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NZ Dzö Dün - Transmission Transport

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Transmission transport bookings

Three types of bus transport have been organised for attendees, all of which can now be booked on Humanitix. These are:

  • Siddhartha’s Shuttle: Daily shuttle buses between most accommodation locations and the venue.
  • Buddha Bus: A chartered bus from Queenstown Airport to Wānaka on the evening of Friday, 3rd November.
  • Liberation Express: A chartered bus from Wānaka to Christchurch on Tuesday, 14th November.

More details on each are given in the sections below.

Please note:

  • There are a very limited number of taxis in Wānaka, and no Uber.
  • All reservations must be completed before Friday, 20th October. It will not be possible to book bus tickets after this date.

Refunds for cancellations can only be provided to the extent that they do not incur additional costs for Siddhartha’s Intent New Zealand.

Siddhartha’s shuttle:
Venue return, daily 4th - 13th November

Shuttle buses will pick up attendees at various locations in Wānaka and Albert Town at the start of the day, and take them to the venue. They will then return to the same locations at the end of the day. We strongly encourage those who are not walking or cycling to the venue to use the shuttle buses, both for environmental reasons and because there is limited parking at the venue.

To make the shuttle buses cost effective and efficient, we need each bus to do several circuits and to be as full as possible. Therefore, there will be a limited number of pick-up locations and times, which we will optimise to fit the demand once the tickets have been sold. As an example, a bus doing three 20-minute circuits is likely to pick up at 7:50am, 8:10am and 8:30am, with drop offs at the venue at 8:00am, 8:20am and 8:40am respectively. The same bus will then leave the venue at 5:20pm, 5:40pm and 6:00pm. Please do not bring large bags to the shuttle bus as you will need to keep your bag with you near your seat.

Shuttle bus tickets cover all ten days and the pick-up and drop-off location cannot vary. On the last day (a half-day), the shuttle buses will leave around lunchtime. There is no catered lunch on this day.

The cost of the shuttle bus package is $150. When booking, you’ll be asked for your ideal pick-up zone and times. We will try to accommodate your requests as best we can, given the restrictions described above, but we can’t guarantee that you will be allocated precisely the requested times.

Zones are shown in this interactive map. See the map description for information on selecting the appropriate zone. If you have trouble viewing the interactive map, there is a pdf version of the map here.

Buddha Bus:
Queenstown Airport to Wānaka, 3rd November (evening)

The latest scheduled Ritchies “SkyDrive” shuttle bus from Queenstown Airport to Wānaka is at 5pm. If you are arriving too late to catch this (allowing for flight and baggage delays, etc) then you can book a place on our chartered bus which will leave the airport at 6:30pm on Friday, 3rd November only. This time has been chosen based on responses to our survey. We recommend that those arriving too late for this charter bus organise shared taxis using the forum.

The largest bus available has 50 seats, and therefore tickets are limited to this number. Tickets cost $40, which is the same as the adult fare for the SkyDrive shuttle bus. Drop-off locations will be the same as the SkyDrive bus (the Lakefront and the Medical Centre) as well as an additional drop-off point in Albert Town.

Liberation Express:
Wānaka to Christchurch, 14th November

Those attending Rinpoche’s public talk in Christchurch on Wednesday, 15th November who missed out on a place on the scheduled Intercity bus may want to take advantage of our chartered bus from Wānaka to Christchurch on Tuesday, 14th November. This bus costs $105 (the same as the Intercity) and will leave Wānaka Lakefront at 9am with a pickup in Albert Town at about 9:15am. We are unable to offer additional pickup locations. The drop-off points in Christchurch will be outside the bus interchange on Lichfield Street (the same as the Intercity) and at Cathedral Square, and the anticipated arrival time is 4pm. There is no return option for this bus.


我们为与会者安排了三种类型的巴士服务,现在它们都可以在 Humanitix 网页上预订。它们是:

  • 悉达多班车:每天往返于大多数住宿地点和法会会场之间的班车。
  • 佛陀巴士:11 月 3 日星期五晚上从皇后镇机场开往瓦纳卡的包车。
  • 解脱快车: 11 月 14 日星期二从瓦纳卡开往基督城的包车。



  • 瓦纳卡的出租车数量非常有限,并且没有优步(Uber)。
  • 所有预订必须在 9 月 30 日星期六之前完成。此日期之后将无法预订车票。



班车将在每天开始时在瓦纳卡(Wānaka)和阿尔伯特镇(Albert Town)的不同地点接载与会者,并将他们送往法会会场。当天活动结束时,班车将返回相同地点。考虑到环保和会场停车位有限的因素,我们强烈建议那些不采用步行或骑自行车方式前往会场的人乘坐班车。

为了令班车经济划算且高效运行,我们需要每辆巴士多趟运行并尽可能满载。因此,接乘地点和时间有限,售票后我们将根据需求进行优化。例如,一辆运行 3 趟 20 分钟线路的巴士可能会在上午 7:50、上午 8:10 和 8:30 上车,并分别在上午 8:00、上午 8:20 和 8:40 到达会场。同一辆巴士将于下午 5:20、下午 5:40 和下午 6:00 离开会场。请不要携带大件行李上车,因为您需要将行李放在自己的座位附近。




11 月 3 日(晚上),皇后镇机场至瓦纳卡

从皇后镇机场到瓦纳卡的最晚一班Ritchies“SkyDrive”穿梭巴士是下午 5 点。如果您到达的时间太晚而未能赶上这趟巴士(考虑到航班和行李延误等因素),那么您可以预订我们的包车,包车仅在 11 月 3 日星期五下午 6:30 从机场出发。这个时间是根据我们的问卷调查结果选定的。我们建议那些抵达时间太晚而来不及搭乘包车的人通过论坛组织共享出租车。

最大的巴士有 50 个座位,因此车票仅限于此数量。票价为$40 新西兰元,与 SkyDrive 穿梭巴士的成人票价相同。下车地点将与 SkyDrive 巴士相同(the Lakefront and the Medical Centre湖滨和医疗中心),以及阿尔伯特镇的额外下车点(靠近艾莉森大道Alison Ave的商店)。

11 月 14 日,瓦纳卡至基督城

参加11月15日(星期三)在基督城举行的仁波切公开演讲的人,如果错过了预定城际巴士的座位,可以在11月14日星期二乘坐我们从瓦纳卡到基督城的包车。该巴士票价为 $105 新西兰元(与城际巴士票价相同),将于上午 9 点从瓦纳卡湖滨(Wānaka Lakefront)出发,并于上午 9 点 15 分左右在阿尔伯特镇(艾莉森大道Alison Ave商店附近)上车。我们无法提供其他上车地点。基督城的下车地点是利奇菲尔德街(Lichfield Street)巴士换乘站外(与城际巴士换乘站相同)和大教堂广场(Cathedral Square),预计到达时间为下午 4 点。此班车没有返程选项。

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