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    Powerskills Panel: How to use Data to tell a story: Data Experimentation and Visualisation (Melbourne)

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    Get ready, Girls in Tech is in Melbourne! Join us for a night of connection and discussion as we deep dive into our latest topic.

    As always, a shoutout to our superstar sponsor, Le Wagon for helping bring this event to life!

    Introducing… Girls in Tech Australia's Powerskill Panel: How to use Data to tell a story - Data Experimentation and Visualisation

    In 2024, data storytelling and experimentation hold particular significance for women in technology due to several key reasons:

    Representation and Visibility: Women in technology often face challenges related to representation and visibility in the field. Data storytelling offers an avenue for women to showcase their expertise, creativity, and insights in a tangible and impactful way. By effectively communicating data-driven narratives, women can amplify their voices and contributions within the tech industry.

    Empowerment Through Communication: Data storytelling empowers women in technology by equipping them with the skills to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to diverse audiences. In a predominantly male-dominated field, the ability to convey data insights in a compelling and accessible manner can help women overcome barriers and assert their expertise with confidence.

    Advancing Diversity and Inclusion: Diversity and inclusion are crucial for driving innovation and problem-solving in technology. By embracing data storytelling and experimentation, women in tech can contribute to a more inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives and experiences. Through their unique storytelling approaches, women can help bridge the gap between data analysis and real-world impact, fostering environments where everyone's voices are heard and valued.

    Breaking Stereotypes and Bias: Data storytelling provides a platform for women in technology to challenge stereotypes and biases prevalent in the industry. By leveraging data to tell compelling stories, women can debunk myths, highlight overlooked contributions, and showcase the breadth of their technical skills and knowledge. Through their innovative storytelling techniques, women can inspire others and reshape perceptions of what it means to be a successful technologist.

    Career Advancement and Recognition: Mastering data storytelling and experimentation can enhance career opportunities and recognition for women in technology. In a competitive job market, the ability to effectively communicate data insights can set individuals apart and open doors to leadership roles, mentorship opportunities, and industry recognition. By honing their storytelling skills, women can position themselves as valuable assets within their organisations and the broader tech community.

    In summary, data storytelling and experimentation offer women in technology a powerful toolkit for communication, empowerment, and advocacy. By harnessing the potential of data-driven narratives, women can drive meaningful change, advance their careers, and contribute to a more inclusive and innovative tech industry landscape.

    Join us for a panel discussionΒ with our amazing speakers:

    • Sarah Hunt, Senior Data Scientist at Canva
    • Bethany Granger, Program Manager - CX, Strategic Comms at NAB
    • Clare Kitching,Β General Manager Data & Analytics Innovation at The Lottery Corporation

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