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Old Gundagai Gaol Ghost Hunt - 9pm (18+ years) - 22/6/2024

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Venture into the Veil: A Paranormal Vigil at Old Gundagai Gaol

As night descends, a shadowy invitation extends to those brave enough to explore the haunted corridors of Old Gundagai Gaol. Prepare for an evening that will linger in your memories, a ghost hunt that transcends the boundaries of the known and ventures into the depths of the afterlife. In the silence of these ancient halls, the echoes of the past whisper secrets, waiting for the daring to uncover them. Will you join the ranks of the fearless, ready to face the spectral inhabitants that roam these forsaken cells?

APPI: Your Gateway to the Paranormal

The Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators (APPI) are your esteemed guides into this realm of shadows. With over 40 years of collective experience piercing the veil between worlds, we stand at the forefront of paranormal research at this formidable location. Join us, and unveil the mysteries that dwell within the old Gaol's walls.

Experience the Thrill of the Hunt

Have you ever found yourself captivated by ghost hunting shows, yearning to step into the screen and experience the thrill firsthand? APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours offers you that very chance. Dive into the heart of paranormal investigation:
- **Wield cutting-edge technology** to detect the unseen.
- **Participate in meticulously crafted experiments** aiming to bridge the gap to the spirit world.
- **Be mentored by seasoned investigators** with global experience, blending scientific rigor with spiritual insight.

Immerse Yourself in the Supernatural

Our passion for the paranormal is boundless, and we invite you to immerse yourself in this otherworldly pursuit. Feel the thrill, the anticipation, and perhaps a touch of the unearthly chill that comes with making contact with the beyond.

Join the Patrol: A Paranormal Vigil to Push Your Fear Boundaries

This event spans two intense hours under the cloak of darkness. Dress for the chill that goes beyond the weather, and bring water to stay hydrated through the night's endeavors. In these times, we adhere to health guidelines to ensure a safe journey for all souls present.

Be advised, our facilities are limited, reflecting the Gaol's stark past. Prepare in advance to minimize earthly distractions. Our journey into the paranormal is pure; thus, we ask that you arrive unburdened by spirits of the liquid variety. Intoxication will sever your connection to this experience.

An Encounter Like No Other

Old Gundagai Gaol awaits, its stories untold, its spirits unrested. This is not just a ghost hunt but a passage through time, a test of courage, and a communion with the echoes of history. Will you leave as you entered, or will you carry with you the touch of the other side?

The night calls. The spirits whisper. Will you answer?

    These tours are run in agreement with theΒ Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council.


    Following the devastating 1852 flood, the town lock-up needed to be rebuilt as a watch-house or gaol. Alexander Dawson, the colonial architect, designed the building and Charles Hardy won the tender for it’s construction in 1859. Hardy and Hodson builders completed further additions in 1861, and in 1863 a kitchen was built for the gaol, designed by James Barner, the Government Architect. The magnificent stone boundary wall which still stands today was constructed in 1866.

    The gaol consists of a cluster of structures including, The Gaolers residence, the external kitchen block, the hospital (original gaol), the gaol including exercise yard, an outhouse, outbuilding, a well and archaeological remains.

    Prisoners with short-term sentences who had been sentenced at Gundagai or at courts in the surrounding district were incarcerated in the Gundagai Gaol. Prisoners, including bushrangers, who were in transit to other gaols were also accommodated there. Although no longer in use, Gundagai Gaol is one of the few remaining gaol compounds dating from 1859 and a rare and largely intact example of its type.

    In 1870 the Gundagai Gaol was classed as a β€˜lock-up’ or β€˜proclaimed gaol’ and could accommodate from four to twenty prisoners. During this year the actual number of prisoners received included 4 debtors; 19 males and 2 females awaiting trial; 55 males and 3 females β€˜in transit’; 11 males under sentence to labour; 7 males and 3 females sentenced to imprisonment; with none in solitary confinement. The greatest number received at one time totaled 9.

    Gundagai Gaol was closed in the 1970’s and a holding cell was constructed at the Gundagai Police Station in Byron Street.

    Please note:Β Because of the way the Old Gaol was constructed and the slope of the land, it is difficult to access for those with limited mobility. We are sorry for the inconvenience. There are stairways to navigate and uneven pathways.


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