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"From Human-doing to Human BE-ing" - A Transformational Breathwork Journey

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Are you someone who gets stuck in the "doing"? Rarely having time to slow down, have a bath, take a nap, rest or even play/do the things that light you up!??

Perhaps there's a feeling of guilt or fear that arises when doing these things because you feel like there's just so much that you need to do, because "insert mental story here".

"I need to make money".

"It'll never get done, and I'm the only one who does it".

"If I'm not doing anything what will people think".

"I'm lazy if I rest".

"I need people to see that I'm good enough"

.Guilt is such a heavy emotion & oftentimes when we experience it, it's a tell-tale sign that we're running from an old "dysfunctional" program. It's a "condition" we took on in childhood to get our dependency needs met or we witnessed from our own parents "roles". We can feel it when we put our needs first over others or for saying "no" and setting boundaries.

Our guilt can fuel us into becoming a human "doing" over a human "being" for many reasons, but the main few I've witnessed & observed in my clients (and myself) are: The fear of being abandoned, rejected, ridiculed and especially the "not-good-enough" wound.

So are you ready to let go of the guilt or fear that isn't yours to carry anymore? To begin to feel lighter, freer & even guilt-free to have a lovely afternoon nap or take some designated time out of your day to do absolutely nothing!?

Join me for the upcoming Breathwork Event next month in April!

And if guilt or fear hasn't been challenging you lately, that's ok! Come along anyway and experience a deep transformational shift, and let your body do the rest 


Benefits & Common Experiences:

 ✨New insights, ah'hahs, reframing of old beliefs, and
ideas/mental constructs

✨ Feeling more alive

✨ Exploration around the importance of addressing subconscious patterns

✨ Attaining new direction & clarity

✨ Feeling more peaceful, calm & centered.

✨ Achieving altered states of consciousness

✨ Feeling more positive & excited about life

✨ Free from old traumas, broken relationships & deep feelings of fear and sadness. . .

And these are just to name a few 😉

So in short, what is a Transformational Breathwork?"

Transformational breathwork is a conscious connected breathing practice that helps to gain access to the subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and traumas, & helps to rewire the brain".

Yes, this might sound terrifying (or even exciting) - but the true reality is we have all repressed or suppressed our emotions at some point or other in our lives.

Take a moment now to think about that. A time when you felt scared, but was told to be brave and shove that feeling down - or here's a good one - "don't cry be a good little boy/girl". Every time we bury down an emotion, guess where it gets stored? Our body. It's through restricting our breathing patterns that we repress these painful experiences, feelings, emotions & thought patterns. Then those experiences get locked in our bodies where they continue to influence us, without us being aware of it.

So imagine, just for a moment.. being free from the monkey mind, that "toxic roommate" inside your head, the inner critic - or perhaps that deep feeling of pain or loneliness - grief that always finds itself back around.... take your time, take a breath - imagine what that would be like free from it?

If this sounds good to you. . . I'd love for you to join me so we can begin to cultivate some ease, some peace & perhaps even more joy & lightness instead.

For inquiries please contact me on:
WhatsApp: 0412669336
Or talk to Jay at Pure Body co.

$70 - EARLY BIRD PRICING - ENDS 17/03/24
Full Price - $75 (inc. booking fee)

I'm really looking forward to guiding you through this amazing experience!

Warmest Regards-Leo

Certified Transformational Breathwork Facilitator© & ATTM© Practitioner

Hear what others have to say:

"Leo takes you on a journey that is quite unique, enchanting, cleansing and transformational. It is thought-provoking, inspiring and beautiful, and makes you feel refreshed, renewed and ready to take on new challenges. I felt like I closed doors in my life that didn’t need to be open anymore and that a blank canvas was created for new opportunities and adventures. I am very grateful for the experience and have recommended Leo to others already in the knowledge that she has a capacity to help others in many different ways. She is a super special human being doing wonderful things in this world!"

- Jacqui S, NSW

"Leo is fantastic at guiding people through this breathwork. She has so much patience, understanding and knowledge. This breathwork is like no other that I have undertaken. Leo takes the time to explain what will happen in each step of the process. She has a gentle calm nature and voice which is easy to trust. She has the ability to make people feel seen and accepted which makes trusting the process so easy. This breathwork has allowed for me to shed so many old beliefs, regain my power and allow me to move forward in multiple aspects of my life Highly recommend!"

- Laura , QLD

"I have been on many spiritual journeys. This was undoubtedly the finest and most fulfilling. Leo is a very gifted teacher and a very caring soul. I was totally at ease with her methods and trusted her completely. Developing this level of connection and trust in a relatively short time is a true gift."

- Steve, NSW

"Your intuition on what music to pick was pretty awesome. It immediately tapped me into being faced with some of the heaviness that was sitting on my soul. Three specific songs are special to me for various reasons, and the fact that they ended up on the playlist in the time they did was pretty special.I felt so safe and allowed to show up authentically. The blocks and anxiety I felt before the actual appointment were pretty quickly dispersed once you got into explaining not only the journey, but your personal experience as well… Especially the t-rex arms!In general I was pretty blown away at how quickly my body and mind moved into the flow of the journey. I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen during the session, but it blew my mind how calm and quiet my mind and body/soul felt the following days. It unlocked parts of my past I hadn’t really felt I had access to previously, releasing some of that stored trauma and hurt out of my body so that I could take it out and look at it. Really grateful for you and the space you created for me Leo 


"- Abby, Canada 

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