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MARIA ZEEE will head a stellar cast of free media champions including Ethan Nash, Joel Jammal, Damien Richardson, Michael Gray Griffith & Bruce Paix! Also expect a special message from English reporter Alex Thomson, Dr Mark & Dr Samantha Bailey from NZ & German whistleblower MEP Christine Anderson!

Expect to be both challenged and encouraged that transparency and truth is the only way forward. 

This event is the culmination of hours of coordination and will sell out fast.

STALLS include Guardians SA, My Place,

Salisbury NOSCAG, Adelaide Freedom Rally, Red Union & 


Entertainment by the FLAMING SAMBUCAS , TYSON CLUSE and special guests.



Maria Zeee is the founder and lead journalist of Zeee Media, Australia’s largest independent media platform, leading the charge in the information war against the goal to enslave humanity under the New World Order regime. Zeee Media has exposed government corruption and collusion with globalist organisations, namely the WHO, WEF and UN, and her investigative reporting exposes various agendas such as smart cities, CBDC, transhumanism, synthetic biology, the AI takeover of society and more. 


Samantha is a content creator, medical author & health educator. After training and practicing within the medical system for two decades, she commenced a new phase of understanding and promoting health in 2020. Sam is a well-established critic of germ theory and a co-author of the best-selling book Virus Mania.     


Mark is a former medical doctor, including clinical trials research physician. In 2016 he left clinical practice due to dissatisfaction with the allopathic medical system. Now a health researcher, he is the author of “A Farewell to Virology” and co-author of “The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity”.


Joel is a young up and coming journalist, political commentator & political activist. Having lost both his job in construction & his father in 2020 due to the initial lockdowns, he set out on a mission to expose how both the government & media manipulated & bullied the Australian people during the Covid years. 

Four years on, Joel has accrued some 350,000 followers online across all platforms. He’s racked up over 70 million views on his videos and at the federal election provided voters with 250,000 how to vote cards to better make their votes count to their values. 

Joel is the face of Turning Point Australia and does all of his work off donations only & is unapologetically loyal to his Christian & conservative values.


Michael created Café Locked Out on the day he was cancelled as a playwright. Whether through bad luck or divine intervention he found himself at many ‘covid historical moments,’ from the Siege of the Shrine to Camp Epic. He was also the driving force of the Deplorable’s trip around Australia where he, Wendy and Kret successfully challenged the closed WA border, then travelled town to town looking for resistance, which they found everywhere. He helped in the marketing of, and also christened the great art project, The Forest of The Fallen. He was the man who put out the call for a symbol to unite us all, the winner off which was 8:32. He is now marketing 8:32 gatherings as a way to strengthen the foundation of our tribe. An advocate for non-violent resistance, he currently lives on the road, in Florence The Freedom Bus, recording the voices of Australians everywhere, in a bid to defend free speech by communally exercising it.

To date he has recorded over 1400 voices.


Ethan Nash is the Founder and Editor of TOTT News, one of Australia's first true multimedia alternative news websites, which has grown since 2011 to become a primary source of independent media at home.

Ethan began his journey as a 9/11 Truth activist at the age of 15, launching the website while in high school, and has produced cutting-edge work on the true nature and inner-workings of the control system both domestically and abroad.

His work has been featured on many prominent platforms, he recently presented at the 2023 Paradigm Shift Summit on the Sunshine Coast, and co-hosts the long-running General Knowledge Podcast.


Damien is a well known Australian actor. His most notable roles on television include Neighbours and City Homicide. He has had articles published in Quadrant and Cauldron Pool. Since 2020, Damien has been propelled into “Having the conversations that others are too afraid to have”. 

During the Melbourne lockdowns Damien took a brave stand to speak up for what matters. Damien is a passionate speaker on cultural identity and the difficult issues that face us as a nation.

Damien went on to run for the Senate in the federal election. And worked on an online radio show. 


“During my 6-year stay in the USA, I studied economics and worked as the managing director of a national trading company. There I was responsible for an annual turnover of 1.6 million US dollars.
After returning to Germany, I completed a law degree in Göttingen. Since the birth of my 3rd daughter in 2002, I was a mother and housewife until I was elected as a Member of the European Union Parliament, where I started my services on 02 July 2019.
I have been involved in the AfD since May 2013 because I owe it to my children to preserve a homeland for them that is worth loving and living in.


In addition to our beautiful country, our diverse, rich culture and our great history, I also include in the term "homeland" the achievements of our enlightened, humanistic and equal society, our constitutional and legal state, in particular the classic defensive rights of citizens vis-à-vis the state, freedom of opinion and freedom of assembly.

I am of the opinion that we often forget all too easily that all these things - which until recently we took for granted, but are now in the process of disintegrating - had to be fought for, sometimes bloodily, by our fathers and grandfathers.
My willingness to compromise ends where I would have to give up fundamental convictions that are non-negotiable for me. I don't want to be elected, like the old parties, for any election promises that are only made because they hope to get more votes.”


Dr Bruce Paix used to be a model citizen: Flying Doctor, community volunteer (local fire brigade, pony club and rally medical), and military reservist on-call 24/7, literally for years, with 7 deployments to wars and disaster zones - until he committed the crime of ‘being right when the government was wrong’. His criticism of the COVID response lead to loss of career, multiple police visits, imprisonment and ultimately a criminal trial in Canberra, where he prevailed against the state. Is this the sort of citizen we want in our community when SHTF, or should we instead rely on our wise rulers to save us?


Alex is a multilingual former GCHQ analyst and committed Christian. He has appeared twice on James Delingpole’s “Delingpod”, and is a researcher and presenter for UK Column, the most influential free media organisation in the UK. He is based in The Netherlands and operates the Eastern Approaches website. Alex is uncompromising in opposing evil, and several years ago read out (on the www, where it remains) the entire Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support (RAINS) List of “British Establishment” satanist ritual abusers/paedophiles, complete with addresses where known.


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