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Livecode at dadaLab

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Livecode at Dadalab

We are sorry to announce that due to unforeseen and extremely unfortunate circumstances the IRL aspect of this event has been canceled. However, because we have such an extraordinary lineup of artists, we will be holding a special LIVESTREAM of their performances live from dadaLab. You can access the live stream below: 

March 10 2024 dadaLab - 2008 Alexander Ave.
Doors at 7:00, Performances start at 7:30 sharp

A night of audiovisual performances with live-coding, real time visuals, and algorithmic art. Bringing together artists from New York and San Francisco, this event is modeled in the algorave format where artists display code and processes used to make their work and edit it live as performance. Expect to see highly customized systems on display: from hand-coded live generative art tools and open source audiovisual frameworks to high-end computer graphics simulations and hand-crafted analog circuity.

Interested in making music with code? Join our workshop at 3pm before the show to learn how!



v10101a (Viola He) is a Shanghai-born, NYC-based musician, performer, and multimedia artist. They work with DIY electronics, computer programming, movements, and various time-based media, exploring new sonic and visual aesthetics across digital and physical mediums (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) ✧

Viola is an organizing artist of New York's local collective Livecode.NYC. Known for their energetic stage presence, and a unique blend of synth pop sounds, breakbeats, and algorithmically manipulated samples performed live with real-time programming, they have brought their genre-bending shows across different scenes in and out of the US, creating and sharing dynamic, futuristic audio-visual experiences inspired by global underground influences. (Don Hanson) is an audiovisual performer and multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. Performing with a custom generative art system that doubles as a live AV performance tool his work has been shown at mainstream and underground venues around the world. He codes websites as artworks and software as creative tools, and founded the virtual art space New Art City.

R Tyler

R Tyler is a San Francisco-based algorave performer, electronic music producer, and visual artist. In 2023 he was invited to perform algorithmic dance music at SXSW, Stanford CCRMA, Spectra Studio Los Angeles, Indexical Santa Cruz, Gray Area Festival SF, and bi-coastal audiovisual events with Livecode.NYC, AV Club SF, and Club Code.

His recurring musical interests include danceable live-coding, machine learning for sound design, odd time signatures, microtonal harmonies, and jazz keyboard solos translated into code. He has started composing music from English text prompts with a custom linguistic mapping written in Python, converting vowels into synthesizer notes and consonants into synthetic drum sounds.


Roxanne Harris is an artist, educator, curator, and practitioner based in New York City. She holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Music from Yale University, where she specialized in creative embedded systems and human-computer interaction, exploring programming as a medium for artistic expression. As an active member of Livecode.NYC, she organizes shows, facilitates workshops, and performs live-coded audiovisual works using Sonic Pi and Max/MSP/Jitter as performance tools. By embracing programming as a means of artistic expression, she finds new ways to engage with the world, deconstructing and reconstructing existing structures as she goes.

Char Stiles

Char Stiles is a computational artist, educator and programmer based in Brooklyn, NY. She works creatively in the lower levels of graphical computational systems & makes jokes about how computers work. She is currently at the MIT Media Lab’s Future Sketches group. She is a part of the collective & she co-founded Hex House, an artist studio and event space in East Williamsburg. She has performed internationally, including festivals such as Electric Forest, and Mutek Nexus. She has lectured and led workshops at Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, University of Limerick, MIT and NYU.

Idea Unsound

Idea Unsound is a left-field electronic music producer, DJ, algorithmic dance (“algorave”) musician, and professor of music technology that uses code and technology as an instrument to create explosive, thought-provoking electronic dance & concept music. His craft is strongly influenced by his classical training, his love for science and technology, and his roots in dance music. His sound has been described by others as ‘jazz-inspired electronic music with a futuristic twist’.

Part of Idea Unsound’s success stems from his uncanny technical prowess and knowledge of modern production tools. He approaches musical concepts from the mindset of an artist and an engineer, being able to both conceptualize great sounds and then shape them sonically into the mix. Currently, Idea Unsound performs with the bay-area artist collective AV Club, a group of like-minded musicians and technologists that create music and visuals in real-time with code at events called 'Algoraves'. Idea Unsound has several short albums and singles available on all streaming platforms, including an instrumental album titled Black Cell addressing police brutality in America.

The Poet Engineer

The Poet Engineer (Kat Zhang, IG is a Brooklyn-based media artist, engineer, and researcher interested in living and simulated systems and computational cognition. She uses code and algorithms to create multi-sensory works that investigate how computation can reveal the unconscious and poetic aspects of the human and machine psyche.


Sean Russell Hallowell (isorhythmics) is a composer and video artist from San Francisco. His time-based art synthesizes experimental techniques developed from hand-built circuitry with a cosmological perspective on music’s origins in number and time. Concert works and installations of his have been showcased at festivals and galleries across the US as well as in Mexico, Chile, South Korea, the UK, Belgium, Croatia, and Iceland.

Dan Gorelick

Dan Gorelick is a musician, creative technologist, and organizer who is based in Brooklyn and has a presence in the Bay Area and Berlin. Dan creates live audiovisual performances, blending his classical cello experience with the practice of live-coding: creating music with code. He explores what is uniquely possible when combining the acoustic and electronic practices to create live expressive and improvisational works.

He values growing with community and is a co-founder of the Bay Area live audio-visual collective, AV Club. He is also an organizer and member of the LivecodeNYC and TopLap Berlin collectives. He also teaches workshops about live-coding and speaks about the creative possibilities of the practice.\


haute.rod is an algorave visualist based in SF, focused on live creation of complex scenes featuring organic forms and layered feedback that are even pleasant to look at sometimes.

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