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Rites of Dance - Winters Embrace

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Join us on June 23 at Tugun Hall for an unforgettable celebration of the Winter Solstice.

Step into the enchanting embrace of winter's magic, where dancing, connecting, and intention-setting converge in a joyous gathering filled with ceremony, community, and pure fun.

As the longest night descends, you're invited to embrace the darkness within and without, acknowledging its inherent power and wisdom.

Feel the heartwarming embrace of community as we unite to honour the sacred cycles of nature. Together, we'll reflect on the transformative journey of the past year and awaken the seeds of rebirth and growth within our souls.

Within this mystical space, connections will bloom like delicate snowflakes, revealing the intricate beauty of human interaction.

This enchanted evening serves as an open invitation to manifest your deepest intentions. Find solace in the quiet corners, where you can whisper your dreams to the universe, knowing that the collective energy of our gathering will amplify your desires.

Winter's Embrace is a celebration that nourishes the spirit, ignites the soul, and reminds us of the profound beauty found in human connection.

Join us as we honour the sacred dance between darkness and light, weaving together the threads of community, intention, and pure, uninhibited joy and create memories that will warm our hearts throughout the season.



Rites of Dance is a dance floor initiation experience, a rite of passage through music, dance, movement, and expression. It is about healing IN community.





Since the earliest moments of our known history, dance has played a role in ancient rituals, spiritual gatherings and social events. It is believed by many historians that these dances are one of the essential factors of the development of early human civilisations, and for many ancient civilisations, dance served as an irreplaceable way of expressing human thought and emotion.

“When we close our eyes to dance, we open another eye to a different reality, we can then be moved by a greater, more powerful force.” – Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello.

Rites of Dance isn’t just about music and dance, it’s about community, and creating a space for connection and belonging. We all have an inherent need to feel like we belong and this need must be nourished if we are to thrive.

Even though we gather as community, this is a solo experience for the dancer. We invite you to come into your own space, close down your eyes and allow the music and our guidance to move you so you may better understand your body and how to express it.

You will be fully supported throughout the evening and you will learn new skills which you can take home and implement into your own embodiment practise.

Rites of Dance isn't some fluffy, love and light spiritual dance event. We go there, like REALLY go there. Into the murky, dark depths of the Earth, through the chaos and uncertainty of everyday life and up into the expansive, ecstatic highs of the cosmos, we go there and you will FEEL IT ALL!



- Safety

- Trust

- Permission

- Authentic Expression

- Connection



You’re in for a big night and it’s good to be prepared.

Please bring:

- Drinking water

- Sweat towel

- Light, comfortable clothes and something warm to wear as the night cools

- Cash/card for purchases

- Cushion/pillow to sit on

- Yoga mat/something to lie on for the sound integration (and something warm to wear)

*Strictly no drugs or alcohol.

*No previous experience needed.




Saṅkhāra is an ancient Buddhist term meaning formation and fabrication, the process of fashioning and the fashioned things that result. It is a term that could be used to describe the way the man himself works a crowd, ‘fashioning’ the atmosphere on dance floors into an irresistible and energetic experience, full of - but by no means limited to - alluring mid tempo, bass heavy, tribal, funk-induced, melodic pieces.

Saṅkhāra is a gifted soundscape artist and is passionate about taking people on a journey inward and outside of oneself, deep into the womb of earth and upwards into the heavens of the cosmos, experiencing an explosion into the soul's expression.

Saṅkhāra’s sets consist of an infusion of many different genres and styles, focusing heavily on Tribal and World beats. His intention is not just to get you tapping your feet and nodding your head, but to have you dancing until your feet fall off and you’re no longer able to stand!

Saṅkhāra is a NZ-born Gold Coast-based DJ who has played in various clubs, competitions, parties, weddings, and conscious dance events in NZ and Australia over the past decade. He obtained a Diploma in Audio Engineering in 05/06 and has been playing guitar for over 20 years. He is also passionate about men's work and runs and facilitates men's workshops and is also a Spiral Practitioner.



Early Bird - First Release - $39

Early Bird - Second Release - $49

General Admission - $59

Door - $70

*The only difference with ticket options is the price, all tickets grant you access to the entirety of the event. The next round of EB tickets starts when the previous one sells out.

*Concessions available if you're struggling financially. Get in touch and we will work something out - money shouldn't be an issue stopping you from attending.

*There's also an option to donate further if you're feeling abundant.


No refunds, but you’re welcome to on-sell or gift your ticket if you can no longer make it or keep as credit for a future event (valid for 6 months).

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No refunds, but you’re welcome to on-sell or gift your ticket if you can no longer make it or keep as credit for a future event (valid for 6 months).