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Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony with Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

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Event description

Nourish yourself with this special 2 hours of bliss for your mind, body and spirit..


We invite you to join us for this nurturing experience for the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. 

Following on from our opening circle, Kimberly will guide you into the gentle poses of a Yin Yoga practice that will bring you into stillness, allowing your heart to expand and releasing any tension or emotions that might be holding you back from living more aligned. During this sequence Danielle will provide 1:1 Energy & Sound Healing, via channeled energy and the use of tuning forks, to facilitate a free flow of energy through the chakras and relaxing your brain waves to relaxing theta and alpha states.

We will then come together again in sitting for a very special Sacred Cacao and Blue Lotus Ceremony. This will be a time for taking an inward journey into self-reflection, clarity, setting intentions and heart-expansion.

We serve ceremonial-grade cacao grown in Northern Peru. It is farmed in an area that is known for being part of the Ancient Meso-American Civilization, a location famous for providing the highest grade cacao ever known to be gifted to humankind. This superfood is an incredibly sacred plant that cultivates an abundance of positive energy, gratitude, joy and healing medicinal benefits. 

Blue Lotus is a sacred water lily that has a "divine" essence and was revered by the Ancient Egyptians. It increases the feel-good hormones, producing a gentle euphoric feeling, as well as reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and expanding awareness. More details about Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus can be found below.

You will then be invited to lay down and get comfortable, feeling cocooned and nurtured under a warm blanket, for a Guided Meditation as you float on a magical journey with the sound and vibrations of healing instruments. The instruments used in Sound Healing, such as Tibetan Bowls, Medicine Drum, Rainsticks, Shakers and more, facilitate a relaxation response that alleviate symptoms of chronic stress, release suppressed emotions, and harmonise & balance the bio-energetic field and chakras.

To close our event we will come back to our circle, where you may feel free to share anything you would like to about your experience and we will ground your energy back with Palo Santo and high frequency mists.

What is included?

* Yoga mat
* Blanket
* Pillow (some extra cushions and pillows are also available)
* Sacred cacao & Blue Lotus elixir
* Offerings: Yin Yoga, Energy Healing, Sacred Cacao/Blue Lotus Ceremony, Guided Meditation, Sound Journey

What to bring/preparation:

* Wear warm and comfy clothing/socks. We will keep the room warm but your body temperature can drop during the Sound Journey
* Any personal items: favourite crystal, vision picture of what you are manifesting or a journal to write in following your experience
* Optional: Extra blanket, bolster/pillow for under the knees, eye pillow
* Water bottle

Energetic exchange: $70

Benefits of SACRED CACAO:

- Ability to hold a strong multidimensional focus
- Heart opening, great for inner work and releasing emotional blockages
- Increases feeling of connection to greater consciousness
- Deepening of spiritual and creative practices such as yoga, meditation, shamanic journeying, writing, dance, music, healing modalities, lucid dreaming, kirtan – just to name a few
- Antidepressant: the only food to release therapeutic levels of good feeling brain chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and the “love chemical” phenylethylamine
- Vasodilation, increasing blood flow to the brain, body and digestive system by up to 40%
- Liver detoxifier
- Increases libido

Benefits of BLUE LOTUS:

- Relieves Stress
- Anti-ageing effects on skin
- Alleviates Anxiety
- Soothes Dry Skin (prevents pimples and acne)
- Alleviates Stomach Issues (Diarrhoea/ - Dysentery/Constipation)
- Regulates Periods
- Eases Menstruation Cramps
- May help with Depression
- Improves Memory
- Promotes Lucid Dreaming
- May Reduce Pain & Relax Muscles
- Helps regulate the Urinary System

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