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New Zealand Junior Fencing Championships 2024

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Event description

                            New Zealand National Junior (U20)

                                            Championships 2024

Fencing North and Fencing New Zealand invite you to attend the NZ National Junior (U20) Championships 2024 to be held at Waitakere Netball Centre, Te Pai Place, Henderson, Auckland on Saturday March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd 2024.


To enter the competitions, you need to be over 13 years old but 19 or under on 1 Jan 2024.

If you are unsure whether the event is appropriate for you/your child, please check with your coach.  

Participants must be affiliated as full competitive members of Fencing New Zealand for 2024.  International fencers must have a current membership/affiliation to their national Fencing Organisation.

If you are not yet a member of FeNZ or your membership is not current, please sign up HERE  

FeNZ affiliation fees are additional to the competition entry. 

Affiliations of all competitors (National and international) will be checked at time of entry.

To see who has registered click    REGISTERED ENTRIES   (updated daily)

Competition Format

Individual events: One round of poules (bouts to five points) followed by direct elimination rounds (bouts to 15 points). There will be no fence-off for Third Place.

Separate gender events will run except when a minimum of six participants in a gender is not achieved, in which case a mixed event will be fenced. 

Team Events:  Relay Matches to 45 points (Team members: min. 3, max. 4 per team)


Medals: Gold, Silver and two Bronze medals will be awarded in each event.

Trophies:  A number of National Trophies are awarded at this competition.  Weapon related trophies will be presentedduring the medal ceremony for that event.   

Attention Previous Winners and fencing community *** We are on a TROPHY HUNT *** Please return all trophies previously awarded, otherwise we cannot give them out.


Standard Registration closes on February 25th at 11.00pm.  Late entries close on February 29th at  9.00pm.  After this date entry will be at the discretion of the DT and Referees representativ

Entry Fees

Individual Events:  $60 per weapon + booking and credit card fees of 3% + $0.45

Team Events:  $100.00 per team + booking and credit card fees of 3% + $0.45

Late registrations, received after 11:00pm on February 25th will attract an additional fee of $50.

Spectators and Officials: Registration is free with no booking charges.

Fencing North prefers that fees are paid at time of entry via our booking page on Humanitix (registration link provided below)   

Multiple Discipline Entry: if you are entered for multiple weapons and your next event starts prior to completion of the first, you will be scratched from the starting event and are expected to continue to compete in the first event. A refund will be provided for the event you are unable to start in these circumstances. 

Teams events: Entries for teams are open to Oceania Countries

For each weapon and gender combination there is an allowance for a maximum of 2 teams per region. Regions may combine only if neither could field a team on their own.

Team nominations need to be sent to DT by Sunday February 25th. Please ensure contact details of team manager are supplied.

Please click REGISTER (above right) to enter the competition.

Equipment Standards

All clothing must be in a good state of repair.

Please ensure that your equipment conforms to the following standards:



Minimum of 1150N protection.  This can be made up of either a 350N Jacket with an 800N plastron or an 800N Jacket and a 350N plastron,


350N (CEN 1)


See link to mask specifications above.
All masks must fit well and be in good condition.  The elastic strap shall be in good working order with elasticity and able to return to its original position after stretching without any deformation.
The hook and loop securing the elastic shall be capable of retaining the elasticity and resisting removal. 
Leon Paul X-Change Masks must have a secondary strap or bar.
Visor Masks are strictly prohibited for all 3 weapons.


Must be in good condition and have no hole for body wires.  

800N gloves are required for Sabre.

Chest Protector:

Compulsory for Women’s events. Optional for Men.


Socks: m.25.5.b & c 

b. With breeches, the fencer must wear socks which cover the legs right up to the breeches. These socks must be held up in such a way that they cannot fall down. 
c) The fencer is permitted to wear socks with a 10cm turn-over showing the colours of their national or regional team.

Foil Specific:

Lame Bibs are required.

Curly mask wires are not permitted.
FIE blades are required with either Bayonet or 2-pin body wires.  FIE no.3 size blades are acceptable.

Épée Specific:

Leon Paul SR-71 epee blades dated 08-2012 to 06-2015, and Leon Paul V epee blades 08-2012 to 06-2015 without serial numbers - are currently banned by Fencing NZ

Sabre Specific:

FIE blades S2000 or later are required.
Curly mask wires are not permitted.

Weapons Control:

Weapons, wires, masks, gloves, and conductive jackets (lames) will all be subject to a weapons control.

Venue: Waitakere Netball Centre, Te Pai Place, Henderson, Auckland 

Time: Friday March 1st 2024 from 6pm – 8pm and on competition days for 1 hour prior to each event, when priority will be given to fencers from out of town.  We encourage local fencers to attend weapons control on Friday evening if possible.

Control Marks: It is the fencer’s responsibility to ensure that all equipment goes through weapons control and that the control marks are applied. It is also the fencer’s responsibility to ensure that control marks are still present every time they go to the piste.

NOTE: A detailed timetable will be published and communicated during the week before the competition when entry numbers are confirmed.


Should Team events from Saturday be unable to be completed, they will be continued on Sunday morning commencingat 8:30am.


Team Events will immediately follow the associated individual event.

Entries for teams are open to Oceania Countries

Teams – maximum of 2 per region, regions may combine if neither could field a team on their own.

Additional Information

Video Refereeing: All finals may be video refereed, and additionally if resources allow, for the semifinals of each event. In every case, it will be used at the discretion of the Head Referee and D.T.  Video footage will be used solely to review decisions and will not be released post competition.

Sportsmanship: We expect the highest standard of sportsmanship from all competitors and officials.

Drug Free Sport: by participating in this event, you agree that you have been warned of the potential to be selected for anti-doping testing and you will comply with anti-doping testing if required to do so.  The testing process and your rights and responsibilities as an athlete are outlined on the Drug Free Sport NZ website

Piste Allocations and Results:  Live results will be posted To and QR codes containing the link will be posted at the venue.

Podium Protocol: All Fencers must wear a School, Club or National Tracksuit Jacket and either breeches or tracksuit pants together with Fencing Socks and Shoes while on the podium. No hats, sunglasses or other casual attire are to be worn on the podium during the presentation.

Armourer: Mainland Fencing will be on site for repairs and purchase of replacement equipment

Food: Tuatahi Fencing Club will be running a food stall at the venue.

Enquiries:  Please email Fiona at   

or Heather Claydon (DT) at or phone 027 329 6370

Any questions re your FeNZ affiliation should be directed to

FeNZ Secretary General - Amanda Hopkins

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Refund policy

REFUNDS will only be given in the case of illness or if we have to cancel an event. This is keep entry fees as low as possible. There can be a discretionary refund in case of mental, health, financial hardship or a family emergency. Please contact the DT.