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Men of the Mountain Weekly Men's Circle

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Men of the Mountain - Connect, Thrive, Transform

About Us

Welcome to Men of the Mountain, a community dedicated to providing spaces for men to deeply connect, be supported and called forward into their potential. Nestled in Mt Tamborine, our values revolve around fostering profound connections, supporting our community, and empowering men to build relationships that enrich their lives.

Men's Circle: Tamborine Mountain

📅 Date & Time: Weekly Tuesday 6pm  

📍 Location: The Knoll Studio

This Men's Circle is the first of its kind here on Tamborine. The intention of this space is to bring men together where they can feel supported, acknowledged and received. 

A common thing many men experience (and something I've experienced deeply myself) is the feeling of needing to do it all themselves. This can make it feel like the weight of the world is on one's shoulders. Instead, we want to change that. To realise we can go further when we have other men around us, that is safe to express our struggles and hardships and its ok to be celebrated by other men.

As part of this we will be inviting each man to be a cocreator of this space and be allowed to help shape and bring this community to life. This community will continue to grow and be shaped by the men that come. 

This men's circle will focus on:

  • Check-Ins: Share your journey and experiences with a supportive community.
  • Accountability: Set and review personal goals, holding each other accountable for growth.
  • Creating Space of Openness: Foster an atmosphere of openness and vulnerability, allowing for genuine connections.
  • Learn and gain new levels of awareness: Learn from other men to help you improve relationships, connections and create new opportunities 

Why Join Men of the Mountain?

🏞️ Genuine Connections: Immerse yourself in a community that prioritizes authentic relationships, offering a space for you to connect deeply with others.

🤝 Supportive Community: Be supported by like-minded men on your journey, providing encouragement, understanding, and a helping hand when needed.

💬 Heartfelt Sharing: Engage in a space where you can openly share your thoughts, experiences, and challenges, fostering a sense of vulnerability and mutual understanding.

🌐 Reconnect with Community: Rediscover the power of community and connection, bringing a sense of belonging and shared growth into your life.

    Your Role in Mountain Brotherhood

    To keep the Men of the Mountain community thriving and unlock the full potential of our brotherhood, we encourage you to simply join us. Be part of:

    1. Space for Authentic Connections: Help us maintain a space where genuine connections flourish, providing you with a community that values authenticity.
    2. Brotherhood Support: Engage with other men who are committed to supporting you on your journey, creating a network of encouragement and camaraderie.
    3. Heartfelt Events: Participate in events crafted with care to encourage open sharing, allowing you to be heard and understood.
    4. Reconnection with Community: Join us in the endeavor to rediscover the strength of community, where collective growth and a sense of belonging await.

    Your Investment in Mountain Brotherhood

    To contribute to the Men of the Mountain community and ensure a space where you can truly thrive, we invite you to make a $25 investment. This contribution directly supports:

    1. Space for Genuine Connections: Maintaining an environment where authentic relationships can blossom.
    2. Supportive Community Growth: Expanding our network of supportive men, creating a space for shared encouragement and understanding.
    3. Heartfelt Event Creation: Valuing the time and effort invested in crafting events that encourage open sharing and foster mutual understanding.
    4. Reconnection Initiatives: Contributing to efforts that help our community reconnect with the broader community, fostering a sense of belonging and shared growth.
    5. For those experiencing financial hardship concession tickets are available. Please honour these and the men that require them 

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