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    OSTARA - Spring Equinox Festival YAIMA, Drumspyder and Friends

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    Ostara by Autumn Skye Morrison

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    March 15th and 16th, Spring Equinox celebration at The Haven/ JaJaPDX headlined by Yaima, Family Mystic, The Muddy Souls with a wide variety of live music, performances and herbal medicines.

    **Ostara: A Spring Equinox Celebration**
    Step into 'The Haven', an expansive 2,5000 square foot art gallery, and immerse yourself in the vibrant celebration of Ostara, a two-day festival heralding the arrival of spring. 

    As you wander through the labyrinth of art installations, every turn promises an encounter with the sublime, from the soft serenade of the Family Mystic to the soulful echoes of The Muddy Souls bluegrass Magic!

    On March 15th and 16th, 'The Haven' transforms into a sanctuary of sound and spirit, where Flying Caravan’s melodies intertwine with Luness’s rhythmic beats. Ramblxr and Chonk set the stage alight, while Subaqueous’s deep grooves ripple through the air. Jet Black Pearl's exuberance and Twerkaba's beats will captivate your senses, as Emily Ra, Sol Disciple, with Zone and the 11:11 Bellydancing troupe conjure a spectacle of movement and grace.

    Delve deeper into the heart of Ostara and find DJ Zone spinning aural magic, creating a tapestry of tunes that resonate with the soul of spring. The event boasts special performances that transcend the ordinary, with herbal libations to tantalize your palate and ceremonial rituals to connect you to the rhythms of the earth.

    As twilight descends on 'The Haven', the air will become charged with anticipation for Yaima's set, an experience designed to be the pulsating heart of Ostara's Spring Equinox Celebration. 

    Where ethereal melodies blend with the raw energy of the earth; Yaima will take the stage as a herald of nature's rebirth, their music a lush tapestry that weaves together elements of the natural world with the human spirit.

    Their performance will be an odyssey through sound, each note a petal unfurling in the warmth of spring. With Yaima's harmonies echoing through the grandeur of the gallery, attendees will be enveloped in a sonic bloom, their rhythms resonating with the primal beat of awakening life. The duo's unique fusion of instrumental reverie and vocal serenity will be a tribute to the equinox, a balance of light and shadow, inviting you to surrender to the beauty of the moment and the promise of the new season.

    Full Week's Schedule: 

    Here is a tentative schedule for the Ostara Spring Equinox Celebration, set to unfold within the creative sanctuary of 'The Haven'.

    Please note that this schedule is subject to fine-tuning as the event approaches:

    **Friday, March 15, 2024**

    - 6:30 PM: Chonk from Shady Pines radio takes over, promising an eclectic mix of sounds that defy genres.

    - 7:30 PM: Ramblxr steps in with their signature beats, a call to the wilds of rhythm/ bagpipe electronica.

    -  8:35 PM: Family Mystic invites the audience into a world of mystic melodies and familial warmth.

    - 9:55 PM: The Muddy Souls reign in the night with their deep, soul-stirring acoustic serenades.

    - 11:00 PM Drumspyder brings his illustrious beats and calls in the night with an epic Celtic dance party

    Gallery Stage-Aesop Rock’s DJ- Zone will be blending funky jams with live emcees including Emily Ra and more to the rap round robin.

    **Saturday, March 16, 2024**
    - The Daytime Market's schedule is to be determined, setting the stage for an afternoon of discovery.

    - 6:00 PM: Jet Black Pearl brings a dose of whimsical charm and multilingual musical flair.

    - 6:45 PM: Twerkaba electrifies the atmosphere with a set designed to get the crowd moving.

    - 8:00 PM Luness serenades with with divine feminine power and splendor

    - 9:00PM: The 11:11 Bellydance Band emerges with their synchronistic sounds that align with the universe's heartbeat.

    - 9:40 PM: Yaima takes the center stage, offering an auditory journey through the ethereal realms.

    - 11:11 PM: Flying Caravan rounds off the night with their soaring melodies and nomadic narratives as we dance with the ravens and crows!

    Remember, this itinerary for Ostara is still being painted with the brush of creativity, and more details will be unveiled as the celebration takes shape. Stay tuned for the final schedule and prepare for a gathering of hearts, arts, and new beginnings.

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