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    Lunch & Learn: Mental Health Day for Entrepreneurs + Their Teams

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    Stress is the world-leading cause of disability according to the World Health Organisation. YetΒ with some education and new ideas, stress can be the exception rather than the β€œnew normal”.

    Healthy people are almost three times more effective at work - approximately 143 effective hours perΒ month compared to 49 effective hours per month by those who are unhealthy (Comcare Study,Β 2018).Β 

    This World Mental Health Day, acquire practical, implementable, mental and emotional wellbeing skills in order to further your business's success.Β Participants will learn strategies to develop and maintain the resilience and clarity required to run aΒ successful business.Β 

    Topics include:

    1. Mindfulness:Β MorganWebert
    2. Relationships:Β Deborah Fairfull
    3. Money Mindset:Β Dr Andrew Powell
    4. Sound Sleep:Β Dr Carmel Harrington
    5. Achieving Goals:Β Anne McKeown

    Learn to:

    • Practice mindfulness to feel focused and make your best decisions
    • Develop emotional mastery for an awesome team culture
    • Develop a money mindset to sustain your business
    • Learn how to sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed
    • Achieve your goals to keep moving forward
    • Maintain positive change rather than slip back into bad habits

    Our vision is toΒ make a significant and positive impact, reverse the statistics, and support entrepreneurs and their teams to overcome stress and thrive. All of our speakers have years of experience and are well-known,Β highlyΒ regarded experts in their fields. And have your wellbeing questions answered by our expert panel to complete the day.Β 

    Give yourselfΒ and your team the wellbeing boost you deserve and join us! You are welcome to come along for the full two hours, or for the sections that relate best to you.Β 

    Seminar Schedule:

    12pm:Β Introduction to World Mental Health Day with Deborah Fairfull.Β 

    Overview of why mental health is important and how we can make a difference.Β 

    12.05pm - 12.15pm: Stretching & Work-Life Balance with Morgan Webert.Β 

    Morgan helps you look and feel your best, inside and out, by teaching you how to move and care for your body and the power of mindfulness. When we are stuck mentally or emotionally, unhealthy behaviours can arise. Morgan shares mindfulness strategies to go beyond the stress and worry that can be common in a business environment, and will teach you how to develop mental resilience.

    12.15pm - 12.30pm:Β Work Relationships,
 Emotional Intelligence 
& Conflict Resolution withΒ Deborah Fairfull.Β 

    Deborah will share emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills to allow you and your team to feel empowered and maintain a positive work environment. She will teach you how to respond, rather than react to challenging situations, and how to go beyond survival and thrive. You will discover how emotional intelligence can support you in making your best decisions and create a solid foundation for your business, going forward.

    12.30pm - 12.45pm:Β Developing a MoneyΒ Mindset with Dr. Andrew Powell.Β 

    Too many people involved in business start out with the best of intentions but end up struggling, frustrated and burned out because of financial pressure. If you are struggling to make a great living doing what you love and not creating the financial abundance and freedom you deserve, then this seminar is for you.Β Andrew willΒ share simple, easy to follow mindset strategies thatΒ will decrease your stress, boost your profits and give you back the joy of your business. Learn to charge what you deserve, based on the value you deliver, so your business will be sustainable and deliver the freedom it should. Learn clearly and simply how your unconscious limiting beliefs are sabotaging your results, your wealth and your success and how you can easily change them to a supportive and empowering mindset that will quickly bring all your financial goals into reality.

    12.45pm - 1pm:Β Healthy Sleep Habits with Dr. Carmel Harrington.Β 

    Dr Harrington will explain why having too little sleep can lead to you feeling unmotivated, depressed or grumpy and not having the energy to do the things you want to do. She will explain why sleep is essential to your mental and physical wellbeing which ultimately supports the success of your business.Β Dr Harrington will explain the many reasons why you may not sleep well. You may just not give yourself the time to sleep enough or despite your very best efforts you may struggle night after night to get the sleep you so desperately desire. You will gain a greater understanding of sleep and importantly learn ways to ensure that you always sleep well, leaving you energised, alert and focussed to do the things that are important to you.

