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Sacred Transpersonal Breathwork

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The Heyoka Movement Sacred transpersonal breathwork is a transformative practice that combines focused breathing techniques with spiritual exploration. Rooted in ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic approaches, this powerful tool allows you to delve into deep states of consciousness and connect with your higher self.

At its core, Heyoka Movement transpersonal breathwork aims to facilitate healing on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

By consciously controlling the breath, you are able to enter altered states of awareness where profound insights and spiritual experiences can occur. This practice goes beyond the boundaries of the individual self, connecting them with the collective consciousness and universal energies.

During a sacred transpersonal breathwork session, you are guided through specific breathing patterns designed to induce an expanded state of consciousness.

By using the power of your own breath, you have the potential to tap into a reservoir of healing.

When we begin to breathe deeply and rapidly for an extended period, the ego begins to move aside, allowing the higher self to emerge and begin to pilot our consciousness to where we most need to go for healing and heightened awareness.

This altered state allows you to access deeper parts of your psyche and release suppressed emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs.

Through the power of conscious breathing, you are able to unlock your innate potential, experience profound levels of self-awareness, and make positive shifts in your life.

The benefits of sacred transpersonal breathwork are wide-ranging and unique to each person. Some individuals may experience a release of emotional blockages, leading to increased feelings of peace, clarity, and self-acceptance.

Others may gain insights into their life purpose, discover hidden strengths, or experience a sense of oneness and interconnectedness with the universe. - the heyoka movement

This journey is experiential and very hard to sum up into words but if you have a feeling like you have tried so many other ways and methods to achieve healing and they are not working then this may just be the solution you are seeking.

As it allows for introspection, puts the power back in your hands and gives you the answers you are seeking which are true and unique for you

Decades of scientific research indicate the benefits of breathwork can include:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety or depression
  • Improved deep sleep
  • Enhanced cardiovascular performance
  • Improved respiratory function
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced immunity recovery/resilience
  • and even reduced pain levels
  • Deeper Self-Awarness
  • Spiritual Insights
  • Connection to something bigger

What To Bring -

- Yoga Mat, Water , Blanket, Journal ,Open Mind

What To Wear -

- Super Comfy Clothing


DISCLAIMER: Breathwork offers many potential benefits, but certain conditions may create risks for some individuals.. There are some contraindications including but not limited to pregnancy, glaucoma, high blood pressure not controlled with medication, cardiovascular disease, aneurysm in the brain or abdomen, uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes, asthma (if you have an inhaler, bring it to the session), epilepsy, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia diagnosis or previous psychiatric hospitalisation within the last ten years; other medical or physical conditions that impair the ability to engage in intense physical/emotional release.

Please seek medical clearance before purchasing your ticket to make sure that it is safe for you to participate in transpersonal breathwork.

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