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    Unlock the Power of Breath and Meditation: An In Person Transformative Free Workshop| Live In Person Event

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    Join us for transformative free workshops in Perth at the George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning Road, Karawara, WA, 6152 and discover how mastering your breath can enhance productivity, improve health, reduce stress, and bring tranquility to your mind.

    Proven Methods

    🌟What to Expect:

    Explore the art of Sudarshan Kriya (SKY Breath Meditation), a core component of the 3-day Happiness Program designed to release stress and manage emotions effectively. This 90-minute session offers a serene break to explore breathwork and meditation, guiding you to a state of deep relaxation and mental clarity.

    🧘 Workshop Highlights:

    Understanding Mind Patterns: Learn to disrupt negative mental patterns through targeted breathing exercises.
    Introduction to Calming Breathwork: Master techniques to quiet the mind, setting the stage for profound meditation.
    Experience Deep Meditation : Engage in practices that clear the cycle of overthinking, leading to enhanced focus and a stress-free mind.
    Community Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive environment, fostering positive interactions.
    Scientifically Proven Benefits: Discover the extensive benefits of Sudarshan Kriya (SKY Breath Meditation) including stress relief, emotional release, and improved overall well-being.

    🔍 Why Breathing Matters:

    Effective breathing not only helps reduce stress by improving circulation and activating the parasympathetic nervous system ("relax mode") but also enhances health and immunity. Learn practical breathing techniques that are essential for maintaining robust health and reducing susceptibility to illness.

    🏆 Proven Results:

    Studies from reputable institutions like Harvard Medical School have documented the profound impact of Sudarshan Kriya on mental health. This technique has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, boost the immune system, elevate mood, and improve cognitive functions such as focus and calmness.

    Get Started with Two Key Techniques:

    Instant Energizer: Learn a breathing method that boosts concentration.
    Clarity Enhancer: Discover a technique that calms and clarifies the mind.

    📚 Research-Backed Health Benefits:

    Over 100 studies confirm the multiple benefits of practicing SKY Breath Meditation. This session is an opportunity to learn directly from a certified Breathing and Meditation Techniques Trainer.

    👥 Interactive Session:

    Engage with the trainer, ask questions, and discuss breathing and meditation in a welcoming setting. Start your journey towards mastering breathwork!

    Meet your Instructor

    Dorota Niedźwiecka brings over 13 years of expertise as an instructor in breathwork, meditation, and yoga for the Art of Living. She has conducted workshops across Europe, the United States, and India. Dorota offers a diverse range of workshops, spanning from foundational courses like the Art of Living Part 1 and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation to specialized programs such as the Volunteer Training Program and SKY Campus Happiness Program. Tailoring her instruction to diverse audiences, she guides participants, from students and parents to executives and professionals, on a journey towards personal growth and improved well-being. Additionally, she has led yoga sessions at prestigious events like the Go Active Show, Poland's largest fitness fair, and the International Yoga Day Festival hosted by the embassy.
    Dorota is highly regarded for her unwavering dedication, enthusiasm, creativity, positivity, and compassionate nature. 

    500+ Million Lives Changed

    "The main benefit is it's significantly improved my ability to stay calm when I'm stressed, tired or angry. I used to think these practices were for people who did very little, but it's the opposite. I have a lot to do and I have to be effective as a leader.. keeps me moving in the right direction."
    Clarke Weatherspoon, Teacher
    "Learning to manage my own mind and body through breathing practices has truly been the greatest gift. Practicing...everyday has helped me heal past wounds, become more confident in myself and more aware of everything in my life so that I can be a better me."
    Brittany Potier, Entrepreneur
    “The Happiness Program has greatly improved my ability to stay calm when I'm stressed, tired, or angry. I thought these techniques were for people who have too much time, but the opposite is true. I have a lot of work and I have to be effective as an me the impulse and energy I need to move forward.”
    Luisa Braun, Sales Manager
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