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Mantra Music & Meditation Circle

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Join me for an evening of a magical blend of Sanskrit soulful mantras and medicine songs for the Soul. 

What is Chanting Mantra all about?

Every culture and spiritual pathway or religious tradition has some form of chanting or singing. You will find chant traditions span centuries and are steeped in rituals and sacred ceremonies throughout Native Americans, Hindus, Buddhists, Australian Aboriginals, New Zealand Maori, and Africans. 

They may come in the form of a mantra, psalm, or prayer, or other method of praise and devotion, or resonance to the spiritual world, nature, or ultimately the eternal source of life. 

Sound comes in many forms, some irritating and annoying, others deeply satisfying and pleasant. Sound affects our thoughts, our feelings, and how we experience the world.  Sound can change our entire life's course in an instant. Harsh words from a loved one, words of encouragement, water trickling from a stream. 

Whether we are sad, angry, or feel the need to hide behind walls we have built around our hearts, we can experience the vibration of love and connection to the divine or source, through the sound of mantras being chanted. 

Dr. Emoto has done studies on water molecules and their changes when playing different music. The mantras, or names of the divine have a frequency or quality that resonates within our physical and subtle bodies and our hearts, which invokes from within us, the qualities, attributes, and vibrations of oneness that resides within each of us.

The mantras increase the internal vibrational frequency of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This increase will start to shift our external environment and uplift the atmosphere around us. The vibration of the sound waves spread throughout and into other people, animals, nature, plants, and even insects can feel this vibration.  

As we learn to let go of the lower frequencies and embrace the energy that comes from each mantra, we start to feel a deeper connection to the source and this in turn raises the vibration of the earth. 

Chanting mantra is a form of meditation, experienced uniquely by each individual. It is simple, yet profound and can penetrate through the veils of the mind to the ecstasy and bliss of true divine nature. 

Singing mantras can almost effortlessly immerse us in the ocean of love that is our inherent divinity. 

It cannot be perceived or even imagined in the mind, it has to be experienced to be believed. 

The energy of this group work nourishes our whole being and you will walk away feeling a deep connection, with a taste of bliss that will last for days.

My connection to Sanskrit started 25 years ago and the deep connection to the divine was felt the minute I heard it. 

Blessings V-Ness 💞

What to expect:

🪷 The evening will start with some gentle breathing techniques to release any stress and help connect and bring coherence to the mind and heart. 

🪷 I will then lead you through a series of medicine songs for the soul. Some of these are Sanskrit, some Spanish, Indigenous Andean, and English.

🪷 Followed by a guided meditation to nourish the soul.

🪷 Finish off with Tibetan singing bowls to ground the sounds and frequencies into the body. 

What to bring:

🕉️ Bolsters and mats are provided for comfortable sitting on the floor. Yoga chairs are available if you need a chair, 

🕉️ Bring water to hydrate the throat. 

🕉️ Wear comfy clothes as you will be sitting for the duration of the circle. 

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email me at

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