    1pm - 1.15pm:Β Goal Setting with Anne McKeown.Β 

    Anne will help you connect to your resilience and achieve your goals. She will share the skills to support you to maintain your enthusiasm in relation to your business. You will learn how to set goals and to develop the mindset to consistently achieve them.Β Anne will teach you how to control your unconscious mind, which can sabotage you from achieving the things that are important to you, despite your best efforts. Anne will give you a plan to move forward, stay motivated and achieve your aspirations.

    1.15pm - 1.45pm:Β Q&A with Wellbeing Panel with Morgan Webert, Dr. Andrew Powell, Dr. Carmel Harrington and Anne McKeown.Β 

    This is an opportunity to ask any questions to get tailored answers to any of the topics presented or issues related to wellness.Β 

    1.45pm - 2pm:Β Maintaining a Positive Outlook with Deborah Fairfull.Β 

    Deborah will solidify the day's learnings giving you tipsΒ on how to maintain healthy habits.

      About the Speakers

      Morgan Webert -Β Yoga and Mindfulness

      Morgan Webert works professionally with founders and their teams on their health and wellness to help them be more effective and focussed and to underpin long term success. She shares ideas and strategies to support you live a balanced, joyful and vibrant life, to sustain the effort required to build a lasting and sustainable business.

      Morgan is a Yoga Lifestyle Strategist, Coach and Teacher, designs healthy lifestyles for corporates and startups. She has been studying and practising yoga and Ayurveda for over a decade, and more recently integrated EFT with Matrix Re-imprinting into her practice.

      Deborah Fairfull -Β Work Relationships

      Deborah Fairfull is committed to the ongoing improvement of the world we live in and believes in the power of business and entrepreneurship to make the world a better place. Her simple, succinct and practical approach to raising awareness around health and wellbeing allows you to feel more calm, focussed and empowered on a consistent basis. For that reason, she founded Blisspot, an online wellness platform that supports founders and their teams to overcome stress and thrive.

      Deborah is also the author of the books Bliss Every Day, Love Now and Glow While You Grow. She teaches meditation with her skills based in her kinesiology training, with a background in counselling and psychology. She is an avid speaker, blogger and radio show guest both here in Australia and the United States.

      Dr Andrew Powell -Β The Money Mindset

      Dr. Andrew Powell works with businesses and startups to help them achieve their highest potential on all levels, not just their health and vitality, but also their happiness, wealth and prosperity. After observing that many of his clients’ health problems (as well as their other life challenges) actually began in the mind, Andrew became fascinated by the power of the subconscious and began applying some of his healing techniques to the area of prosperity and abundance. When he saw the powerful transformations that occurred in his own life and the lives of his friends and clients, Andrew became dedicated to sharing this work with other businesses and individuals. He is passionate about helping people uncover and eliminate the blockages and challenges holding them back in all areas of their lives so they can achieve true success.

      Dr. Powell is a respected international speaker, author, and money mindset expert. He is the owner and director of Hills Spinal Health Natural Wellness Centre, as well as the creator of the uniquely powerful Money Mindset Mastery Program.

      Dr Carmel Harrington -Β 

      Dr Carmel Harrington is amazed at the seemingly little importance given to sleep. Research shows that sleep is critical to your physical and mental health and is fundamental to your ability to think and learn. These are essential skills when involved in a business or startup. Emerging research clearly shows that sleeping well is a key component to optimal performance and health and if you want to be at the top of your game you need to ensure you get the best sleep possible.

      Dr Harrington, an internationally recognised sleep expert, is the Managing Director of Sleep for Health and an Honorary Research Fellow at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. She is a founding member of The Sleep Health Foundation and a member of the Australasian Sleep Association. She has written two books -Β The Sleep DietΒ andΒ The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Sleep. She has been working in the world of sleep for nearly 20 years. A former lawyer and educator she has a PhD in Sleep Medicine from The University of Sydney and consults with companies and educational institutions both here and overseas on sleep health.Β 

      Anne McKeown -Β Goal Setting

      Anne Mckeown is a highly regarded Life Coach and Trainer who specialises in helping you to set and maintain goals for optimal success. She is passionate about equipping you to step up and step out to achieve your goalsβ€”to know you have a choice and to find your voice.

      Anne has studied NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and is a certified Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation.

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