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Ritual of Devotion | An evening of sacred honouring

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Event description

Dive into a truly sacred evening of blissful honouring, heart healing & rituals of devotion

Devotion is not really about love ~ it is about transcendence. 

Transcending the human form. Transcending the illusion of separation. 

Transcending life's daily distractions and becoming completely immersed in the totality of now. 

Present. Mindful. Embodied. Utterly here. 

Move beyond the veil of the physical and begin to embrace the parts of us that are immortal; god and goddess incarnate.

This spacious evening of ritual is LUSH, SACRED, POTENT and offers a rare opportunity to dive into an space of intentionally crafted devotional practices been Men & Women. 

Immerse yourself in ritual from beginning to end as Men and Women offer silent reverence for each other.

Bring with your heart, your openness and prepare to dive into an evening of ritual.

NOTE - this evening represents a very special Closing ritual for Women participating in the DEVOTED program (learn more here)  however registration is open to all hetero leaning humans eager to explore devotional rituals.


  • Enter a Temple where you offer yourself up as a vessel of devotion
  • Enjoy fully clothed intentional practices with absolute vulnerability
  • Enjoy potent Ceremonial Cacao 
  • Melt into the timeless void that ritual practices evoke
  • Fall deeply in love with the moment, seeing yourself through the eyes of another
  • Remember who you really are at your source - Love and infinite Presence
  • Explore the opportunity for deep healing in your relationship with the opposite sex
  • Dive into a space of deep healing in your relationship to the opposite sex 
  • Experience the intoxicating magic of ritual practices offered in a sacred intentional space

This special event is limited to 13 couples / practice pairs to ensure optimal potency. 

Tickets are $250 per couple.

*Singles wishing to join can express interest for a practice partner*


Enter an evening of ritual that deepens, expands and evokes your profound heart and relationship to the opposite sex. 

Prepare to be moved, opened and touched deeply beyond the realms of the physical. 

Couples attending will be guided to offer each other simple practices of devotion, share in rituals of deep honouring and offer loving appreciation to each other. 

Singles - Please register your interest by joining the Waitlist ⚡

~~ NOTE ~~

This is a Drug & Alcohol free event. There is no nudity, sexual or genital touch – all participants remain clothed. 

PRAISE   ………………………………………………………………………….

Although I was feeling nervous about going along, the Devotional Ritual guided by Bree was so welcoming and exquisitely beautiful that I was instantly grateful to be there. Bree’s energy and the space she created put us all at ease. This is a very unique experience and I would highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking to bring a bit of magic into your relationship, or to re-kindle the spark again.  

~~ JD (partnered female attendee)

"After this evening of Devotion I feel so incredibly IN-LOVE with my wife of 20 years.. this evening has been absolutely magical in ways I can't even try to explain. Just WOW!"

~ O (partnered male attendee)

"The Ritual space Bree created was safe and inviting. Her patience, love and understanding showed as she invited us to be insanely vulnerable yet guided us into a realm of complete freedom to express our inner desires, emotions and express ourselves with no judgment. I will be forever thankful for finding Bree and the events she offers. Open your heart and mind to the possibility to grow and learn from the events Bree holds. Don’t be afraid and accept the unconditional love on offer. The safety and understanding that Bree provides is amazing. 

I highly recommend anyone that is willing to grow and expand their mind to attend one of Bree’s events. Simply beautiful.."

~ S (partnered attendee)

"Whilst Devotion is an ideal I have been working on calling into my life and future romantic partnership, I can say that this night I had no real concept of what Devotion was! The space Bree created and held was truly sacred and divine. 

I was able to transcend beyond all judgment, fears and wounds around the masculine and access a deeply profound revered honouring appreciation and devotion to all men and the masculine. I am now convinced that every romantic partnership would be enriched by calling in devotional expression. Thank you again Bree, it was such a life changing experience."

~ Kara (single attendee)

The Devotional evening was very challenging, uncomfortable, but also very liberating. It was my first contact with tantra and a devotion ritual. To open myself...open my heart...allow myself to feel...allow myself to be seen in depth...breathe...take my time to absorb and be in the present moment. I am very grateful to Bree and everyone who attended. Thank you for the experience, hope to see you soon!

~ Barbara (single attendee)

Coming into this evening I had some reservations as to how this would work with two strangers doing a devotional ritual in a room full of couples but Bree was right the process works. I was not prepared for such a deep experience. The beautiful woman that I had the privilege to journey with through the rituals was both brave and vulnerable enabling a depth of connection between us that I had never experienced before. I totally give Bree the credit for creating the warm healing environment that allowed this to play out many thanks

~RJD (single attendee)

Your Ritual Host 


Bree Taylor Molyneaux | Relational Intimacy Facilitator, Ritual Maker & Embodiment Coach    

For 24 years Bree has been deeply immersed in the personal development field of psychosomatics, trauma, mindset and human relationships. Her areas of expertise include self-intimacy, embodiment based coaching and relational intimacy practices. She support people through 1:1 sessions, group programs and through intimate neo-Tantra Intimacy Workshops.

Bree draws on her extensive experience as a trauma informed Clinical Hypnotherapist while weaving in the embodied teachings of the Kashmiri Tantra lineage. Some of her renowned teachers include Michaela Boehm (Author and renowned Embodiment & Intimacy Coach) and John Wineland (Yogic Intimacy facilitator).


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