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    Manly Expansion Dance

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    Inspire flow, harmonise your heart and expand your mind in a fusion of dance, sound and visualisation at Manly Expansion Dance!

    Join us for some groovy beats that'll move you deep into the dance. The intention is to grow whatever you'd love to expand in your life.

    Arrive and warm up on the dance floor with stretching and movement to the music. Once everyone has landed in the space, we'll open with a welcoming, Didjeridoo by Vai and drop into a visualisation with Kev to expand what our hearts know is possible. Then, we boogie!

    It's not about trying to look good on the dance floor. It's about feeling what's true and alive in the body and moving with that, however that may look! Feel welcomed in a safe and judge free environment while DJ Adriano takes us on an ecstatic musical journey with drumming by Wyld Sunshine in magic moments throughout.

    Get ready to enter a potent portal that will allow space for whatever wants to be expressed, little or large. After the dance, we will marinade in a sound bath led by Mia Burlinson to let all the juiciness sink into our cells.

    Whether it's your 1st or 1000th ecstatic dance experience, all are welcome! Doors lock at 7:45pm. Wear clothes you can move freely in and bring a water bottle and your intentions. That's all you need :) 

    About the Experience

    Guided Visualisation: Awareness and Inspiration

    Attune to our inner worlds with a guided visualisation, led by Kev.

    The intention is to centre, cultivate presence and connect with what our hearts would love to expand. We'll breathe together, envisage our intentions and expand them with the sounds of a RAV Vast drum and vocals.

    Ecstatic Dance: Freedom in Movement

    Embark on an Ecstatic Dance journey, led by DJ Adriano and drumming by Wyld Sunshine in magic moments throughout.

    A liberating and expressive dance form that encourages free-form movement without words on the dance floor in a judgment-free space.

    Immerse yourself in tribal beats, drumming, ancient sounds, melodies and music that invites your body to move in ways that feel deep, natural, expansive and joyful.

    Sound Bath: Vibrations of Expansion and Integration

    Experience the soothing embrace of a Sound Bath, led by Mia Burlinson.

    A sacred practise using instruments such as crystal singing bowls, handpan, guitar, medicine drum and chimes accompanied with voice to produce harmonious sounds and frequencies. 

    These vibrations resonate within, allowing a state of balance and peace. Experience deep relaxation and rest after an expansive dance, offering a sanctuary of sound that nurtures the soul.

    About the Facilitators:

    Kevin Adams

    After significant life challenges, Kev decided to experience a 10 day silent meditation retreat in 2014 which opened him up to the power of the heart and mind. Meditation and Ecstatic Dance became pivotal practises to help Kev navigate through difficult mental, relationship and career struggles. Choosing to say goodbye to work that no longer served him and using the power of visualisation and aligned action, he attracted an opportunity where he helps yoga and wellbeing based studios grow. Kev also facilitates visualisation meditations for individuals and groups to expand awareness and empowerment. IG @kevinadams09

    Vai Ganesh

    Sound Healer and Musician, Vai has spent the past five years mastering the didgeridoo, learning from elders across Australia. His music is deeply intertwined with spirituality, connecting sound with the essence of the land. As a versatile sound healer, Vai uses various instruments to create immersive soundscapes that guide participants into deeper consciousness. His sessions, blending traditional and contemporary practices, facilitate internal healing and personal growth. Specialising in breathwork, meditation, and ecstatic dance events, Vai's unique approach offers a sacred space for exploring inner landscapes and achieving spiritual awakening. Through his transformative sound journeys, Vai helps individuals find peace and wholeness.

    Adriano Barcellos

    Adriano is the Co-founder / Co-creator of Embodied Experiences. He's a creative being who loves to co-create meaningful experiences and collaborate with like-minded people; He is a Master Nlp Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, DJ, Event Promoter/Producer, Experience Designer, Digital Marketer and passionate about arts in general and healing modalities. He has been focused on creating experiences that combine wellness and spirituality with arts, music and entertainment. IG @adrianoobarcellos

    Wyld Sunshine

    Meet "Wyld Sunshine": A vibrant drumming duo infusing sunshine into every beat. With their pulsating rhythms and infectious energy, they transport audiences on a rhythmic journey. Collaborating and intertwining with the melodic tunes of the DJ, their performances make space for their audience to flow in creativity, connection and dance. Get ready to bask in the energy of Wyld Sunshine! IG @the.wanderlustclub

    Mia Burlinson

    Mia is a creative and talented singer-songwriter who has been singing and playing music all her life. She specialises in the art of sound healing where she uses various percussive and melodic instruments to guide her clients on a sound journey to raise their vibration and promote energetic clearing and healing of the chakra energy centres of the body. Mia plays a number of instruments including 7 crystal bowls tuned in 432hz to the chakras, a beautiful handpan, guitar, medicine drum, percussive instruments and her main instrument, her voice, throughout the sound journey. IG @miaburlinson


    The space is a large open hall with plenty of room to freely move. Located at Manly Senior Centre, right near Harris Farm in Manly. Parking is easy, you can get a spot in the car park next to the centre, or if that's full, there's another car park 1 min walk away. Just Google map "Keirle Park" and it will take you there. There's also street parking. 


    The occasional photo / short video may be captured in moments to help inspire the community to expand with us. By attending this event, you accept that content of you may be shared online.  

    We can't wait to share this expansive experience with you!

    Big Love

    Kev and Adriano

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