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    STEM Human Body Workshop, Summer Hill, NSW

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    We may look quite different on the outside, but underneath our skin, our organs, muscles and bones are working in very similar ways. In this hands on, interactive workshop, you will learn to see the human body through the eyes of a child by investigating your sense of smell, breath, and many other exciting functions of the human body. 

    The human body provides a captivating topic through which to explore the pedagogical subject of scientific models in early childhood. By attending this workshop, you will learn about the benefits of using and making scientific models in an early childhood setting and understand why and how to evaluate models with children.  

    By the end of this workshop, you will know how to support children with their questions about the human body and feel confident about playfully including scientific models into your practice. 

    STEM topic: Human Body 

    In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to create rich STEM learning experiences in your service through the exciting topic of the human body and use it as a topic through which to teach the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. Activities may include: 

    • Investigate what is inside our bodies and create your own personal body map. 
    • Build a functional model showing how lungs expand and collapse with each breath. 
    • Examine the function of skeletons, bones, and vertebrae and the skeletal muscle holding everything together. 
    • Compare and analyse fingerprints and see how unique they really are.  
    • Create a conceptual model of the digestive system. 
    • Analyse the features of the human body and how we are all different yet the same. 
    • Compare your breath when singing and see how long you can hold a tone. 
    • Explore your sense of taste and discover the individual areas in your mouth specific to each taste (e.g. bitter, salty, and sweet).
    Pedagogical topic: Scientific models in early childhood 

    This hands-on workshop will help you build a practical portfolio of age-appropriate experiences involving the human body and scientific models. You will gain the ability to: 

    • Use different types of scientific models effectively in an early childhood setting. 
    • Understand why and how to evaluate models with children in age-appropriate ways. 
    • Know how to support children with their questions about the human body. 
    • Learn how to scaffold children’s interest in anatomy and their perception of identity. 
    • Be aware of the characteristics and purpose of structural models and functional models. 
    • Compare how inspirational materials can give rise to a diverse array of interpretations. 
    • Learn how to critically review models and designate their appropriate usage in their specific setting. 
    STEM Learning Outcomes 

    This STEM workshop will provide you with the following learning outcomes through the specific lens of acoustics:  

    • Understand the important role of inquiry-based learning and co-construction in early education.  
    • Uncover how early education can foster children’s metacognitive development.  
    • Learn how communication, reflection, and questioning can enhance children’s ability to think about their own learning.  
    • Exchange ideas and experiences with other like-minded educators and reflect on your current practice.  
    • Receive comprehensive topic-specific materials with educational STEM ideas and information about inquiry-based practices.  
    • The confidence to tap into, guide, and focus children’s natural interests and abilities.  
    • The confidence to pass on your new knowledge and skills to your colleagues and to become a STEM champion in your service. 
    Practical info about this workshop:  

    WHO: This workshop is suitable for all educators and teachers — no prior STEM knowledge required.  

    COST: $215 per participant. Ticket includes morning tea. 

    FACILITATOR: Hayley Bates, Little Scientists Trainer.

    BRING: Please bring something to write notes with and wear comfortable clothing suitable for hands-on activities and experiments.  

    TRANSPORT: Please research your parking and public transport options ahead of time. 

    GOOD TO KNOW: This workshop provides you with a variety of tools and educational concepts to meet a range of requirements of the NQF and EYLF. 

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