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MELBOURNE | Ritual Rope w/ Sai Jaiden Lillith & Eve X

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Event description

Jute forming a circle…

Coil by coil incanting verses on flesh…

Sigils drawn on skin…

Shibari lends itself deeply to the ritualistic - binding, patterns, a slow gradual building of forms and dropping those bound into deep meditative spaces; sadistic rope for catharsis, and more.

Eve X and Sai Lillith are practitioners who embrace these concepts in their private and professional lives, using Shibari and rope bondage for more than just entrapment and exposure. As Infernal Desire Machine, their live rituals captivate and immerse those who Witness, drawing them into the spell.

But what makes up the components of these rituals? And what lies behind the use of rope as a tool?

Join them in this workshop to be able to apply the same concepts that they practice to your own intentional spaces.


Partner: Rope Rituals can be experienced as a solo or partnered practitioner

Equipment: at least 1 rope. Limited supply of class rope in various textiles will be provided

Experience level: none required


WHEN? 2-5pm, Sunday 28th July - Ticket sales close on Saturday 27th July at 7pm.

WHERE? VICTORIA / Private Preston venue close to PT, exact address provided to ticket holders the day before the event with details of parking and transport.


We have added a a pay-what-you-can/want ticket - to help support the community and those who may not be able to afford the full price ticket of $80, this is an option where you can pay what you can. There is no upper limit on this ticket, so if you feel like subsidising those who purchase 'lower priced tickets, or giving a little extra to the facilitator to support us, this is your option!

We believe in both accessibility for the community, as well as making sure our facilitators are paid appropriately for their erotic / intellectual labours, so this is our solution to hold space for both with a minimum of fuss!

Enjoy this social experiment, and we'd love your feedback.


There is one step up to get to the workshop space, clear path all the way!

Please enquire to if you have any more accessibility questions.


Please email for access to community tickets.

5% of ticket sales are donated to charitable organisations. We are currently contributing to Medecins Sans Frontiers and Children’s Ground.


Sai Jaiden Lillith is a Melbourne based gender fluid prodom/me, escort, activist, educator, creator of visual erotica, artist and Shibari addict. Known for their gorgeous and creative rope work and performances, love of exploring taboo and transgression, Sai has taught workshops at Sexpo, OzKinkFest, sex worker groups and trained numerous private students.

Twitter - @jaidenlillith // Instagram - @saijaidenlillithart / @saijaidenlillith // Facebook - Sai Jaiden Lillith // Official Website -

Eve X is the founder of Sacred Primal Arts, The The Australian School of Sexuality and Tantric Kink Australia (forthcoming). She first entered the sexuality industry almost twenty five years ago; since then she has worked in various aspects of the field. Eve is best known for her provocative and profound erotic performance art with Sai Jaiden Lillith; they have been appearing regularly on stages in Melbourne and Sydney since 2019 as Infernal Desire Machine. Eve has held over 60 sexuality education spaces since 2019. She is a regular educational presenter with OzKinkFest and Sexpo / LoveX, and co-owner of Alter Space.

Eve's work is deeply embodied; informed by queerness, neurodivergence and chronic illness.
It is also deeply transpersonal; weaving politics, ecology and spirituality into the story of the body.

Twitter - @theevex // Instagram - @the_eve_x // Official Website -

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