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Falling into Grace: A Full Moon Reiki Sound Bath with Christina Hand + CBD (Costa Mesa)

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Experience Level: INTERMEDIATE

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Connecting into your inner grace is a transcendental experience that embraces the essence of serenity and self-awareness. It is like being enveloped in a warm, nurturing embrace, where all external distractions fade away, and a profound sense of peace pervades your being. In this state, you feel a deep acceptance and love for yourself, free from judgment or doubt. Your intuition becomes heightened, and you gain a clearer understanding of your life's purpose and the interconnectedness of all living beings.  Your heart overflows with compassion and gratitude, and you radiate an inner radiance that touches not only your life but also those around you.

Embark on a transformative inward journey towards purity and grace with our newest offering, Falling Into Grace: A Reiki Sound Bath Journey, held at OH Yoga in Costa Mesa, CA.  This curated experience seamlessly blends the powerful elements of sound healing from Kyle Lam and Reiki healing from Christina Hand, guiding you into a state of profound relaxation and self-discovery. Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony of sound as it resonates through your entire being, while the loving energy of Reiki works its magic to cleanse and elevate your spirit. 

Through the combination of Reiki and sound therapy, you will be gently guided to tap into your inner grace, cultivating a profound sense of self-awareness, compassion, and love.  Allow yourself to be guided through a tranquil meditation, enhancing your ability to access inner grace and inner peace.  Release tension and stress as the healing vibrations of sound and Reiki promote a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to let go of negative energies and embrace positivity.

No prior experience with Reiki or meditation is required. This event is open to all who seek inner harmony and wish to embrace their inner grace.

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation as you delve into the depths of your being to find and connect with your inner grace. Space is limited, so secure your spot now and gift yourself this unique opportunity for rejuvenation and renewal.

Date: Saturday, Oct. 28th

Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm

Location: OH Yoga Costa Mesa

We are offering a sliding scale for this event:

Expand ~ $70.00 (For those who are doing well and would like to donate a little extra to support the commUNITY and make the lower tier pricing possible.)

Nurture ~ $60.00 (For those who are able to meet their basic needs but don't have a lot of expendable income to draw from.)

Ground ~ $50.00 (For those who are struggling to meet their basic needs and are currently experiencing financial hardship.

Optional Add-ons:

Enhance your sound bath experience with CBD available for an additional $10. Elevate your senses and deepen your relaxation with this enriching option.

Enhance your sound bath experience by renting a blanket or two for additional warmth and comfort for $5 per blanket.  Each blanket is cleaned and disinfected before our events and are convenient for those who wish to come to the sound bath without having the worry of bringing their own set up.  We advise renting at least two blankets per person with the addition of a third if you need one to elevate your head.

Please also bring the following to our event:

- Yoga Mat

- Blanket

- Pillow

- Eye Covering (this helps to maximize the theta experience)

- Cushion to prop the legs up

- Water

- Wear comfortable and loose clothing

Violet will be offering tarot readings for this event as well. Feel free to arrive early to receive a reading or receive one after the sound bath concludes.

Jacklyn Nicolle will be offering spiritual attunements both before and after the sound bath. A spiritual attunement involves using a native frame drum to open and clear the heart chakra, while her divinity sol spray elixir clears the auric field. This prepares individuals to embark on Kyle's Sound Bath journey, where crystal bowls and vibrations create a transformative experience that promotes relaxation, healing, and a deep connection with the divine.

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