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Plant Spirit Healing Ceremony: Clear stagnation and return to balance of mind, body, and spirit.

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The goal is to bring everyone back into the remembrance that we have the ability to heal ourselves.

This is a healing ceremony calling upon the divine intelligence and transformational healing properties of Mother Earth and the nature spirits to clear blockages, revitalize, and fully resource your system. Anytime we are suppressing or blocking anything in our bodies & energy fields (emotions, feelings, self-expression), we are creating space for stagnation and tension which often leads to physical symptoms and imbalances.

As Medicine Woman and bridge between worlds, Tatiana will guide participants in working with a few plant doctors for profound healing. A few to first clear any stagnation and bring yourself back into your body, and then with another to promote the alignment of your body, mind, and spirit. 

In this session, we'll be journeying with the sacred Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)—a symbol of intuition, visioning, and protection. Revered as a master protective plant throughout many traditions, she increases our ability to dream—to expand our vision, clearing stagnant energy, connecting us with ancestors and other realms all while keeping us grounded on Earth in our bodies. Named after the goddess Artemis, Mugwort symbolizes her untamed spirit and serves as a guide for invoking warrior strength, intuitive knowing, and embracing the cycles of life. 

This is a great ceremony for those 
who feel stuck, our of alignment with their path/purpose and need a boost to be able creatively envision the life of their dreams. Mugwort is NOT a recommended ally for those that are pregnant, we will have future ceremonies suitable for you all :)

What to expect in this healing session:

  • A safe space to learn, honor, and to develop a relationship with powerful plant spirits and explore master plant ceremonies.
  • An outdoor smoke bath using ceremonial tools like Sananga, Hapé (Rapé), and Mapacho to cleanse your energetic field and bring yourself back into your body.
  • A deep meditative shamanic journey with Mugwort as tea, tapping into her healing energies.
  • Reflection, discussion, and grounding with plant-based snacks to conclude our journey. 

This ceremony aims to facilitate a profound shift towards holistic healing and returning to our soul's essence.


Your Guide:

Tatiana is a Medicine Woman and High Priestess, a communer with the nature spirits. Initiated by the Earth to provide collective healing, she’s an ecologist, herbalist, energy worker, wildcrafter, and spiritual guide, among many other things. Tatiana believes in sharing her knowledge and the wisdom of the forest to bring us all back into the remembrance of our personal power to enact change in our lives, our communities, and beyond— that a deep sense of joy and self-love is not only our birthright but our responsibility for the collective healing of our communities and the planet. She is the founder of Ministry of Neteru Apothecary and Ecologist Says.

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