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RASHA™ Consciousness Upgrade

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Event description

We welcome you to experience the transformational offerings of Insension

During our time together, we'll be utilising the power of the RASHA™ (advanced quantum technology) to expand our consciousness, harmonise our hearts & minds and unlock the unrealised potential stored within our DNA. When we up-level our frequencies into the higher oscillating states of love, gratitude & joy we activate our ability to self-heal.

This is a Quantum Consciousness Upgrade - A Unique Sound & Scalar Experience not to be missed!

We'll be transmitting new and remastered frequency sets. These are next level and sure to elevate your resonant frequency up an octave or two!

A little bit about our technology:

The RASHA™ acts as a portal into the zero-point, the timeless space between polarities from which we co-create our desired existence. Our technology generates & delivers a complex array of Base-12 frequencies, oscillations & vibrations. These interact with the body's morphogenetic energy systems, promoting balance, consciousness coherence, & overall well-being. The upgrade to your energetic field harmonises & optimises the body's energy flow, supporting its natural healing processes & promotes a state of holistic wellness. The RASHA™ also helps reprogram the EGO (the morphogenetic fields of the EpiGenetic Overlay, the chemical sheath on DNA that signals genes to turn on or off and how to sequence). 

Some of the available benefits include: 

  • Enhanced cognitive focus and flow states (mental and physical), improved physical performance & recovery
  • Stress relief, relaxation, enhanced deep sleep and increased heart rate variability
  • Reduction in muscle and joint pain & general pain release
  • Promotion of self-healing & bio-regenesis
  • Brain hemisphere harmonisation, clearing of the chakras & promotion of energy flow
  • Detoxification from EMFs, geopathic stress & biological toxicity
  • Mental & emotional harmonisation (relief from depression or anxiety)
  • Shifting undigested energies, including parental, ancestral and societal patterns & imprints
  • Mind expansion and enhanced extra-sensory perception
  • Deepened spiritual connection

Attributed to Einstein, "You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created." In other words, to balance the physical, you must go mental, emotional and quantum! 

Some of our Testimonials: 

"A truly unique experience" 

"The equivalent of perhaps 10 hours of intense meditation."

"Highly recommended for those that want to further their health and consciousness." 

"Absolutely incredible!" 

"An experience beyond words" 

"Five Stars here!" 

"A powerful transmission" 

Head over to our website for more: 


Arrival: Please arrive 10-15 mins early so we can start at 2:00pm.

Parking: A few spots are available in the driveway, and plenty of street parking.

What to Bring: We have yoga mats however for max comfort please bring your own to lay on top. Also bring anything else to up-level your space: cushion, blanket, bolster. Please also bring an eye mask & water.

After our upgrade, we'll share some nourishing food to ground and connect. If you feel called to bring something small to share, please do; otherwise, bring yourselves, your open minds and activated hearts.

Giving Back:

When you invest in yourself via our events and one-on-one sessions, you're also contributing to the well-being of others. 

10% of our surpluses are utilised to provide RASHA™ upgrades to those in need who would otherwise be unable to access these services due to personal or financial constraints.

Please reach out to discuss how we can support you, your community or someone you know who could benefit from our services to humanity. 

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