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Meditation & Coherence Ceremony

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Topic: Empowering the Power Within

Within each of us lies a place of infinite peace, joy, grace, vitality, clarity, resilience & unconditional love - but how can we tap in and attune ourselves deeper with this infinite reservoir - this frequency field of intelligence and coherence ? So that we may respond to the world from this empowered and aligned place of love, trust, clarity & higher guidance? And maintain this resilient and unlimited state of being in our everyday life.

To surrender our tendency’s and patterns to react to our outer world in fear, doubt, stress & contraction. To allow our bodies the chance to move out of our sympathetic nervous system- our fight and flight state. In which our bodies are in a state of incoherence, our hearts are closed and we are unable to enter the restorative field of rest, healing & peace.

The answer lies in our ability to empower the power within. To learn and strengthen our ability to self regulate so that no matter what is happening in the world around us we can stay attuned & coherent to our inner power, intelligence and divine nature.

As science continues to reveal our inner world of how we think and how we feel- our emotions, thoughts  & beliefs have an enormous impact on our body , health and lives.

One of the greatest powers we hold as of the antidote to the epidemic of stress and unease lies in our ability to regulate our internal states independent of our environment. 

In this ceremony you will be educated upon just how signifiant your inner world of emotions, thoughts & beliefs impact your health and how you can not only manage them but empower them so you can begin to instruct and recalibrate to more order and coherence within you. A new state of being that truly empowers your health, self belief, life and therefore the world at large. 

Empowering you to respond your inner and outer worlds from a coherent empowering place of love, resilience and clarity vs. taxing your energy and vitality through automatic fear and stress responses.

Through guided mediation & 7 crystal alchemy singing bowls we will be entering into the autonomic nervous system & subconscious mind where up to 90% of our automatic set of behaviours thoughts and programs reside so we can begin programming and empowering a new set of thoughts, emotions,  behaviours that are in alignment with the highest and most vital version of yourself. Creating and programming  a new software system so that you may reconnect to your true source of power & live from your true state of empowerment - open to life and the infinite possibilities that await you. Where you are the creator of your life and are able to respond and lead your life from an empowered state of inner strength, love & trust.

Will You Be the Creator or the Victim of Your Reality? The Choice is Always Yours.

- Dr. Joe Dispenza 

‘When it comes down to it, there are two ways to approach our lives: either as the victims to our lives, or the creators of our lives. To live as the victim is to live within the limited belief system that everything in our outer world is happening to us. If your energy is invested in this reality, you freely give away your power to someone or something outside of you; therefore, you allow that external condition to control how you think and feel. Simply put, when things are good, you feel good. When things are bad, you feel bad. That’s the polarized world of victim consciousness in a nutshell.

Creative consciousness, on the other hand, is the awareness that, when you feel joy, love, or gratitude before your creation is made manifest—and you combine that energy of joy, love, or gratitude with the intent of new information—it is that elevated frequency that can carry that thought. Just like a WiFi signal and router work in tandem, so too do your thoughts (thoughts send the signal out) and elevated emotions (emotions draw the event in), allowing you to create a future from wholeness, instead of from separation or duality. The mechanism, catalyst, and intersection of the intent of your creation that was generated from your internal world, and the manifestation of that intent in the external world, is created via a coherent heart and brain.

When you start to witness events in your external life that came out of your internal world of thoughts and feelings, you begin to move outside of duality and polarity into wholeness and Oneness. Why? Because now you have evidence that the thought or emotion produced the effect in your outer world. This is the beginning of moving out of the victim consciousness into the creator consciousness. Instead of waiting for some light to shine on you and/or heal you, you choose to be the progenitor of your own inner light, healing, and personal reality.

When we begin to awaken to the creative powers that exist in raising our energy, then we can master, elevate, or transmute those emotions towards higher energies, which will take us to new adventures.

When we master our emotions, we master our creations’

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