it, it comes in the way we need it, which can be quite painful. However once we realise what this person or situation is trying to help us learn, we can release this lesson and the person or situation. Quite often, it's not the individual person or situation, it's what it represents. And we should release, for at this point the soul contract binding the two people together is done, we don’t need to continue to learn the same lesson over and over again. Once we release the lesson, we are free to move forward with ease and grace.  We let go in order to grow.

Why do you want to do this:

Someone in your life constantly triggers you

You are struggling to end a relationship even though you know it's toxic and want out

You are struggling to end a situation even though you know it's toxic and want out

You are sick of being hurt by a particular person or situation

You feel drained by a particular person or situation

You seem to call in/attract the same situations or people and its non-serving- it doesn’t make you happy but you feel powerless to change this.

You are not impactful in your own life and prioritise others over your own needs

You can’t stop thinking about a person or situation even when they are out of your life or not in your presence ( keeping you up at night, random thoughts). 

During the meditation, you will be guided to release one person of your choice. This includes cutting of cords, releasing lessons, cancelling any soul contracts, Undoing trauma, drama and karma and calling back your soul pieces and energy.  

Sam Tempest is an Energy Healer and Teacher, Qualified Ascension Reiki master and Master Teacher of Usui Reiki and Seichim. She does Angel Readings is a Psychic, Intuitive Healer and Multi - Dimensional Channel. 

Cosmic Sound Bath & Inner Dance Meditation

This journey is a creation of the senses, for the senses.

Inner Dance is a weave of sensory elements such as sound, touch, smell and movement. 

An inward journey begins as we start with a guided embodiment meditation, sound bath and then a music orientated inner healing. 

Free to express yourself however your body is wanting you to share, that may be with movement, release of emotional feelings through tears, or stillness of the body and a journey through the mind.


These workshops are created so that each individual has a chance to experience connection to their own senses.

The session includes a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath, Embodiment Meditation, Inner Dance Ritual for emotional release inside the body or within the physical body.

Crystal, your host uses a series of tools to guide you to dive fully into the spirit of the body and heart.

The guided auditory elements of modern music, frequencies, voice and crystal 432hz bowls. Therapeutic touch is intuitively used to guide your body to release stuck feelings and bring clarity to the energy channels in your body so that you feel freer and more flexible.

The Resonance of the 432HZ Quartz Bowl meditation is a beautiful way to bypass any fixations in the mind so that we can drop into the body and heart. The bowls are known to assist the body to relax, rest and digest but also connect us as one harmonic unit in the room.

Once we are grounded and alert of the body in the meditation, you will be guided with a musical journey taking you to different emotional states for release, purification and connection to parts of yourself lost or forgotten. Through this process people can feel heavy emotions that need to be released, into light, laughter or tears of relief, joy and pleasure. Please know that  this is a judgement free zone and all experiences are welcome, you do not have to know what to do as this workshop is purely to let your inner self fly.

We come together in this space to

- Connect with your community

- Find time and peace to go within

- Being seen and heard 

- Release dis- harmony and tension from the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body

- Feel refreshed and clear headed with important decisions and general life

- Reflection time to tune into your innermost self 

- Act of Self Love


    • Doors open 5:45pm 
    • Guided Let Go Meditation & Clearing 6:00pm -7:00pm
    • Cosmic Sound Bath & Inner Dance Journey 7:00pm - 8:30pm
    • Closing Connection Time 8:30pm - 9:00pm

    What to expect?

    - Uniquely New Experiences

    - New friendships and connections

    - Closer connection to sense of self & presence

    - Fun, tears and laughter

    - Safety and comfort to share yourself

    - To be touched in a gentle way 

    - Feeling at one with life & clarity on your direction

    What to bring? 

    Wear a colour that you love to connect with

    - Water & anything you need to feel comfortable

    - Warm clothing if you get cold


    ** Please keep in mind this venue is an upstairs space **


    I look forward to connecting with you in this sacred space

    May you be loved & blessed,

    Crystal xx


    Stay connected 




    ** Please keep in mind this venue is an upstairs space

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