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    Parent Child Workshop: Peaceful Me, Peaceful You.

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    Parent-Child Workshop: Peaceful Me, Peaceful You.

    ‘easy & simple tools to help your child understand their feelings, emotions, & thoughts.'

    Our precious little ones are highly sensitive beings being blasted by modern day society which can result in hyperactivity, anxiety, heightened emotional responses, isolation, difficulty listening, hearing your direction or learning, troubled sleep patterns and so much more.

    It’s our duty of care to provide our little ones with the best quality of life that we know possible.

    Having a trustworthy toolkit full of resources, education and life-skills is a sure way to make a positive influence on your child’s development.

    Is your child anxious?

    Does your child worry about things at school or in their everyday life?

    Do they get nervous, or perhaps have frequent outbursts of anger, without understanding why?

    Does your child know how amazing they are?

    Do they know that their needs matter?

    Our expert practitioner Gerlinde Hayson has carefully constructed 2 separate workshops for ages 2-5 and 5-12 to provide you with easy and simple tools to help you and your child understand their feelings, emotions and thoughts.


    WORKSHOP 1 (children aged between 5-12) ---
    Sunday June 23rd 2019
    10am – 12pm
    Women’s CWA Hall, 43 Ventura Road, Mermaid Beach

    In this 2-hour workshop, Gerlinde will teach you and your child how to listen to the important messages of your body. You will learn how certain things make you feel and what this may mean to you.

    You and your child will become more self-aware and learn tools to support you more gracefully with any situation you face in life.

    We will discuss our Inner Resource and the importance of connecting to this quiet place within you, where you feel safe, at ease and secure. We will then draw a picture of something that makes us feel good when we think and feel about our Inner Resource.

    We will then choose 4 words to describe our Inner Resource, selecting one of those words to write on our meditation pebble and decorate it. All art materials will be supplied on the day and your little ones get to take their creations home.

    We will read and share from this special book, Visiting Feelings by Lauren Rubenstein.

    After our reading time, we will take turns choosing a feeling card from the feelings box and talk about how that feels in our body.

    Whether it’s light like a cloud or heavy like steel, tall like a giant or short like a frog.

    Finishing off with an iRest guided meditation which will allow everyone to practice these newly learned tools.

    iRest is a simple form of meditation designed for modern day living. Everyone needs a way to feel at ease when life gets challenging, especially our little ones. iRest helps you tap into a place that is calm, even when life is not.

    It is easy to learn, easy to do, and it can be done by anyone.


    WORKSHOP 2 (children aged between 2-5) ---
    Sunday June 23rd 2019
    1pm – 2pm
    Women’s CWA Hall, 43 Ventura Road, Mermaid Beach

    In this 1-hour workshop, we talk about our feelings and emotions and learn tools to assist us in learning how to deal with them. Breathing will be the main focus here and talking about what we are feeling.

    We will also read and share from this special book, Visiting Feelings book by Lauren Rubenstein.

    We will play lots of sounds and feel the vibration in our bodies.

    We will do an outside activity where we practice using all our senses.

    We will make a ‘Wonder Jar’. In this jar, we add glitter, glue and water.

    A Wonder Jar is a beautiful way to show how our mind can sometimes appear all shaken up. You know how you feel when you are angry or sad and you feel like your thoughts are going all over the place. When you shake your Wonder Jar, you can watch all the glitter move about and all over the place, swirling around out of control. But as you continue to watch, you will also see how slowly the glitter- or your thoughts and feelings, settle down.

    Finishing off with a short guided iRest mediation.


    "History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children." - Nelson Mandela.


    You can book in for both workshops if you have children across all ages. Please select the 2 different ticket types when you check out.
    One ticket per family, per workshop* (up to 3 children allowed with 1 ticket, both mum and dad are welcome. If you have more than 3 children, you will need to register another ticket).
    All art materials will be supplied on the day.
    Please bring a yoga mat or a comfortable blanket to sit on with your little ones.
    Tea & coffee for the parents and some children’s snacks will be supplied.


    Let’s meet your practitioner, Gerlinde Hayson:

    Gerlinde is an iRest Level 2 Teacher, a yoga instructor, a surf coach and has taught this work in kindergartens for over 4 years. She combines her passions for meditation, yoga and surfing within her classes.

    Anxiety was no stranger to Gerlinde, she had faced some really challenging experiences which resulted in personal suffering. iRest completely changed her life and she is now so passionate about inspiring others to overcome anxiety and suffering too, especially for our little ones, as she believes they hold the key to changing the world for the greater good and this kind of teaching is just not as available as it should be.


    More about The Self-Love Movement:

    The Self-Love Movement is a Nationwide social movement connecting women through the power of gathering and to their True-Self.

    Through the use of live events and workshops, women are encouraged to be the best they can be, to expand their minds, to break-free of their own stories and to live a wildly authentic and abundant life full of love.

    The Self-Love Movement is a powerful platform for women to feel safe, heard, supported and loved.

    “Live with an open heart and bathe in a sea of self-love. It is not selfish to love yourself unconditionally. In fact, it is absolutely necessary! Your entire world is reflective of the relationship you have with self. It’s time to nourish and nurture this connection and watch your life begin to magically blossom through the power of Self-Love.” – Alana Arvanitis

    Self-Love is the act of putting your own happiness & well-being first, something that is lacking within our current society.

    It all starts with SELF. “Your relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

    “If you don’t go within you go without” – Alana Arvanitis

    It’s time to put “self” first. It’s time to remove the things that cloud your happiness & well-being. It’s time to come together and share your uniqueness to the world. It’s time to be inspired, supported, and empowered. It is time to love & be loved… and it all starts with YOU.

    You absolutely deserve all the love and inspiration you seek and The Self-Love Movement is the way of finding your path and weave within the YOUniverse

    It is truly an honour to co-create this workshop with Gerlinde for the children of today. 

    Having healthy empowering tools to help children face the many twists and turns which life presents, is crucial for the evolution and revolution we all seek. 

    Our children are everything. It is time to provide them with this invaluable information to make a difference in the world. 

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