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'Mediumship at the Mill'

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What is Mediumship? 
Mediumship is a spiritual practice that creates a channel of communication between the living and spirits. Practitioners known as Mediums, invest time & energy enhancing their intuition to connect with the spirit world. 

Take a journey with Mira & Rhiannon Fae, as they use their unique abilities to connect participants with loved ones crossed, and relay spiritual messages from your guardian angels & spirit guides. At the end of the show, time will be provided for any questions you may have regarding Mediumship & Spirituality.

Date: Sunday July 16th, 2023
Event timing: 1:30am to 3:30pm
Location: Flour Shed/Hart's Mill
Address: 9A Mundy Street Port Adelaide
Cost: $40 + booking fee. No cash at door
Please note that tickets must be purchased in advance to reserve a spot due to limited seating.

This 2-hour event will run alongside the Queen of Wands Psychic Fair, which boasts FREE market entry and over 70 stalls! Live Music! An 'Emporium of The Strange' and a ticketed workshop 'Tarot Made Simple'. 


Rhiannon Fae from 'Soul & Song Alchemy'

"Hello Beautiful Souls, I'm Rhiannon, I am a psychic/evidential medium, holistic health practitioner channeled artist, mother, willing student of the universe and air-fryer enthusiast.

As a child I was immediately in-tune with nature, I believed in all magic- the seen and unseen. Through-out the years and the throes of life the magic began to dissipate and shift. I also learned the true meaning of the word "boundaries" and what it was to live my life as an empath without realising I was one. Add multiple relationships, friendships and two beautiful children to the mix, my life was starting to look and feel very different.

In 2018 was my "Tower moment" when a dearly beloved family member tragically passed away. My gifts were kicked into hyper-drive, the pieces began to come together it became very apparent that all was not as it seemed however, with that a silver stream of magic returned to my life. I'd connect and feel energy, I'd "just know" things all of a sudden and I'd began to see short little movie clips in my head. I knew this was something that was going to change my life forever and everything in life just started to flow. I found my love of meditating, reading and healing others. I found my teachers and became dedicated to learning the basics of energetic self-care, how to navigate my mediumship, psychic abilities and also added a few holistic healing modalities to my belt.

Mediumship is something I'm passionate about, I love being a conduit for spirit. It's a truly beautiful moment to witness and feel true awe in people's eyes and feel the hope in their hearts when they realise there is a world outside of what they know and they can reconnect with people they thought were lost to them.

These moments, delivering messages that have a potential to heal and nourish the soul is why I do what I do. I've also been blessed with the ability to channel draw and convert some of these spiritual messages into art and provide this style of read for many people in marketplaces in the Adelaide community and overseas.

I am very grateful I get to hold space and connect with so many beautiful souls in this industry, especially with my beautiful friend Mira. Come along as we travel through this time together, bringing through messages from loved ones, sharing stories, tears and laughter with just a sprinkle of art.

Mira from 'Healorama' 

“As a young child, I knew I had a range of clair senses. I could feel, see, hear and know. I always knew when my sister had been in my room, whether I was home or not. I would know, even if I wasn’t conscious of it, the words would come out of my mouth.

I could see and sense spirits around me. Had premonitions, which turned into dejavu moments. Put my hands on people and alleviate them of tension and pain or guided them to the crux of that pain.

Over the years, my abilities have evolved into sharing guidance with people far and wide, whether they’re messages from loved ones that have passed over, by working with my spirit team or by using tools such as cards. I don’t need to see people to be able to feel, see, hear and know what messages to convey.

I am a Psychic Medium Healer, what I’m guided to tell you, will be delivered with grace, ease and sensitivity.

For legal reasons we must inform you that this demonstration is for entertainment purposes only and is at no time a substitution for professional services. Should you receive a reading, Mira and Rhiannon assume no responsibility for what you chose to do with the information provided, as the information is subject to personal interpretation. At no point should the information provided be a substitution for medical, financial, legal, or psychological services.

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