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Power Mobility Summit: A Clinician Education Day (Brisbane)

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Join us for a dynamic summit tailored to meet the needs of both newer and experienced prescribers in the field of powered mobility. We’re bringing together leading presenters from across the industry to share current developments and the wealth of their experience. This summit is a must-attend for clinicians prescribing power wheelchairs, with topics including the assessment process, power seat functions, power for paediatric users, access and control methods, navigating competing goals and needs, off-road power wheelchairs, as well as positioning the user for success. 

Don't miss this chance to hear from our lineup of industry experts who will share their insights and experiences, tips for powered mobility assessment and prescription, and strategies to identify individualised solutions. You'll have the opportunity to engage with renowned specialists, gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art power wheelchairs, and network with like-minded professionals. 

With two specialised streams, there's something for everyone looking to deepen their expertise in powered wheelchair prescription. Whether you're an experienced therapist or new to the field, this summit will empower you to provide the best possible solutions for your clients. 

An outline of the day is available for both streams below, and more information on our industry experts is available at https://gtk.com.au/blog/event/... 

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. 

Stream 1: For Newer Prescribers
Stream 2: For Experienced Prescribers
8.30am: Registration and welcome
8.30am: Registration and welcome
9am: Starting the Powered Mobility Journey 
Presented by Kate Pain (GTK)

As a clinician new to the world of prescribing powered wheelchairs, it can be challenging to find your footing. You’ll come away with newfound confidence in prescribing powered wheelchairs. In this workshop, we'll help you navigate the various domains of assessment to be addressed when considering powered mobility for a participant, including areas such as cognition, upper limb function and functional mobility. Our discussions will revolve around the development of functional and community engagement goals while keeping safety at the forefront. 

Furthermore, we'll explore guiding users in mastering the control of a power wheelchair, enhancing their independence at home, during transportation, and within the community. We’ll look at outcome measures to ensure best outcomes for participants during prescription, provision and ongoing use of the powered wheelchair.

9am: Achieving Compromise: Navigating client, environment and prescriber goals 
Presented by Amy Bjornson (Sunrise Medical)

The challenge and goal for therapists when evaluating for an appropriate Power Wheelchair is knowing what technology will enable maximum independence for our more complex clients.

The session will take a holistic approach to the assessment and prescription of power wheelchairs , we’ll provide assessment strategies to navigate the competing issues and motivations – allowing successful outcomes for all parties involved – client, family , funder and prescriber. A general knowledge and experience level is assumed for this course 

10.45am: Power to the People: So Many Options and Considerations
Presented by Amy Bjornson (Sunrise Medical)

Join the Sunrise Medical team for a Masterclass in powered mobility. We’ll help you understand the different base types, power seating options and drive control devices and how they impact on client participation and functional outcomes. Consider this a super charged class on understanding powered mobility.

  • Selecting a suitable base to cover personal and environmental needs
  • Funding considerations - what features are necessary rather than desirable
  • Considerations, compromises and being confident in your advice

You’ll leave this session excited to work with power wheelchairs!

10.45am: Alternate Controls - An ‘Alternate’ Route to Independence
Presented by Andrew Lopez, Kathleen Sodder and Rolf Vogelbusch (Quantum/Pride Mobility)

In this session, we'll be delving into the world of alternate controls for power wheelchairs, focusing on enhancing users' independence and mobility. We'll introduce the 2 main types of alternate controls, including Proportional Controls and Switch Controls, and explore how these can be tailored to individual needs. Beyond the basics, we'll delve into some innovative solutions, such as head arrays, chin control, and direction switch inputs. By the end of the session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in assessing and selecting the most suitable control system for their clients.
1pm: Clinical Considerations for Anterior Tilt: Quantum Rehab's TB4
Presented by Andrew Lopez, Kathleen Sodder and Rolf Vogelbusch (Quantum/Pride Mobility)

Anterior tilt is a valuable tool in optimising seating and positioning for individuals with mobility challenges. Clinicians will explore the impact of anterior tilt to facilitate function reach, assist with postural control, pressure distribution, and functional independence. Key points of discussion will encompass the selection of the optimal degree of anterior tilt, patient-specific needs, and potential contraindications. Practical insights into fine-tuning anterior tilt for improved comfort, pressure relief, and daily activities will be shared. By the end of this session, clinicians will be equipped to better tailor their approach to scripting anterior tilt to enhance the quality of life for their wheelchair-dependent clients.
1pm: Putting the FUNCTION in Power Seat Functions 
Presented by Roseanna TegEl (Permobil)

This session is designed to help your confidence in all things standing and active reach in power wheelchairs. Standing as a therapeutic intervention has been broadly recognised as an effective method providing clinical outcomes and improvement of function. Power standing wheelchairs offer great means for extending these outcomes to the home and community situations, adding additional functional and psycho-social benefits. Being confident in the justification for such features can be daunting. During this session, we will begin with a look at the results from the Permobil systematic review of the power standing literature. Once we understand the evidence, we will then discuss how to determine readiness for your client and what you need to consider and set up for a successful trial with power standing and/or active reach. 

2.45pm: Powered Mobility for Infants and young children –it isn’t as scary as you think
Presented by Roseanna TegEl (Permobil)

In this session we will look at the importance of independent movement and the reciprocal learning that occurs when a child is able to interact with people, the environment and activities. Mobility at an early stage in life aids in the development of functional activities including play, and critical changes occur during development when a child can move in a self-directed way. Best practice and tools to assist your assessment process which can be used by the entire team to set up powered mobility for success and will be explored in this session to assist in implementation and prescription. 
2.45pm: Unlocking new horizons: Escaping the Footpath
Presented by Kate Pain (GTK)

Join us for an exciting workshop session dedicated to off-road wheelchairs, specially designed to unlock new horizons of accessibility. Leave the concrete behind as we delve into the world of wheelchairs built to conquer grassy fields, navigate rugged bush trails, explore sandy shores, and more.

Join us for an exciting workshop session dedicated to off-road wheelchairs, specially designed to unlock new horizons of accessibility. Leave the concrete behind as we delve into the world of wheelchairs built to conquer grassy fields, navigate rugged bush trails, explore sandy shores, and more.

Join us in discovering the freedom of off-road wheelchairs, where no path is too challenging to explore! 

Can I attend some seminars from the Newer Prescriber Stream and some from the Experienced Prescriber stream?

We appreciate your interest in our workshop and the desire to get the most out of your experience. However, we've designed this workshop with two distinct streams to cater to different levels of expertise and learning needs. The streams have been carefully curated to ensure that attendees receive content and insights that are relevant to their specific skill level and experience.

Stream 1 - Newcomers: This stream is tailored for those who are newer to the field. It covers foundational concepts, best practices, and provides a great opportunity for beginners to gain a solid understanding of the subject matter. If you're relatively new to the field, this stream is the perfect choice for you to build a strong knowledge base.

Stream 2 - Experienced Practitioners: For those who have already accumulated a substantial amount of experience in the field, this stream offers advanced insights, case studies, and discussions that delve deep into complex topics. It's ideal for practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and network with experts in the field.

To ensure a valuable and focused learning experience for all attendees, we kindly request that you choose one stream that aligns with your current skill level and objectives. Each stream has been structured to provide the most relevant and beneficial content for its respective audience. Mixing and matching between the streams might result in a less optimised experience, as the content is intentionally tailored to address specific needs.

If you find that your needs span across both streams or if you're unsure which stream is the best fit for you, we recommend assessing your goals and current expertise level to make the most informed decision. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need assistance in determining the most suitable stream for your workshop experience. We want to ensure that your time at the workshop is both enriching and valuable for your professional development.

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