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    Ritual Trance Dance

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    Ritual Trance Dance is a Neo-Shamanic [ new shamanic] Dance Ceremony. 

    Perth Australia is the only state in Australia offering this modality with a trained facilitator [ 14 years experience after training in Germany]

    It is not necessarily an ecstatic dance though that may be your experience. 

    It is a contemporary dance/movement ritual created by Frank Natale who was an explorer of consciousness. He developed this movement journey by studying and gathering universal tools used by traditional and indigenous cultures. Tools that assisted people to experience an expanded and connected state of consciousness through an embodied practice. 

    The set and setting are contemporary and this ritual was made for the times we now live in. 

    These safe spaces are needed more than ever as we navigate a world where there is a constant sense of being under surveillance and we are bombarded by information and distractions. 

    Combined with the seemingly never-ending pressures and demands on our time we are left depleted, amnesic [ to our essential nature] and exhausted. 

    This modality also invites a deeper remembering that we are central and essential to our own healing, growth and development rather than this being outside ourselves and beyond us. [ looking for the external rather than the in/eternal part of our nature]

    The ELEMENTS of Ritual Trance Dance are :

    • Darkness as we dance blindfolded. Wearing a bandana [blindfold] automatically alters your relationship with time and space. Humans have always sought out novelty and expanded states of being by seeking out non-ordinary states of consciousness.
    • Eclectic soundscapes inspire exploration of sound interfacing with body, mind and spirit- Sounds to invite us inwards and beyond.
    • Active Breath Work [ Breath of Fire] to oxygenate our bodies and energise our intention. 
    • Dance/ Movement - feeling the sounds and creating shapes/movement [ or stillness] that are authentic and true in the given moment. Experiencing the freedom to do that without filtering or adjusting ourselves to fit in or be witnessed in a group [ or end up filmed on social media]
    • Conscious Intention which means to create a map for the  territory of our exploration

    Trance Dance is a dance like no other movement journey.

    Our eyes grow directly out of our brains so they are like a human version of broadband creating most of what we see from the inside out. By shutting down the dominant sense- sight, we allow other parts of ourselves, our senses, and our spirit to come online and be experienced. It allows for a mind-manifesting or psychedelic experience [ the word coming from the Greeks] . Many dancers report visionary states in the sessions, heightened senses and downloads.

    It is a gift to give ourselves the space and time to go deeply inwards to explore and discover aspects of ourselves both known and unknown. It can be an opportunity to release stored tension and stagnant energy. Gain clarity and or resolution to challenges, to celebrate being in a body and be alive and for some to call in what we wish to manifest. It is also a space to build resilience and trust in yourself and others as blindfolded you all take this journey together.

    Its Simplicity is its POWER- A Dance Like No Other

    After Trance Dancing for several years in Melbourne Sohalia went to Germany to train with Wilbert Alix [ 2007]. Sohalia offered this modaility in Adelaide and has been offering Ritual Trance Dance for 5 years in Perth. Ritual Trance Dance is part of the Sisterhood Rising Festival, the Fearless Women’s Gathering and she offers longer workshops in Collaboration with other amazing Perth-based facilitators. 

    As you are wearing a blindfold throughout the dance only 22 places available. This creates some restrictions so BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL for this event. 

    Contact for Sohalia: 0421453362 FB page: Dance Ground

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