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Sacred Essence Immersion

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Sacred Essence Full Day Event

Sunday, 7th of April 2024

Join your Soul-Family for a transcendental journey into the heart of stillness and self-discovery at our Full Day Stillness Retreat. In the wild rhythm of life, you are invited to pause, breathe, and immerse yourself in an evening dedicated to rejuvenation and inner harmony.

Gather around the Heart of the Fire as we surrender to transmute and alchemise.

🌈 Find the stillness that brings balance. Midweek tranquillity is more than a respite—it's a sanctuary for your mind, body, and soul. Embrace the pause, recharge your spirit, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

Learn about both masculine and feminine archetypes. This is essential for fostering holistic understanding and integration of the diverse aspects of human identity, enabling individuals to cultivate balance, harmony, and wholeness within themselves and their relationships.

Honouring each of the Sacred elements Mother Gaia, Earth Realm, gifts us with, Fire, water, earth, air, together we will deep dive into Somatic healing practices to help regulate our nervous system and bring us back home into our Heart Space, where we all belong.

Flow of the evening;

10:45 | Arrival

11:00 | Opening Ceremony, House keeping, Facilitator Introduction

11:30 | Cacao Ceremony + Intention Setting/Journal

12:15 | Fire Offering + Intention share

12:45 | Breathwork; honouring both feminine and masculine energies

1:30   | Deep guided Meditation

1:45   | Body Grounding / anchoring 

2:00   | Water Immersion

2:30   | Lunch break

3:00   | Masculine archetypes 

3:30   | Feminine archetypes 

4:00   | Connection activity 

    4:30   | Fire gathering & reflection

    5:00   | Closing Ceremony + dance around the fire

    5:30   | Begin serving dinner + flow

    6:45   | Home time

    🔥 Fire Offering Ritual: Ignite the flame within and connect with the transformative power of fire. Gather around a mesmerising fire offering, symbolising release, renewal, and transformation. Share your intentions, and witness the flames carry them into the universe.

    🌬️ Breathe Deeply: Explore the power of conscious breathwork as Kat guides you through a sacred modality designed to anchor you into the present moment. Feel the stresses and tension of life melt away as you tap into the rejuvenating energy that resides within each inhale and exhale.

    🧘‍♀️ Meditative Bliss: Discover the magic of sound meditation, a pathway to clarity and inner peace. Opening your heart space to allow yourself to be held through mindful practices to quiet the mind, inviting a sense of calm and serenity, meeting the depths of who you are with acceptance and love. Transmuting the energy within to be alchemised.

    💦 Water Immersion: Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of water, a symbol of renewal and cleansing. Creating safety in your mind, heart and Spirit as you are guided to rest within ease, absorbing the power of the ice bath followed by the spa bath. Experience the purifying and revitalising effects of water therapy.

    Come together with like-minded souls on this mystical evening of self-care, transformation and introspection. Let the Serenity be a sanctuary where you can rekindle your inner light and rediscover the beauty of the present moment.

    📅 April 7 2024 

    🕰️ 11:00AM - 6:45PM (Please arrive 10:50am for a 11:00am start)

    📍 Temple of Sophia; 56 Tallai Road, Tallai QLD (Park at the top of the driveway and follow the road to the bottom carefully)

    🎟️ Secure your spot for a journey into serenity. Limited spots available to ensure comfortable personal space; honouring each and every one of you and how you may be feeling in life mid-week. 


    Awaken; Journey Within

    Katrina Denton

    A Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Holistic Coach, merging with her diverse background of Reiki, Yoga, Educational Teaching & Environmental Sciences Embark on a mystical odyssey guided by the enchantment of breathwork and meditation, inviting you into a transformative dance with the energy within. Unveil the profound layers of your soul, beckoning the spirit to join this sacred communion. Nestled within a protective sanctuary, embrace the gentle influence of powerful modalities that weave through the tapestry of your mind, altering its rhythm. Sink into the depths of low theta, where the ego dissolves, making way for the deliberate unveiling and integration of your shadow self. In this conscious healing, let your heart and mind harmonise, creating a coherent symphony. Unravel the threads of conditioned thoughts to rediscover and commune with the radiant essence of your higher self. 

    Aesir Mentoring

    Adam Strupek

    A Certified Breathwork Facilitator and visionary in the realm of Nordic archetypal inner work. With a deep reverence for Norse spirituality and ancestral masculinity, Adam founded Aesir Mentoring in 2021 to guide others on the path of self-discovery and transformation. Through his teachings and mentorship, he illuminates the ancient wisdom that resides within each of us, inspiring others to awaken their inner power and embody their true essence. 

    Energetic Alchemy

    Keah Mathews

    Keah is a multifaceted healer, blending her expertise in physiotherapy with her intuitive gifts as an energy healer and teacher. With a passion for guiding others on their spiritual journeys, she hosts playful Psychic Development Playshops where participants explore feminine archetypes and awaken their innate gifts. Through storytelling and ritual, Keah empowers others to embrace their full potential and step into their own magic.

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